What to Buy with $100 at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Come one, come all – it’s finally Public Access time at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! If you aren’t a Nordstrom cardholder, you weren’t able to shop Early Access, which can be a total drag for this sale in particular since it resembles an actual circus and is sheer sold-out chaos until things are restocked for this second wind. I know I’ve mentioned it before, but y’all…Nordstrom ain’t cheap. I TOTALLY GET IT and am right there with ya – ain’t nobody got time (or $$$) to blow on a whole new wardrobe from Nordy’s (except Instagram models with millions of followers and/or dollars). For the rest of us peasants (ha!), we’re pulling pennies together to really get the most bang for our buck, and there is no shame in that game – it makes sense! So, I tried to do some matchmaking for ya, if you’re looking to shop the NSALE in a more impactful way for your own closet’s needs.

I put together some product pairings by category, so that if you’ve got 100 bucks to blow, you can do so in a way that works for what you’re shopping for (ie, for work versus for your workout, etc).



Barefoot Dreams anything. Seriously, there’s a huuuuuge reason that everyone and her mom loveloveloves Barefoot Dreams. It’s the squishiest, softest, coziest, dreamiest loungewear brand for truly snuggling up.



I was thoroughly impressed with many of the workwear options in this year’s Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. Even though I’m not in a traditional 9-to-5 office setting for work myself, I’ve been in that position before and used to *thrive* off of business casual + business professional options that weren’t just a black-on-black suit. Blech. When I was at Wharton (where I went for undergrad), it would drive me BONKERS to see so many girls dressing up, well, boring for business meetings. We’re trying to fight for a seat at the table and the corner office – why blend in with the boys? Sure, there’s a time and a place for a basic blank pantsuit – but with no other flair, I think it feels more fitting for a funeral than anything else. And it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg for classic pieces! The four pieces below are all in my closet, and work from desk to drinks, too. (And all four will be featured in an upcoming NSALE WORKWEAR post, so stay tuned…!).

Blouse – $31.90, Leith crop pants – $45.90

Wrap-top – $25.90, Ponte pants – $31.90

Blouse + Leith pants = $77.80

Wrap-top + Ponte pants = $57.80



This dress in particular is one of my all-time favorites that I’ve put in on in awhile. First off, the color. The fuschia is SO fun, while still feeling classic. The fit and flare cut is flattering on literally all body types.

Then, this jumpsuit (your girl’s clearly got a thing for jewel tones – ha!). It’s the prettiest emerald green and a wrinkle-free fabric that can be literally balled up on the floor, picked up, thrown on, and good to go sans ironing (bless up).

Both of these pieces are fabulous, I think, since they work for the office and beyond. They’re each event-ready, too, for any occasion that might come up, from a wedding to a festive holiday party. That versatility is great and means you’ll get extended wear from them, further justifying spending a little more on a quality piece that will last and can be worn more than once!

Eliza J dress – $98.90

Eliza J jumpsuit – $91.90



These three are all hothothot staples of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, and for good reason. First up, this lace camisole. It sells out every year in every color. I bought three – ivory, polka dot, + leopard print – because it’s SUCH a good, versatile piece for each season, be it by itself in summer, layered with a moto jacket or blazer for fall, or with a light cardigan for spring. Predicting a restock for Public Access!

This leopard tee might look familiar… 😉  I’ll spare the double-details since we chatted all about it the other day, but y’all, it’s a goody. Also comes in the prettiest emerald leopard print. But surprisingly versatile!

Then, faux leather Spanx. These. Are. GOLDEN. Seriously! Katie snagged a pair this year, too, so there will be twinning happening at CUR headquarters…now we just need baby leather leggings for Miss O and it’ll be a Spanx party. HA. 😉 My favorite time to wear these is literally the heart of winter. They’re seriously WARM – I think warmer than most of my jeans, actually! So they’re great for pairing with oversized chunky sweaters and knits to stay cozy + comfy. You’ll wear these on repeat!


Lace camisole – $25.90


Leopard tee – $15.90

This leopard t-shirt is styled THREE ways on Coming Up Roses! Get leopard tee outfit ideas for fall and beyond in this blog post. And, it's ON SALE!

Leather Spanx – $64.90

Leather Leggings Lookbook: 6 Ways to Style Leather Leggings, on Coming Up Roses

Lace cami + Spanx = $90.80

Leopard tee + Spanx = $80.80



Zella leggings have been my personal favorite since I first put them on maybe two years ago. They’re a thicker legging (thicker than a Lululemon, for example), but really sturdy/high quality. Great for workouts. Wicking. Won’t pill or pull. Zella’s Mamasana maternity leggings are also included in the Nordstrom Annivesrary Sale, which is CLUTCH for any mamas-to-be in the house! These were by FAR my most-worn pants during my pregnancy with Liv. They’re just insanely comfortable and the belly band is, too.

Actually, EVERYTHING I’ve ever put on my body by Zella feels fabulous. I didn’t pick up any personally from this sale (my workout drawer is overflowing and I need to, oh I dunno, actually workout more to justify buying more – ha!), but I tried on these tops in-store and they’re SO soft and breathable. Perfect paired over your fave sports bra for your sweat sesh.


Zella leggings – $38.90

zella top – $25.90


Leggings + top = $64.80



I got my first UGGs last year – I bought UGG moccasins as a treat yo’self during our excruciatingly long NICU stay with Olivia. We were driving around constantly and always back-and-forth to be with her, and I didn’t want to be always pulling on lunky boots since it was wintertime. They were so warm + fabulous and I can’t wait to wear them again this upcoming cold season (and my brother is the best and got me another pair for Christmas, so I’m stocked up!). I pulled the trigger on these UGG slippers from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, and I’m SO glad I did. Already my favorite poochies in my closet! They’re just so dang cozy, in typical and expected UGG fashion. I desperately want the fuschia to come back in stock, too, so that I can pull another treat yo’self. Because since I work from home and live in my poochies, I can justify it…right? Right????? 😉

This cozy tee was such a sweet steal and great find that I stumbled upon in-store. It’s teeeechnically a pajama top…but that just means you can totally trust me and know it’s 100% legit when I say it feels like pajamas!!! 😉 Pink + leopard are both obviously BIG trends this sale, presumably for the fall season, too, so I’d say it’s on-trend. Fun paired with denim, leggings, you name it!

These joggers are the same label as the tee, and I’ve worn them approximately too many times in the past week – ha! I think I’ve worn them 5/7 days. Too much? I think not. Just so soft + perfect for lounging around!

And then, the wubby pullover. THE WUBBY. The internet just about lost its dang mind last year over THE WUBBY. I didn’t get the hype – heck, I had found a lookalike on Amazon that I have + lovelovelove, so I didn’t think I needed to spend more for this one. But then. BUT THEN. I pulled the trigger on the ivory/black combo, and it feels like an actual hug from a sherpa llama alpaca creature, and I’m here for it. Worth the splurge.


UGG slippers – $54.90

Cozy tee – $15.90

Joggers – $29.90

Wubby pullover – $49.90


Tee + joggers + Wubby = $95.70

UGGs + tee + joggers = $100.70



I bought my first Blondo boots in last year’s Nordstrom Anniversary Sale after hearing good things, and I was IMPRESSED. Y’all, they’re legit waterproof. Do you know how good that is in Pennsylvania???? We can have so much rain/slush/etc, and it can be totally unpredictable. I don’t feel like wearing Hunter boots all the time, especially since those aren’t exactly comfy. So these are the perfect solution! I bought a beige color last year and was on the hunt for black booties this year anyways, so when I saw that Blondo had a black version in this year’s NSALE, that was a definite yes.


Blondo waterproof booties – $99.90



Everyone and their mom raves about these pajamas, but I didn’t think they’d be something to write home about. Namely because I’ve felt that exact same quality/type of PJ in Target for half the price. And I bought this pair on Amazon that’s an exact lookalike. BUT. I bought a pair since in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale they’re not that much more epensive than the Amazon pair, and I wanted to quality-test the two for ya! They’re definitely high-quality and worth snagging. I wouldn’t necesssarily say that they’re noticeably better than the Amazon lookalike, but they do feel luxe and pretty for pajamas, which every girl needs in her sleep drawer! I haven’t found a long-sleeve lookalike on Amazon that I’ve tried, too, and there is a long-sleeve in the NSALE.

Then, a Barefoot Dreams pillow. Y’all, a BAREFOOT DREAMS PILLOW!!!!!!!!!!!! You know my lovelovelove (OK, obsession) with Barefoot Dreams by now – it’s no secret around these rosy parts. I just about lost my mind when I saw a pillow that matches our throw blanket in this year’s sale. I had it in my cart – and mind you, I had pre-Early Access, so I figured my cart would be safe from selling out right away. NOPE. I waited until the next morning to check out, and it had ALREADY SOLD OUT. Insanity, I tell you!!! I felt the Spirit saying refresh the page, so you can bet I sat there for a solid 15 minutes just refreshing the page until it restocked. PRAISE BE. It already arrived and is *so good* – I lost my husband this past weekend and found him totally knocked out on our bed, cradling it in his arms. HA.


Moonlight pajamas – $35.90

Barefoot Dreams pillow – $54.90

UGG slippers – $54.90


Pajamas + pillow = $90.80

pajamas + UGGs = $90.80

Will you be shopping the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Public Access today?

Let me know if this kind of roundup is helpful!

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