My Winter Skincare Routine, Morning & Night + HUGE Tula sale!

TGIF, YO. Who’s ready for the weekend??? (All of us, duh) And who’s ready for CHRISTMAS???? (None of us, duh) – ha! It feels like pumpkin spice lattes were a thing just yesterday, and already we’re full swing in peppermint mocha season. If we’re tracking time in Starbucks now, this is a big deal. Wintertime is HERE (as evident by the snow cross-country), and with it comes changes in pretty much everything and its mom – the weather, our closets, our willingness to succumb to a life of hermiting for the next 3 months to avoid sub-30-degree temps…and our skin. I have some go-to products that I can get away with using yearround more or less, justbecause my skin doesn’t change TOO much with the seasons. Except for winter. Lord knows the thermometer drops and it’s like a signal to my skin to freak the freak out. Oy vey. But no worries – I’ve also got a winter skincare routine nailed down, to combat the usual suspects (oiliness, breakouts, texture, etc) while ALSO combatting new seasonal suspects (unexpected dryness or dry patches, redness, general lack of hydration, etc).

So naturally, figured I should share my whooooooole big winter skincare routine with y’all in case you’re searching for some new products to change up your own system, too. I know for me, my skin is a huuuuuge determinant of my confidence; if my skin is a hot mess, chances are, I feel like an overall hot mess. Whereas when my skin is clear, I feel so much better.


Winter skincare routine. My skin (as I’ve said a million times – sorry if I sound like a broken record here, for longtime CUR readers!) has always been on the oilier side, prone to breakouts, prone to texture, and prone to larger pores (which cannot be shrunk – thanks science). In the winter specifically, I experience dry patches (don’t we all?) + redness, especially on my nose/cheek area (which MAY be a touch of rosacea according to my derm, but TBD on that…).

My FULL Winter Skincare Routine - Morning & Night by popular Philadelphia style blogger Coming Up Roses


Cleanser: Tula Purifying Cleanser. This stuff tho. One of my alltime favorite cleansers ever. More on Tula in a hot sec, but this cleanser is a 5-star probiotic cleanser that I could. not. recommend. more. It’s also good for ALL skin types (seriously). Use code COMINGUPROSES at checkout to save 20% + get free shipping on orders over $30. #ThankMeLater

Toner: Aveda toning mist. Because of my oily skin, I’m sliiiiiiightly addicted to toning. I tone errrr’thaaaaang. But I try to not over-tone, which I why I lovelovelove this light toning mist from Aveda. I’ll be needing another bottle soon, cos I use it religiously every single morning. It’s actually marketed as being hydrating too, so it’s really not drying or too toner-ish (since some are definitely stronger than others).

Moizturizer: TBH, I don’t always use moisturizer in the mornings, justbecause I’ve got oily skin already and hate feeling like I’ve got every product under the sun on my face before applying makeup. BUT. I know it’s important. So I’m trying. 😉 When I do, though, I like Aveeno’s Clear Complexion daily moisturizer. It’s got a bit of salycylic acid in it, making it good for battling breakouts alongside extra moisture.

Other: I like applying a light rosewater spray or other “prepping” spray pre-makeup, preferably something also good-for-you. A favorite is Mario Badescu’s Rosewater spray – it’s got an herbal blend, so it’s gentle, non-irritating, + good for an anytime pick-me-up. I also use micellar water morning + night after cleansing (or, sometimes, in place of a full wash in the morning…ssssshhhhhh…)

My FULL Winter Skincare Routine - Morning & Night by popular Philadelphia style blogger Coming Up Roses

My FULL Winter Skincare Routine - Morning & Night

My FULL Winter Skincare Routine - Morning & Night by popular Philadelphia style blogger Coming Up Roses

My FULL Winter Skincare Routine - Morning & Night by popular Philadelphia style blogger Coming Up Roses


Cleanser: Tula Purifying Cleanser or Tula Kefir Replenishing Cleansing Oil. If I’m not wearing makeup, I’ll go with the Purifying Cleanser for something a bit lighter. In winter, when everything’s more prone to dryness, I prefer cleansing oils since they feel equal parts cleansing + hydrating. Another good cleansing oil is L’OCCitane’s Shea Cleansing Oil – I worked with them a few months ago and discovered it through that partnership, and I was instantly hooked! Beyond that, for another clean feel that’s dually hydrating IT Cosmetic’s Confidence in a Cleanser is serum-based, and it’s a fave. It’s soap-free which is suuuuuper good this time o’ year especially, since soap can actually dry out your skin more – hence the “squeaky” clean feel when you use it! So this cleanser is a go-to, too. (You can win it + 9 other of my favorite IT Cosmetics products in Day 2 of Christmas giveaways here!)

Exfoliant: Pixi by Petra Peel & Polish. Pixi’s Peel & Polish is one of my faves because of it’s micodermabrasion feel. It’s an exfoliant, but it’s suuuuuuper fine, unlike many scrubs that are chunkier, grittier, and actually not good for you! It won’t leave you feeling like you just ripped yo’ face off. 😉

Other: After cleansing but before adding product, I use micellar water all over to just make sure all of my makeup is truly gone. I started doing this the second I realized that just cleansing with my hands wasn’t doing the trick – or AND trick – and I still had tan foundation coming off on my towel! Cleansing with my Clarisonic at nighttime also helped this a LOT – 100% recommend treating yo’self to a Clarisonic if you haven’t as of yet.

Toner: Biologique Recherche Lotion P50. This could actually be both “exfoliant” and “toner” because it’s a chemical exfoliant that works to tone, too. #SupahCool. It’s listed as  “facial in a bottle” because it’s a sortof do-it-all product with rave reviews – literally has 5 stars, with 662 reviews! It’s sold at the spa where I first discovered it, but you can buy it online through them here! #bless

Other resurfacing: Besides a toner, I’ve really been into anything that “resurfaces” your skin. Namely because I’ve got a lotta clogged slash large pores + unwanted texture I’ve been trying everything and its mom to get rid of STAT. I’ve been using Differin Gel (which is now available OTC – woo!), which seemms to work quite well. And my FAVORITE is Tula’s pH Resurfacing Gel. Y’all. This. Stuff. Changes. The Game. I just apply two drops to a cotton ball and apply all over. It’s actually listed as a toner on the Tula website, but really I think it’s just a league of its one and so much more than that. It’s good for ALL skin types, and it’s alcohol-free (so you don’t feel like your face was just suctioned clean – ha!). It’s formulated to restore your skin’s natural pH – cos Tula’s all about ~balance~ remember? So if you’re experiencing chaos on yo’ face and just want things to calm the heck out and be chill already, I HIGHLY recommend this product – and really any Tula product.

Serum: Clarins Double Serum has been my go-to as of late! I first learned about this bad boy at an event in a Clarins retail location (they have these super cool in-house mini-spas for 30 minute facials – so good!). The Double Serum has been a cult-classic for *years*, but it regains popularity from time-to-time because they update the formula! It’s packed with plant extracts – including tumeric – which is one of the coolest ingredients ~evah~ in skincare, I think. It’s used oftentimes for its antioxidant + anti-inflammatory properties, and it’s just a really kickass ingredient to have around.

Moisturizer: Tula Hydrating Day + Night Cream, Olay Whip, or Skinceuticals Overnight Oily. Nighttime moisturizers should ideally be a bit thicker + heavier to really hydrate well. Even still, Tula’s cult hydrator + Olay’s new Whip are both suuuuper lightweight, but I prefer that since I really dislike anything thick on my face, where I feel like I can’t even sleep normally or my pillow will be covered in gunk. No bueno. Ha! See more on Whip in the full review hereTula’s is my favorite I think, because their concept of balance is fabulous and I really feel like the Hydrating Cream is working to restore ~balance~ of hydration. I use this in the morning in wintertime sometimes, too, because it’s light enough + does the trick! Skinceuticals is a great option for oilier skin specifically (although they have the same “renew” formula for dry skin, too!) I just started testing this one relatively recently, but I lovelovelove that it has 10% hydroxy acid + tangerine oil to help act as a little chemical exfoliant WHILE hydrating, too (clearly I have a trend for multi-tasking skincare – ha!).

 My FULL Winter Skincare Routine - Morning & Night by popular Philadelphia style blogger Coming Up Roses

My FULL Winter Skincare Routine - Morning & Night by popular Philadelphia style blogger Coming Up Roses

My FULL Winter Skincare Routine - Morning & Night by popular Philadelphia style blogger Coming Up Roses

My FULL Winter Skincare Routine - Morning & Night by popular Philadelphia style blogger Coming Up Roses

My FULL Winter Skincare Routine - Morning & Night by popular Philadelphia style blogger Coming Up Roses

The order alwaysalwaysalways goes 1.) cleanser, 2.) toner, 3.) serum, 4.) moisturizer. Remember it, rinse it, repeat it. Knowing that line-up makes it a whooooole lot easier, I think, to categorize what all you even need in your own winter skincare routine in the first place! So long as you’ve at LEAST got one of each of those 4, you’re golden. Add in exfoliants, other resurfacing products, etc as needed.

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All of the products I mentioned are linked up right here for ya:


First thing’s first, a deal to share with ya, justbecause y’all know how much I lovelovelove me some DEALS. Tula – one of my alltime *favorite* skincare companies slash one that appears a lot here obvi – is having some *awesome* deals right in time for Christmas shopping. I know a lot of y’all have been *dying* to get your hands on some Tula – now is truly the time. The time is now. It’s go time.

SO. First thing’s first: Their holiday gift sets are all the rage right now. And I don’t think I need to remind ya…Christmas is 10 days away. I REPEAT, CHRISTMAS IS 10 DAYS AWAY PEOPLE. This is not a drill. SANTA IS COMING. And Jesus. OK, so. Tula holiday gift sets.

Tula created a few holiday gift sets that are themed for various occasions/skin types – “party prep,” “balanced,” “indulgence,” etc. They paired relevant products together accordingly for a really value-packed set that works as a bombdotcom gift for her, OR for you. 😉 Especially if there have been a few Tula products you’ve had your eye on, now’s a great time to try a few for less $$$ than you would otherwise!

But wait, there’s more.

There’s also this siiiiiick promo happening, where you earn gift card money with certain purchase amounts. Here’s the breakdown:


I also have an ~exclusive~ promo code for y’all to save even more: code COMINGUPROSES will save ya 20% AND get ya free shipping on orders over $30. My code works alongside the gift set deals AND the gift card promo, so you could get 20% + free shipping on your fave products in a cute lil’ gift set, AND get a gift card given to you justbecause. Linking a buncha my own Tula favorites here in case ya need some shopping inso while perusing what ya wanna use your discount code on… 😉


P.S. Stay tuned for THIS pic while you’re scrolling your Instagram feed today…
My FULL Winter Skincare Routine - Morning & Night by popular Philadelphia style blogger Coming Up Roses
And when ya see it (@ericaligenza), make sure ya stop, drop, + do whatever it says to do – it’ll be well worth it!!! 😉 Clearly my lovelovelove for Tula products runs deep. Maybe too deep? Heck, the limit does not exist.

What essentials are in your own winter skincare routine?

Have you tried any of the above yourself? I’d love to know what YOU lovelovelove.

And make SURE you take advantage of this Tula deal + our exclusive CUR promo code (remember: COMINGUPROSES) – it’s such a good deal, yo. Treat yo’self, treat yo’ mama, treat yo’ sistah, treat yo’ bestie – treat ALL THE PEEPS. They’ll all thank ya later.

Hope you guys all have fabulous weekends! We’re off to see the new Star Wars movie tonight before tacos + margaritas with couple friends. TGIF. 🙂

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