10 (More) Things You Need from Amazon You’ll Use Everyday

Remember the days of having to wait a week and then some for an online order delivery? Now we’re Priming things left and right – I can order something today and have it on my doorstep in a few hours. Like, what world do we live in?! Ha! I’m not a big fan of saying you “need” something, because Lord knows the only thing we really need is Jesus. And coffee. I digress. 😉 But when it comes to material things, there’s nothing you truly NEED beyond your basic needs being met, right? But if I HAD to pick favorites + pull out some NEED-worthy products, I pulled things you need from Amazon before and it was a worthwhile list. And since I’ve added-to-cart quite a few more gems since then, we’re back at it again today with 10 more things you need from Amazon that you’ll use everyday. That’s the kicker – every single day usability. I’m not talkin’ things that are cute but will end up on a random shelf or being worn only a few times – nope. I’m ONLY talking things that you can (+ likely will) use everyday, because they’re all things that I’ve personally purchased recently that I use every single day myself! And since we’ve got so much in common and all, it would be rude of me to not let my girlfriends in the CURowd in on these Amazon wins. 😉 So without further adieu, here are 10 more things you need from Amazon that you’ll use every. damn. day.

10 (MORE) Things You Need from Amazon - on Coming Up Roses


  1. USB charge lighter OK friends, buckle up – this is SICK. Unlike typical lighters, this one is flameless. Upon its arrival on your doorstep, you plug it in with the same cord you use to charge your phone. Once charged, flip the switch + turn it on; a mini electrical current zaps between the tip, which can light your candles instantly. It’s SO NEAT and is a heckuvah lot safer around kids with no open flame (+ they can’t accidentally turn it on because it’s got a double switch for safety!).
  2. Brown sugar bear Who else has a brown sugar ROCK in their pantry right about now?? Enter, brown sugar bear. Just plop it into your brown sugar container and it softens + KEEPS it soft and fresh! Also works to keep popcorn kernels from going stale. Comes in a two-pack, so share with a friend! (I shared with my mom, and that’s how I learned the popcorn hack because she put one in there!)
  3. Better-than-a-Yeti tumbler – It’s like our CURowd club cup at this point. HA. 😉 I’ve shared this $20ish tumbler a handful of times now (+ it’s cool sh*t I lovelovelove!) because it’s a daily staple of mine – and should be of yours! It comes with two lids: a hot drink lid, as well as a straw lid, both of which are leak-free. Keeps your hot drinks HOT – like, the temperature you put it in at – and cold drinks cold with ice frozen still all day long. Lovelovelove getting your messages and notes about how MINDBLOWING it is to still have ice after a day poolside – ha!
  4. $13 buttery soft joggers – Another loveloveloved CURowd staple! These are especially great for warmer months because they’re really lightweight and breathable, made more for general comfort than warmth (NOT like your average sweatpants, no fleece lining or anything…just otherworldly soft joggers!). They’re SO affordable but SO soft – legit feel like buttah. 100% worthwhile, and you won’t wanna take them off. Wearing them here!
  5. Kitchen sponge holder – This sponge holder is such an #adulting thing – ha! But really, it’s so great because it doesn’t have a suction cup, so it actually stays PUT. Easy, sleek, discreet way to hold your sponge + brush in the kitchen sink without them being amongst the mess of dirty dishes down there. 😉 Helps keep the counter clutter-free + clean!
  6. Apple chips – Be warned: these are absolutely addicting. I buy them six bags at a time and inevitably down an entire bag myself upon opening the Amazon box. 😉 They’re natural apple chips and just delish. Cinnamon is my fave! And J is equally into them. We DOWN these suckers in our house. If you like something sweet with a crunch that’s not terribly unhealthy like chowing down on candy bars, these hit the spot!
  7. Huggie earrings – Lovelovelove cute little huggie earrings for something more subtle + casual. These are dainty, pretty, affordable, and won’t poke a whole in your neck if you fall asleep in them – ha!
  8. Eyelash comb A gamechanger for your lashes! If your mascara ever clumps or your lashes stick together often, a quick brush over with this little guy will do the trick.
  9. $5 mascara So fun fact: I used another mascara by this same brand YEARS ago and was in LOVELOVELOVE – it was incredible and was so affordable, I was truly mindblown. Fast forward to now and beauty gurus are recommending it left and right, so I feel pretty validated over here. 😉 It’s good. SO good. Like add-to-cart-immediately-and-thank-me-later good. Truly major volume, lengthening, and also a cruelty-free brand! Yay!
  10. Weekly planner/to-do list pad I’ve been reaching for notepads and individual lists more than a big bulky planner lately, and this little pad is the cutest! See your week at a glance, along with an overall to-do list, notes, and goals, all in one little pretty pad.

Are there things you need from Amazon that aren’t on my list?

What are some of your faves?? Time to add to cart!