From the CURowd: 50+ Creative Fall Date Ideas

TGIF, friends! We’ve made it to FriYAY. Any fun weekend plans??? Our wedding anniversary was this past week, and tomorrow is actually our 6-year dating anniversay, which YES WE STILL CELEBRATE justbecause life’s better with celebrations and we’re corny AF like that. 😉 So we’ve got date night on the mind! In case YOU’VE got date night on tonight’s radar (or a date with your girlfriends, etc!), I thought it’d be *perfect timing* to whip out the ol’ idea book of ultimate fall date ideas, since ’tis the PSL season once again. 😉 But I wanted these to be *different* than the usual – I had shared 30 romantic fall date ideas before, but that was SO long ago at this point, and we gotta shake things up around these rosy parts! SO, per usual, I turned to y’all – the CURowd. (Remember when we CURowd-sourced all of these super easy + doable recipes for quick meals? SO SO HELPFUL + yummy!). And together, we’ve CURowd-sourced over 50 suuuuuper creative fall date ideas to totally shake up yo’ season. Bless. Up. The CURowd *delivered*. Comb through to find a new favorite idea, and let me know what you end up doing this weekend!

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From the CURowd: 50+ Creative FALL DATE IDEAS for your next weekend out (or in!) - on Coming Up Roses

  1. Pumpkin patch, apple orchard, corn/hay maze, haunted hay rides, camping with a bonfire, riding back roads, good scenery highways for the leaves – Miki
  2. Get a penny (or any coin) and flip it to decide where to go! Pick a number, get in the car and drive, and start flipping. Heads = turn right. Tails = turn left. Once you’ve flipped the coin the number of times you picked earlier, you’re there! Make a date out of wherever you are! – Rachel
  3. Best date night we ever did was random acts of kindness. We set a dollar amount and bought items like fliers, candies, etc. Hand wrote a few cards to attach to the items. We randomly handed them out in either stores, parking lots, or restaurants. It was such a fun date from buying the items to deciding which items to give when and to what people. Absolutely loved it! – Jessica
  4. Pumpkin patch, a PSL, a blanket and a photo shoot! – Cassie
  5. Apple picking and pumpkin carving! – Karissa
  6. 5 1/2 minutes to raid the gas station snack area, and binge Netflix movies – preferably ones with PETER KAVINSKY. – Dani
  7. An early dinner which includes pecan pie and wine, followed by pumpkin carving, and close it off with SMORES! – Ana
  8. Take a little drive and picnic at your favorite park with easy take out and hot cocoa/warm cider to keep cozy! – Lexy
  9. Farmers market that has some fresh apple cider, grapping appetiers, and walking around in the fresh air! – Jessica
  10. My favorite dates are waking up to water the sunrise (preferably at the beach!) and then getting brunch! – Tori
  11. A date to a corn maze complete with apple cider and donuts! – Leah
  12. The perfect date is a fall beer/wine festival during the day! – Lianne
  13. I like my simple date nights – go grab an early dinner, go to the store and get some ice cream + snacks (and wine), then head back home to get into PJ’s and watch a movie. – Parish
  14. Go to the pumpkin patch or a fall festival, followed by a picnic by the river, looking at the pretty leaves and topping it off with a campfire + smores. – Courtney
  15. Ax throwing!!! – Payton
  16. My fave date to go on, because it helps see if they know you and can be done year-round, too!: Go to a thrift store (Target dollar spot, Goodwill, local store) and each of you find something that speaks to you about the person you’re on the date with! Get the item and after dinner at a fun place, exchange gifts. – Darcy
  17. Go on a cute scavenger hunt of all the most romantic places shares by the couple. Ex: Fave lace to eat, fave date night, etc. Allows for you to be as creative as you want, and it’s special and exclusive to YOU and your significant other! – Lexi
  18. Couples’ spa day followed by some snacks, and binge a Netflix series you love the most! – Carla
  19. Get the good ol’ fire pit going. Roast some hot dogs + smores. End the night with a good movie and snacks! – Katlin
  20. Go to the biggest corn maze you can find. There’s a “world’s largest” one in IL and there are ton’s a ton of fun stuff to do there with all the yummy fall goodies! It’s so fun to get lost and really enjoy time outside, all while working together, of course! – Tara
  21. Have an indoor picnic (since it’s getting cooler) with your favorite fall dinner + carving pumpkins after you eat. – Taylor
  22. Backyard, fire pit, wine, cozy blanket. Perfect at-home date while the babies sleep. – Brittany
  23. My hubby and I make it a point to go out for breakfast every weekend. Whether it’s on Saturday or Sunday, that’s our special 1:1 time every week! – Emma
  24. We love having a night in with (spiked) apple cider and baking. (He watches while I bake – ha!). But it leads to great convesration and often dancing in the kitchen, which feels extra romantic to me! – Jess
  25. I love walking dogs at the Humane Society as a date! – Meredith
  26. We love putt-putt or some casual bar with cornhole. One time, we ended up drinking champagne and eating ice cream at Shake Shack while playing cornhole. No one else was there, and we had a blast! – Katie
  27. Taking a stroll to see the pumpkins all lit up while sipping on a pumpkin spice latte, fall outfits, holding hands…and just enjoying the two of you. – Jessica
  28. Linvilla Orchard (near Philadelphia)! Such great scenery, yummy fresh produce, and it would be a great place to get some maternity pics in, too! – Tiffany
  29. Cooking classes together! – Molly
  30. Food truck festival for dinner where you try something totally new, and then you come home and play a board game that makes you super competitive. Our personal favorite: Scrabble! – Carly
  31. I loveee relaxing/adventurous dates! One of my faves is going on a light hike somewhere beautiful (I live in AL) and bring a bottle of wine, plastic cups, grapes, cheese and crackers in a backpack, and have a picnic at the top with a view! – Cait
  32. My favorite date is going to an apple orchard, picking apples, and immediately going home to cook lots and lots of desserts with all the picked apples. – Lisa
  33. Apple picking + apple cider donuts. *all the heart eyes* – Alex
  34. Road tripping together with no real destination – letting the road take us on an adventure of new places! – Jenn
  35. Order pizza, get ALL the snacks + drinks, and binge watch Netflix with your hubs! – Desiree
  36. Best date I ever went on was when my husband and I first started dating, and he took me canoeing. It was straight out of The Notebook…so beautiful and romantic! We watched the sunet on the water and it was PERF. – Jordan
  37. We’re not bikers, but our town has a huge motorocycle day where people come from all over, and there are tens of thousands of bikes around town. So we’re going to go check out the bikes, people watch, and have some adult beverages in the beer garden! – Jane
  38. Going to a vineyard or a brewery and then having a romantic dinner at our favorite restaurant. The finishing the night with some of our favorite movies. – Lauren
  39. For our wedding shower, my aunt gave us a beautiful picnic basket. She wrote us a little note that said, “Always make time for picnics.” I love the simplicity of a picnic and that it can be done indoors or out! – Adrienne
  40. Go to the arboretum to see the pumpkin displays. (We live in Dallas, so not much fall weather going on). Catch an outdoor concert with wine + fried chicken! – Sophia
  41. Have a nice afternoon starting with lunch, and then pumpkin picking. Then carve/paint the pumpkins, followed by a nice dinner in and end the night with either a nice fire with some s’mores, or a Halloween-themed movie with some hot cocoa! – Brittany
  42. My favorite things is a Jeep ride around town or the lake! – Karen
  43. Fall date ideas for before you have a baby (for any pregnant chicas!): Visit all of your favorite dates with one another from before you got married. But bring a Polaroid or disaposable camera with you and document yourself going back! – Kanani
  44. For my husband and I, the best fall date nights are staying in, putting our daughters to sleep, then coming back to the living room, putting on some music, drinking wine, and going through our photo album. And we wouldn’t have to worry about a sitter since the girls would be asleep in their room! #winwin – Teresa
  45. If you have a pilot in the family or as a good friend…flying in a small plane at sunset is always beautiful!!! – Candie
  46. Start at one restaurant for an appetizer and then move onto other restaurants for an entree and dessert! – Michelle
  47. My fiance and I love to go to a new exhibit at the Philadelphia art museum, and then try a new restaurant in Philly! – Georjenna
  48. We like to grab a couple of blankets and find a good spot in the mountains to cuddle up, stargaze, and listen to an audiobook together. We hit up the grocery store beforehand to grab some treats! – Kym
  49. Every year, we sneak a picnic into a corn maze, get super lost on purpose, enjoy said picnic (and time together!), and then find our way out! – Amanda
  50. Fall college football game!!!! – Kaleigh
  51. Some of our most memorable first dates involve corn mazes, bonfires, and hot cider. Chilly nights get me all nostalgic for those days! – Rachel
  52. I’m trying to plan a date to a hometown carnival or the pumpkin patch/Westen village that opens on weekend for fall! – Miki
  53. One of the first dates my husband and I went on was a hike up Grandfather Mountain (in North Carolina). We got to talk, walk, enjoy spending time together. It’s not super original BUT half way up the mountain at a part where you have to hold a rope to climb and pull yourself up this steep slope, this DUDE in a FULL TUXEDO came SPRINTING down the mountain holding an old school video camera and it was so funny/crazy, it made the date one I’ll never forget! – Morgan
  54. A trip to the pumpkin patch and then carving them freshly picked pumpkins. 🙂 – Nidhi
  55. Paint nights are always so fun. Or a cooking classs! – Emelia
  56. We went to the park where we read children’s stories to each other while eating Lunchables and drinking juice boxes. It was really sweet to do that before we had our daughter to get a glimpse as to what our future looked like. And this was my husband’s date idea!!! – Jordan
  57. Apple picking in a local orchard with apple cider doughnuts as a special treat afterwards! – Bailey
  58. DIY wine tasting! Go to the store and you each pick out a couple of bottles. Bring home and get that tasting going! It’s a great way to try new wines and further explore your likes + dislikes. 🙂 – Kanani

What creative fall date ideas are your favorite?

Do you have any other fall date ideas to add to the list? Let us know in a comment below – the CURowd has spoken! You guys are the best. Yannno that????

Sending ya lots + lots of lovelovelove for the most creative, romantic, funfilled weekend ahead.

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