Happy WEEKEND, friends. Doesn’t it feel oh so good? Today is actually our 6 year dating anniversary, which YES WE STILL CELEBRATE because we’re corny AF like that. šŸ˜‰ And tomorrow J is off on a little work trip, and I’ve got a ~full~ schedule of shoots to get done before I’m off on my own work trip – the last flight before Baby G arrives. How crazy is that?! ICYMI, I published a 28-week Bumpdate this week – and I’m officially in the third trimester, which is beyond nutso. ANYHOO. It’s time for some Weekend Reading. Is your coffee poured?

WEEKEND READING, Vol. 9 - on Coming Up Roses

  1. Why you get stressed when your partner is stressed
  2. Can we talk about what a good Chanel lookalikeĀ this bag is? It’s in my cart!
  3. Brit + Co’s Founder shares her routine + what’s on her desk
  4. The top industries, companies, + jobs for women who want to work remotely
  5. These boots have been in my cart for a week now – they’re 40% off with code COZY40 and have RAVE REVIEWS.
  6. Bookmarking Blair’s tips for traveling solo with a baby
  7. Lovelovelove this hilarious + geniusĀ pricing policy for rude customers
  8. How to fall asleep *fast* (Lord, do I need this…)
  9. Fellow mamas/mamas-to-be…I think we need this cozy pullover.
  10. The lowdown on chemical versus physical exfoliants (+ which you should be using on your skin)
  11. 5 fears to squash to start your own business
  12. 13 Starbucks hacks you need to know
  13. I recently got this camo sweats set, and I’m in lovelovelove.
  14. How to make perfect pancakes, according to Cupcakes and Cashmere
  15. Lovelovelove my friend Krystal’s post on how to be more confident

Happy weekend reading!

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