Ahhh, hello WEEKEND. We’re getting some quality family time in at the Woodloch Resort in the Poconos – bless up. Stay tuned to Instagram + Stories (@ericaligenza) for the play-by-play there! And until we meet again on Monday, enjoy your weekend + enjoy this Weekend Reading!

WEEKEND READING, Vol. 95 - on Coming Up Roses

  1. Still picking my jaw off the floor after Derek Hough’s DWTS return…WOW.
  2. Claps for Courtney on these Harry Potter-themes costumes – she’s SO creative.
  3. These cute customized beaded bracelets are on my wishlist – what a great gift idea, too!
  4. What to say instead of “How are you?” in small talk – LOL
  5. LoveloveLOVE this idea on using colorful pillboxes for toddler snacks.
  6. Have a wedding on the calendar this season? Might I recommend THIS DRESS  – under $50 and stunning! (I own it in navy!)
  7. Step-by-step how-to for fixing cakey makeup – bless!
  8. A letter to experienced moms from a non-experienced mom (lovelovelove Tay’s realness always!)
  9. Snag this steal on my favorite Tarte lippies before it expires – 3 Juicy Lips ($57 value) for only $35, and you pick what shades you want! 
  10. LOL @ cats dressed up as mail carriers for Halloween
  11. Self-care recommendations based on your Enneagram – I’m a 3!
  12. My fave look-for-less of the Lululemon Align pants is around $25 on Amazon – I’m getting this color next!
  13. 20 recipes to prep this fall 
  14. 6 modern-day etiquette Q’s answered by an expert
  15. In honor of the final season of Schitt’s Creek: this Moira tank that’s en route to my doorstep

Happy weekend reading!