5 Favorite Amazon Finds

Happy FriYAY, friends! Popping in to share some fun, favorite Amazon finds as of late…because you can’t tell me I’m the only Nosy Nancy who always wants to snoop on people’s Amazon purchases, right? Right. 😉 So I poked through my recent orders to pull some of the *top* contenders that I’d give a solid 5-stars. Without further adieu…

  • Lululemon-inspired scuba zip jacket You know me, always on the hunt for a deal. 😉 I first grabbed this one, then my bestie Chels so sweetly sent me this one as a little “thinking of you” pickmeup. I’ve been alternating the two all month long as comfy cozies for running around – just a bonus that they look exactly like the $128 Lululemon version! (I will say, I don’t personally OWN the Lulu one so can’t speak to that one firsthand, which you know I usually like to do when comparing “dupes” – so just sharing how much I lovelovelove this more affordable alternative in case you like the look and want it for less!).
  • Wrist towels – These are 100% worth the hype – WHAT A GAME CHANGER. It sounds so silly, but when you try it I swear you’ll get it, too. We all know that washing your face is absolutely never like a Neutrogena commercial and more like a case of trying to not drown yourself or flood the bathroom. You’re splashing water, it’s dripping ERRR’WHERE and running down your forearms and all over the sink space. Enter, these little wrist towels. They catch water at your wrists to solve the problem, so that your arms and/or sleeves are saved from the splash. It’s the little things. Bless up.
  • Lululemon-inspired leggings OK I’m calling it now – I might actually like these even more than my other top Lululemon-inspired Amazon leggings. Namely because these don’t seem to pill/collect hair as much, which is a #blessing when you’ve got a dog and two cats (and children, aka a circus). While my other favorite is technically a closer match to Lulu Aligns based on material makeup percentages, these are slightly more “spandexy” and LESS prone to pilling/hair collecting, which I definitely appreciate.
  • Chenille bath mat We recently made a few little updates to our guest bathroom (which is the kids’ bathroom, too), one of which being upgrading the shower curtain + bath mats. After trying + returning literally 5 others in the space, I ended up settling on this chenille one and it’s so good. It’s plush and soft, stays in place well and just feels chic – which is nice touch when the room is so heavily used and trafficked by littles.
  • Plant-based protein bars I went down a Googling rabbit hole to find protein bars that were a.) high in protein, b.) low in other garbage, and c.) don’t taste like cardboard. Between being pregnant and trying to gain more muscle via weightlifting, my doctor recommended literally 100 grams of protein a day – which honestly feels so intimidating and impossible. But challenge accepted – so here we are. These have 15g a bar which I like, without all of the added sugar or saturated fat that some other bars do that aren’t just bricks. I mean, I had grabbed a quick box at Target and you could throw them at your enemies in self defense, probably break a tooth. No bueno. These are ACTUALLY DELISH and ACTUALLY HEALTHY. Also certified vegan, kosher, plant based, gluten free, soy free, dairy free, and non GMO. Phew.

What’s your latest fave Amazon find?

What should I add to cart next?