2021 TOP SELLERS on Amazon

One of my favorite things to do at the close of one year and start of the next is a solid review of all the things. (Speaking of, have you done your own annual review yet???) Whether that’s reviewing my own goals + growth or reviewing your favorites on CUR, it’s always a fun and sometimes an eye-opening experience. This particular post is really no surprise – it’s the ten Amazon top sellers specifically from 2021. It’s what was purchased the most by readers, so basically, we’re all in the club together on these top products. 😉 

10 Amazon Top Sellers of 2021:

  1. Slippers These are like the CURowd poochies at this point. (“Poochies” being what my family calls slippers – HA). They look like these popular $85 UGGs, but they’re significantly less expensive (about $20 instead). And arguably, they’re softer, warmer, and stay on your foot better since they’re more enclosing than the UGGs, too. A clear winner winner chicken dinner. They don’t look as dirty as my UGGs either, after months and months and months of wear!
  2. Maybelline lippy – One of my favorite drugstore lip formulas – and clearly, one of yours, too! While I own maybe five or six at this point, this shade is most known for being a drugstore “dupe” to the cult-classic Pillow Talk lipstick that’s over 3x the price. It’s a really great longwear formula that isn’t drying or cakey like a liquid lipstick might be, but it’s also easy to apply like a lip balm – so really, the best of a few worlds.
  3. Essence mascara – The best mascara under $5, without a doubt. Great for volume AND length, and one I reach for over fancy Sephora mascaras, too.
  4. Yogalicious leggings – These picked up steam from this blog post, but at this point, they’re not my favorite alternative to Lululemon Aligns – these are. (More on them below!)
  5. Wireless braThis wireless bra feels about one step above a sports bra, with a bit more support and added cups. Really, you forget you’re wearing a bra. Here are the best wireless bras I’ve tried so far.
  6. Colorfulkoala leggings – These are the BEST Lulu Align Amazon dupes out there. I would know because any time I see an influencer make that claim, I try them out – and I’ve YET to top these. I own multiple Aligns AND multiple “dupes.” These are the best in terms of both the stretchiness, and the buttery softness. Some are moreso stretchy, some are moreso soft – but it’s a really special legging to perfectly combine the two, where you can both comfortably work out AND lounge without feeling like you’re more one over the other. These are IT. For under $30, they’re a steal and a near-exact way to get the $98 Lulu Align look (+ feel) for less. More on them here.
  7. CYS – So pleased + honored to see Caffeinate Your Soul make the cut. 🙂 Thankyousomuch for your ongoing support of this lil’ book baby. An exciting update was that the print run is almost totally sold out, and when they’re gone they’re gone – so grab a copy or two for gifting (highly recommend for your kids’ teachers, bridesmaids, Bible study girlfriends, etc…just makes a good giftable to have on hand for something meaningful when you need it!).
  8. Shampoo scalp massager – What a way to uplevel your shampoo game. After applying shampoo and lathering a bit, I just run this over my entire head and it’s like getting that salon shampoo experience in your own shower (bless up). The little silicone bristles are SO soothing and wonderful, so it’s great for bloodflow, lathering up, AND really detoxing your scalp from product buildup, dry shampoo, etc. 
  9. No-show socks – The BEST no-show socks EVER – and I’ve tried ’em all. Also thrown OUT ’em all after finding these, because there’s really no comparison. They’re the only ones I’ve found that truly stay PUT on your foot thanks to some silicone stickies on the back, so they won’t slip down into your shoe. 
  10. Downy Bliss – True bliss. Your laundry will thank me later. 😉 Add one scoop to your next load and brace yo’self – you’ll never go back! A total treat to your sheets, too. Reminds me of this stuff but more affordable.

What was your favorite Amazon find of 2021? Did you grab any of these Amazon top sellers along the way?