Happy November + Happy Weekend Reading. What a week it has been – I think we’re all in need of some solid R&R, yeah? Hopefully your weekend plans mimic ours: ~nothing~ on the calendar. 🙂 Sometimes those are my absolute favorite kinda weekends! Time to deck the halls… 😉

WEEKEND READING, Vol. 97 - on Coming Up Roses

  1. Do you have a good day/bad day plan yet?
  2. This sweet potato casserole looks SO YUM
  3. Fair warning: This S’mores mix is actually addicting. I’ve gone through three bags – easy gift idea!
  4. Some fabulous journal prompts for however you’re feeling right now!
  5. “9 habits to a cleaner house that literally changed my life”
  6. This cute boutique’s holiday collection is BOMBDOTCOM – and they have mommy-and-me options!
  7. Oh no, apparently I sleep in the *worst* sleep position for my body
  8. Highly recommend planning a trip to the Pocono Mountains’ Woodloch Resort
  9. If you need some new makeup, this Tarte bundle is on SUPER SALE ($80+ worth of makeup for $45!!!!)
  10. How to make a room look just right
  11. Comfort food: slow cooker baked ziti
  12. Save 40% on limited edition Tula holiday bundles – SO MANY GOODIES OMG (+ extra 15% off with code COMINGUPROSES)
  13. Here are the best new mysteries + thrillers coming out this month!
  14. 10 soothing things to chill you out today
  15. This winter coat looks like a FABULOUS option for under $50!!!

Happy weekend reading!