TGIF! I’m SO STOKED to finally be sharing another peek at a room in our new house today! With each room we finish I get these feels, but the piano room is truly one of my FAVORITES. It’s one of the most surreal, inspiring spaces for me to be in, and it’s somewhere I spend a LOT of time! Enter, our piano room. 🙂

ICYMI…when we moved, I bought myself a baby grand piano. This was my dream since I first learned to play at age five. And mind you, for YEARS, it felt like a pipe dream. I learned to play on a 52-key Casio keyboard – which, if you don’t know, isn’t even the correct number of keys on a piano, nor have they weighted the way actual piano keys are. A few years into it, I upgraded to an 88-key Yamaha digital piano, which was about as dreamy as this girl could get.

Fast forward to present day, and I just KNEW my dream was to be able to save up for that baby grand in my own home. Playing the piano has always been so cathartic for me, like a mental escape, and it’s been my biggest hobby for as long as I can remember. I’ve taught my own students over the years, I’ve accompanied choirs and performed solo, and now there’s nothing I lovelovelove more than playing for Olivia, who just soaks it up, dances and claps, and then wants to play herself. As fate would have it, I found one on FACEBOOK MARKETPLACE of all places, went to check it out, and knew it was the one. Everything was all good to go come our move, and it made its way to our new house the week of move-in. Still can’t believe it’s real and mine!

home tour piano room

piano shown in home library

Black Piano in home library

For this space, my goal and vision was for it to be a comfortable area for inspiration, be that through playing or listening to music, or sitting to page through a photo album or cozy up with a good book.

I found these funky bookshelves on Amazon! I wanted something modern-looking that was still functional and clean, and these fit the bill. The bookshelves are “styled” categorically as best possible since I’m a BIT OCD like that. 😉 There’s a shelf with psychological thrillers, one with all faith-based reads, one entirely centered around happiness – the works! I organized books categorically and found their place before then adding some stylized details + decor, which I balanced out between the two shelves by size, shape and color (ie., balancing heavier gold detail frames out, versus cute quoted pieces, etc). My piano books are shelved to the left in this shelf!

And of course, Caffeinate Your Soul has its rightful home here, too. 🙂

music space home tour

piano room home tour

home library home tour   home library home library shelves   home library shelving  in home library shelving

in home library

This beautiful image of Jesus was actually a puzzle that my sweet Nana put together during quarantine and surprised us with as a housewarming gift! It’s totally perfect for the space and really pops on the wall flanked by the lighter, more ethereal panel curtains (which we have in each room on the first floor – they’re so simple + affordable from Target, and I’m OBSESSED!).

Here is the blue velvet bench + barrel chair – I had my eye on them for MONTHS before pulling the trigger! I just couldn’t find anything similar to them that I loveloveloved as much, and they were exactly what I had in my head for the space. The bench is great for just hanging out with a family photo album or listening to piano music, while the barrel chair is the BEST for a cozy reading corner!

wall art

in home library

blue velvet chair

piano room home tour

The most sentimental touch is the little piano snowglobe. My old piano teacher gifted me that over a decade ago. In moving, I set it down on the piano and immediately teared up, realizing the piano now in my home looks just like the one in the snowglobe that I dreamed about for years as I practiced everyday. Just one of those beautiful surreal moments that you never forget!

musical snow globe sitting on a piano

snow globe placed on piano Beatles Book on piano

In terms of wall art, the black/grey/gold art was actually a canvas piece I found on a whim at Burlington right after stores opened back up post-quarantine. It was on SUPER SALE for something like $30, and I gasped when I saw it since I just knew it would be a perfect fit! Then one of my FAVORITE pieces in the house is this piece:

wall decor: then sings my soul my savior god to the how great thou art

piano room and home library

wall art piano room home decor piano room home library

piano room home tour

One of my favorite songs is How Great Thou Art; I’ll always remember it was one of my Babci’s favorite songs, too. My goal had been to find the perfect artsy piece to complete the room on that wall with these exact lyrics from the song, since “then sings my soul” felt like the perfect lyrics to accompany a piano room. I looked for MONTHS and months to no avail, originally just seeing a lot of farmhouse-style wood pieces, or other lyrics. My search stopped for a hot sec because #life, and when I picked it back up and tried again, lo and behold, I stumbled upon this gem on Etsy and knew it was IT. It was the exact artistic style I was looking for, the exact set of lyrics, AND the same exact canvas AND SIZE as the other piece already on the wall – which is CRAZY. The perfect finishing touch!

Large black piano

And that’s a wrap on our piano room!

Which room do you want to see next?! ICYMI, our modern farmhouse dining room reveal is on the blog, too!