30 Spring Dates on a Budget

Spring has sprung! Who’s excited? —> this girl <—

The birds are chirping, the allergies are blaring, the sun is shining, the flowers are blooming…it’s like the entire world is coming up roses. 😉

In the spirit of all that is spring, I’ve rounded up 30 of my all-time favorite spring dates in budget-friendly fashion. Whether you’ve got date night with your S.O. or a fun GNO in the future, these ideas won’t break the bank – but they *will* bring the fun.

Presenting 30 spring dates on a budget.


Spring has sprung! Popular Philadelphia lifestyle blogger Coming Up Roses shares her 30 Spring Dates on a budget. Whether you've got date night or a GNO, they're fun things to do that won't break the bank. Click here now to see them all!


  1. Hunt for flowers, then see who can make the cutest, prettiest bouquet for your kitchen table.
  2. Make a fresh spring salad. One with veggies, and one with fruits! Grab the freshest things from the produce aisle (or, better yet, the freshest things from a local farm stand!) and get to salad-ing.
  3. Make breakfast for dinner and eat on the living room floor under a blanket fort. YAS CHILDHOOD.
  4. Head to the local playground! See who can swing the highest on the swings, and slide down the slide together (with a smooch at the top, naturally).
  5. Bake some cookies, mix up some lemonade, and set up a lemonade stand outside your house. The catch? It’s FREE. Give your goodies away to the local neighborhood kids!
  6. Break out the grill and have a BBQ with your friends with a game of horseshoes in the backyard. You’ve got the meat – have your besties bring the sides! Think grillable: veggies like bell peppers and corn, fruits like pineapple and peaches.
  7. Grab 3 movies from the Wal-Mart $5 movie bin and marathon them, alongside boxes of candy from the $1 bin.
  8. Toss a frisbee in the park, and play catch with a softball. Bonus points if he’s got a worn-in glove for you to wear!
  9. Make homemade ice cream (here’s a kit!). Don’t forget the cherry on top!
  10. Get up at 5 am on a Saturday to hit up local yard sales. Wear baseball hats and fanny packs and bring a lot of quarters. Bonus points if they’re matching fanny packs.
  11. Hit up your local farmer’s market and find a new veggie at the produce stand. Pick it up and find a recipe that teaches you how to make it – and voila! Dinner for two!
  12. Collect all of the change in your couches, on the floor, in your car and around the house and put it in a jar over the course of a month. Then take it to the closest arcade and battle it out – the game winner between the two of you choose the restaurant for dinner after.
  13. Pick up some of the cheap poundcake shells from the grocery store, plus a can of whipped cream and your favorite berries. Berries and cream for two!
  14. Choreograph a synchronized dance to your favorite top 40 hit right now. Wear matching “costumes”, film the whole shebang, and post it onto social media for all to enjoy. 😉
  15. Go to your local high school’s next baseball game or track meet – whatever spring sport floats your boat. Wear their colors, and act like the #1 fans in the crowd. You might get some weird looks, but you’ll probably boost the games of a few players!
  16. Make a couple’s bucket list together. Bonus point if you make a sweet treat to accompany your writing process – milkshakes encouraged!
  17. Boozy popsicles. ‘Nuff said. Popsicle trays are super cheap at Walmart, Target, or even the dollar store; pick up a few and some popsicle sticks (just make sure the tray is deep enough that the popsicle sticks don’t overwhelm it!), your favorite alcohol and your favorite fruit. There’s great recipes to try on Pinterest, but some no-fail options are sangria, or your fave mixed drinks. Totally refreshing!
  18. Pick up rocks around your neighborhood and block. The bigger the better. Then come home and paint cute things on them – and voila, mini rock garden!
  19. Hit up Michael’s or AC Moore and do a spring craft together. Think, spring wreath on the door, crafted faux flower garden, etc. The weekend papers typically have whopping coupons for both of these stores, so be sure to bring a coupon with you to get a good discount! We’re on a budget here, people. 😉
  20. Embrace your inner roller coaster junkies and find the closest amusement park to you. If you’re close enough, check out after-hour schedules; the park nearest J and I has nearly half price tickets between the hours of 5 and 10 pm. Not only are you saving money, but there aren’t as many little kids running around, AND you’re not standing in lines for forever under the blazing fun. A total win! Additional must: Indulge in a deep fried treat together, whether it’s classic fair french fries, a funnel cake, or good ol’ deep fried Oreos.
  21. Pick up a kickball and play at your local park. One of those traditional rubber kickballs that y’all played with in grade school on the parking lot for recess. You know the one.
  22. Find a flea market. Have a challenge to see who can find the best thing in different categories: most unique, best bang for the buck, oldest treasure, dumbest thing someone tried to sell, and cutest gift for each other.
  23. Get ready for finally nice weather with a little at-home car wash. Blast a boombox and get sudsy! Swimsuits not required, but totally encouraged.
  24. Fly a kite together. I can’t even remember the last time I had my hands on a kite, let alone flew one! It’s an age-old tradition that makes for a totally cute date day together.
  25. Get library cards together at your local public library. Spend an afternoon there together (bring work to do if you have to!), and leave with two new movies to rent, a video game to play together if they’ve got them rentable, and a book for each of you.
  26. Plan your next trip. Plan just one trip together for the summer, whether it’s a day trip, long weekend, or full week excursion, and romanticize about your getaway. Plan as much as possible and write it all down, even if it’s totally imaginary. If you could go anywhere and do anything for any length of time literally two months from now, where would you go?
  27. Make fun, healthy smoothies together. What better way to start that diet amiright?? Throw all the berries and smoothie-appropriate veggies you can find all in the blender and whip up a few yummy concoctions. Come up with your “signature smoothie” as a couple. Try to find a few varieties: a detox, the sweeter treat, a mostly-vegetable, and one with a hint of something special – your fave alcohol.
  28. Pick a new Netflix series to binge together. Make sure it’s one that neither of you has heard of or watched before!
  29. Groupon your way to a date. Whether it’s a cheaper dinner for two, an adventurous escapade, a couple’s spa, or something else entirely, conjure up your entire time together using only Groupon tickets. #budget
  30. Set up a fire pit in your background and invite your neighbors, even if you’ve never met them before. Have great drinks and snacks on hand and just get to know each other, group date style.

What’re your favorite spring dates on a budget?


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