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I’ve been working on “finishing” Marie Kondo’s The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up for friggin’ ever. I think it’s been hard for me to sit my ass down and just do the dang thing because a.) I already know the gist of it, b.) she overly explains some things, I think, and c.) it’s just been hard in general lately for me to sit my ass down for pretty much ANYTHING. That being said, I think the point is super powerful + important (that point being: only keep that in your life which sparks JOY, and eliminate the rest, ruthlessly). While it definitely impacted how I think about cleaning out my closet (significantly), it also spread its effects throughout the rest of my life in little ways. This whole fililng your life with only “what brings you joy” concept – what makes you happy.

In doing some soul searching lately, I realized that sometimes I have this really weird problem (or maybe it’s not weird and actually totes normal? Let me know if you do this, too…) where I don’t always allow myself to do or have what makes me the happiest unless I feel like I “deserve” it for some reason. Now, maybe this is just psychotic. HA. But I think I’ve always been like that – I think it’s tied back to my totally Type A, high-achieving, goal-setting obsessions, where I always feel the need to tie things to goals in some way or another to feel “justified” in them. I KNOW I KNOW, totally not healthy to be like that all the time. And I’m not – I swear. I’ve been getting better at it little by little through the years…and trust, it’s taken YEARS to address in my life personally, since it really feels like it’s just how I’m wired. But. Working on it, yo!

Something super cathartic + helpful for me in getting through that book was making the seemingly simple declaration + intention of only surrounding myself with the things, ideas, + people that truly bring me JOY.

Not the things that I feel half-half over.

Not the things that I feel like I *need* to do, have, or experience for whatever reason.

But the things that bring me joy + make me happy…only the things that I truly lovelovelove.

So in thinking about this, I got to making a few lists (very much in line with typical E thinking – ha!) of the things that make me happy. I’ve been making similar lists for YEARS – I have a whole journal literally dedicated to being a bulleted shortlist of everything that I love in life. It’s a pretty friggin’ long book. But I wanted to more seriously consider it + share a few of my personal faves with you guys, and hopefully start a healthy lil’ convo about what makes YOU happy, after you get a sneak peek at some of things that make ME most happy. 🙂

Philadelphia lifestyle blogger, Erica of Coming Up Roses, starts conversation around what makes you happy after Marie Kondo's book, The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up.

  • Lighting candles all over a freshly cleaned house. Especially right after picking up a few favorites from the 2 for $24 Bath & Body Works Sale, which I frequent far too much. 😉
  • …Deep cleaning the house. Aiiiiiiight so let’s be real, the actual act of scrubbing toilets ain’t nobody’s cuppa tea. I’m talking *specifically* about that feeling you get immediately after finishing that last task on your “to-clean” list – shutting off the vaccuum, wiping the last counter, washing the last dish…you know the feeling. It’s that moment of AHHHHHH YEAH that’s then followed by crashing on the couch and just reveling in the beauty of it all. WOWWWWEE this has me reaching for a scrub brush now…
  • Problem solving. I friggin’ loveloveLOVE going all Nancy Drew on something (or someone). I am not – nor have I ever been – someone to just sit around looking for someone else to solve my problems. I’m a doer. I’m an action taker. I’m a make-it-happen-er. If there’s a problem, the LAST thing I wanna hear is someone complaining about it. My first Q is always…but what are you gonna DO about it? While the actual problem itself might be a beotch to work through, that final feeling of reaching some kinda solution is a really solid feeling. (I think I have a thing with those final feelings of accomplishment? Sensing a theme here…ha!)
  • Working out to start my day. There is an absolutely undeniable difference in my day when I start it slug-style, versus when I start it with an endorphins rush. A workout to kick things off changes errrr’thaaaaang. I feel better, I eat healthier, I have more energy – the whole nine yards are a different ballgame. Granted, it’s pretty rare anymore when I truly *start* my day with a 5-6 am workout. But if/when it happens…heaven.
  • An hour reading on a Saturday. So I first experienced this because I was in timeout. I hadn’t gotten to read for funsies in what felt like forever. And I was being a total busybody doing #AllTheThings around the house. So J literally sat me down on the couch, handed me my book, set a timer, and said, “Don’t move for the next hour.” It. was. glorious. Now I feel like it’s this sorta ritual I owe myself (and him), to just dedicate that chunk of time to doing something that I’ve had on my goals list every month for forever anyways – READ.
  • Going to the movies. Nothing beats physically going TO the movie theater for a flick. I think it’s the fact that I’m just captivated then, no phone, no distractions, with a bigass bag of buttery popcorn (and Sour Patch watermelons…and/or Chickfila and/or Chinese takeout). It’s a solid ~2 hours just for me just for fun, which I don’t give myself often, but I lovelovelove. And of course, it makes for a fun date night!
  • Finishing things. OK, this one’s admittedly a double-edged sword in that sometimes, it means I’m holding onto things that don’t necessarily bring me the most joy, just in the spirit of finishing them. But since *finishing* things brings me joy…does it count? Ha! This is a quirk of mine – brace yo’self. 😉 But I loveloveLOVE finishing things. Finishing bottles of products, a candle burning down to wick bottom, writing through an entire notebook or planner – dear Lord I’m near giddy at the thought of it. I think it’s the final satisfaction of then throwing something away and clearing out that feels so good – but dude, finishing things is literally one of my favorites. Weird, I know. But oh so satisfying.
  • Watermelon, cucumbers, french onion soup, Angelo’s pizza, cookie dough, sharp cheese, chips + guac and/or queso. All of the foods that I could literally eat endlessly at any given point. No joke.
  • Making progress on big ideas. This one is a doozy, especially ’cause there are some *big* things happening behind-the-scenes at CUR headquarters. 😉 And HOLY MOLY, does it feel good. I can actually not friggin’ wait to share more with you guys. But until then, I’m just sitting here soaking in the satisfaction of *any* solid progress on any bigger idea in the making. It’s beyond the scope of usual “work,” so it feels special + fresh + really worth pursuing.
  • Being truly “done” with work for a hot sec, where I can put my phone in another room for the rest of a night and be OK. Maybe this just applies to those of us in jobs that attach us to our phones, but can any of ya relate here??? Typically I’m posting every single night on Instagram around 10 pm. So no matter what we’re doing that night, I always know in the back of my head that I’ve got more “work” to do in a hot sec, to get up a post in “peak posting time.” It’s really just a pain in the you-know-where, and I’m pretty much NEVER sitting there at 10 pm on any given night with nothing to do, thinking, I’ll just post on Instagram! It’s 100% out of a feeling of obligation, which I so dislike. But that moment of being officially DONE, where I know I can put my phone in another room and literally forget about it until the next day if I want to…that is such a stinkin’ good feeling. My girlfriend and I were talking about this earlier this week, but I think I can tend to be a bad texter (slash just hate texting in general) as a method of communication because I’m just always on my phone for work! So if I’m talking to someone NOT for work…I wanna actually *talk*. ON the phone. Or better yet, IN person. Not through a screen, per is 90% of my life.
  • Finishing an “organization” project. Sometimes I get in these weird kicks of just wanting to organize #AllTheThings. Like yesterday. I was in the actual MIDDLE of finishing up a work project for a brand, when suddenly I felt the strong urge to re-organize my entire lipstick collection. So, here we are. My project got done, but so did Operation Lipstick apparently.

Philadelphia lifestyle blogger, Erica of Coming Up Roses, starts conversation around what makes you happy after Marie Kondo's book, The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up.

What makes YOU happy ?

What things/experiences light you up + spark that joy that we’re supposed to bring about as much as possible?

I’d lovelovelove to hear in a comment below. 🙂

P.S. Go have some fun today.

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