30 Romantic Fall Date Ideas

There’s just something in the air that *screams* romance when fall comes around, from the cooler weather to the smells of spice in the air and Pumpkin Spice Lattes on every block. Call me basic, but I’m such a fan and wouldn’t trade it for anything. J and I started falling (get it?) in love in fall, we’re getting married in fall, and I. just. love. FALL.

SO, since these 22 cute and cheap summer date ideas were a smash hit, it was due time to get things moving and grooving for fall so that you’re fully stocked with a wide array of creative and fun ideas for endless romantic fall date nights ahead. Fall is JUST around the corner – can you feel it?? Raise your hand if fall is your absolute favorite season.

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Can I get an amen?

30 Romantic Fall Date Ideas by popular Philadelphia lifestyle blogger Coming Up Roses


  1. Scope out all of the best corn mazes and go through them hand in hand. No maps allowed! Steal a kiss at every dead end.
  2. Face your fears in a haunted house. J and I found a fall festival sorta fiesta happening last year complete with a corn maze, hay ride, and completely sick haunted house, and we had an absolute blast. The team had put together the most legitimately scary thing, and we screamed our hearts out while holding on for dear life.
  3. Make your own PSL’s. Sure, Starbucks is the bomb dot com in the PSL department, but there are a thousand and one recipes on Pinterest for doing it yourself. Whether you want a skinnier version of the classic PSL, pumpkin spice Oreo balls, pumpkin spice jello shots, pumpkin spice ice cream…this Pinterest board is for you.
  4. Workout together. Because the couple that stays fit together, stays together. And working out isn’t limited to any season! J has been doing a 21-day shred (which is ridiculously baller), and I’ve joined him for a few of his exact workout regimens. They’re not easy by any means, but being able to support each other and laugh through the pain makes it ten times more bearable!
  5. Hit up a harvest festival, complete with “Indian Corn” and lots of squash.
  6. Make a bonfire and snuggle next to it. Duh.
  7. Sip hot drinks next to said bonfire.
  8. Pick an older TV series and re-watch it from the beginning. Have you guys seen Parenthood??? Somehow I totally missed that boat until now, but we’re so glad we finally found it. SO. GOOD. We tear up in each episode. If you’re looking for a more laidback, sentimental date night, give it a go.
  9. Drink cider from cinnamon stick straws. Grab a gallon of apple cider from your local grocery store or market if you don’t have it fresh, and warm it up; then sip through a cinnamon stick. It’s unlike any other.
  10. Fly kites on a brisk, windier day.
  11. Get matching Halloween costumes and go sing karaoke in them, even if you don’t like Halloween. Be each other’s Bonnie and Clyde or Danny and Sandy and have fun with it!
  12. Make giant leaf piles in your neighborhood and jump in one together.
  13. Make a blanket fort in the living room, then turn off the lights, grab one flash light and head inside the fort to tell ghost stories.
  14. Bike ride down a scenic path as the leaves change colors.
  15. Make caramel apples and candy apples. If you’re really in love, you can take turns flossing each other’s teeth when you’re done and have candied apple stuck everywhere. HA JK.
  16. Have a scary movie marathon, but share one blanket. (:
  17. Bob for apples. Get a bucket, fill it with water, throw in some apples, and then try to pick them up with your teeth as you take turns sticking your face in the water to get them.
  18. Have a photo challenge in peak leaf-changing season and scrapbook the best results in a mini photobook with some actual leaf proof! Grab two disposable cameras and get to snapping.
  19. Bring a pizza or subs to the park and throw a football around. Repping your favorite team is optional, but encouraged.
  20. Hit the zoo. When it’s not as scorching hot outside, the animals are more likely to be out and about!
  21. Go to your local high school’s homecoming football game. Wear the school colors, sit in the home section, and feel the energy together.
  22. Sample all of Starbucks fall drink offerings on their launch day.
  23. Get ready to get caffeinated with a Pumpkin latte date. Hit up every coffeeshop in town and try whatever pumpkin or other fall flavor they’ve got brewing. Rate the best afterwards!
  24. For the non-acrophobic, go on a hot air balloon ride! J is terribly afraid of heights, though, so no riding balloons in the sky in our foreseeable future…
  25. Walk around a flea market together. Each of you pick out an old CD to buy, then listen to both on the way home and decide which was the better find! J and I scored an old Santana album and an old Linkin Park last weekend, and it’s been so fun mixing things up with throwback jams while driving.
  26. Go wine tasting at a winery or wine festival!
  27. Give Oktoberfest a go and enjoy a pumpkin ale or lager together. ‘Tis the season!
  28. Have a Sweater Weather picnic. That means pack your picnic basket and head to a park in your favorite sweats and sweaters to cuddle outside before it gets *too* cold.
  29. Tour a penitentiary. Philly has the Eastern State Penitentiary – where Al Cappone once chilled – with regular tour hours and a full-out haunted arena come Halloween. Do some research on any prisons in your area, especially older ones, where you might be able to find good ghost tours and scares.
  30. Make healthy popcorn balls. Typically, popcorn balls are held together with corn syrup – obviously the most high fructose thing. This popcorn ball recipe offers healthy alternatives so you can make your own tasty treats without unnecessary calories and sugars!

What’re your favorite fall date ideas?

Now go forth and Friday, knowing the PSL is back in T-minus 12 days.

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