15 Words to Live By this Year (+ my 2018 Word of the Year)

We’re 3 days into the new year…how are your resolutions/goals/etc coming along??? Statistically speaking, I read something somewhere sometime (super useful, I know – HA) that said that around 25% of folks making resolutions can’t even keep ’em up for a single full week. So so far so good – I hope you’re feelin’ STOKED about whatever you’ve resolved to make new from this point forward. I don’t even wanna say “for this year,” because we all know every single day is the start of another 365 – you definitely do NOT need to wait around for a sparkly ball drop to become your best self (nor should you!). So in that spirit, the entire month of January will be super motivated + inspirational around these rosy parts, in the hopes of helping y’all on your own personal journeys of dedication towards your ultimate best self.

The entire gist of “Coming Up Roses” is twofold. 1.) To provide a solid dose of reality, in the sense that every rose has its thorn and real life is NOT as perfect + put together as many style/lifestyle blogs and resources may make it seem. And 2.) To remind y’all that life is short, so if there’s something you wanna make happen, you’ve gotta take advantage of every moment + make it the heck happen. Life is a journey of blossoming into your best self – the goal is to get their as quickly as possible, and keep it up for a long as possible, to really live the absolute best life you could possible live (+ that you deserve!).

SO. With all that being said, I know choosing a “word of the year” is a pretty big friggin’ deal for many. Honestly, I’ve never really done it myself (before now). But if you’re someone who really wants/needs to set your sights on a very specific “theme,” this is ideal. I saw a great lil’ “guide” to finding your own word of the year on le internet, so as you scroll through the below words + try to find what feels the best for you, keep these in mind:

“What do you want to see happen?”

“Who do you want to become?”

“What quality is at the heart of such a person?”


  1. DISCIPLINE – Having the self-discipline to stay on track, focused on that desired end result
  2. OPEN – Openness to God’s plan in your life, to the opportunities presented to you, + to the possibilities around you
  3. OBEY – Saying YES to God’s plan, even when it’s friggin’ hard (since it oftentimes can be)
  4. GRACE – Living a life of grace, giving grace to others + to ourselves (which is also sometimes friggin’ hard), as well as receiving grace
  5. INTENTION – Act intentionally. Set them, live them.
  6. COMMITMENT – Once you create an intention, commit to it. Give yourself the honor of sticking with the commitments that you made to yourself this week – a year from now, you’ll be glad you did!
  7. ABUNDANCE – Knowing that there really are infinite possibilities for your life. And whether you believe in God or “the Universe,” either way, there is abundant goodness in the world that is at your fingertips.
  8. PURPOSE – Finding yours, creating yours, living intentionally for it
  9. NOW – is the time.
  10. HEAL – Healing of any past problems, faults, grievances, etc – anything potentially hindering your strive towards your best self
  11. CREATE – Live in a state of creation, not comparison. Be looking for new opportunities always to create something good in this world.
  12. CONNECT – Live, too, in a state of connection. Human beings weren’t created to live in isolation – we were designed to connect with each other! Vow to connect more (genuinely, beyond screens) in your work + play.
  13. TRANSFORMATION – By doing all of the above, you really can + will transform!
  14. TRAVEL – I’ve already got a running *list* of wanderlust for 2018! The best travel takes time to plan + make happen, so start now with some dreams so that you can plan effectively down the road.
  15. ME – Living your best life for no one but yourself!

All of the above are somehow connected to my own journey for the year, so I hope they’re somehow inspiring to you, too. 🙂

But my own one word of the year, if I had to choose just one, I think is going to be ME. ‘Cause I realized in all of my reflecting + reviewing of 2017, that in the past I could be oh so bad at prioritizing ME. I’m really friggin’ good at prioritizing my business, or my relationship…but not myself. I’m always the girl multi-tasking to make anything and its mom “productive” in some way/shape/form. And as a result, I realized last weekend that I physically could not sit still if the only end result was “pleasure” or “personal enjoyment.” Seriously – J had to put me in an “enjoyment time out” so that I could read a book just for funsies for an hour without checking my phone notifications or email! He even hid my phone for the hour – ha! No bueno.

So this year, I’m doing ME as my word of the year.

I’m being intentional about self-care + me-time justbecause at the end of the day, those things aren’t optional. They’re absolutely necessary to ensure you live your best life, and they’re necessary to make sure you can serve the peeps you’re meant to serve as best possible, too.

Which is you guys, yo!

I know that by being deadset on being on my own best self, it’ll help me live out my purpose in helping YOU, too.

What’s your word of the year?

Lemme know in a comment down below!

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