7 Keys to Work with Brands & Stand out as a Blogger

May is so surreal to me. It’s the month I graduated from UPenn, it’s the month I officially moved in with my then-fiance (here’s how that’s going after a year’s worth of reflection + marriage LOL). it’s the month I took Coming Up Roses full-time. And half the time, I still cannot believe it. When I first went full-time with CUR, I was nervous as HECK. I mean…who wouldn’t be amiright?!? I was leaving security and heading straight into the unknown, where the only thing guaranteed was that I’d need to work my BUTT off every single day with potentially no end in sight and potentially no income. LOL LIFE. But I was also so stinkin’ stoked. I absolutely LOVE having a platform to share authentic, affordable, achievable tidbits with ya on everything from ways to style your favorite closet staples to spring cleaning hacks and ways to stay motivated. So the chance to make that my actual full-time job with a full-time income and endless opportunities was the friggin’ coolest idea on the planet to me. Lord knows I was about to do whatever I had to do to figure out how to “make it.” And I knew that I should probably know how to work with brands in some capacity, like, STAT.

At first, especially since I was so nervous about making enough moolah, I dabbled in a ton of freelance sorta projects in the hopes of bringing in enough to pay the rent. But eventually, I learned that I wasn’t in lovelovelove with those projects.

…I absolutely LOVE to work with brands.

Rather, I absolutely love creating CONTENT – and my marketing background loves connecting all the dots together with a neat little bow. 😉

Content creation is what keeps me going, cos I can honestly say I’m obsessed with the entire process. I lovelovelove writing (can ya tell? 😉 ), I love shooting, I love editing photography, I love sharing good stuff with good people, I love connecting with readers (hollah to you guys!) and fellow creatives, and I love bringing a creative vision to life.

Getting to CREATE everyday is what I love.

So getting PAID to create content that I’d write about anyways, just in a way that incorporates everything I know about marketing and tapping into this hella cool thing called “influencer marketing” – it’s the best feeling.

To me, it’s the epitome of being #blessed to live what I lovelovelove every single day.

And to me, it’s such a natural extension of everything I already have done and continue to do on CUR.

Before I ever started getting paid by brands to mention them, I was still talking about my favorite products. I was still recommending things to buy or use, cos hello – I want the best for y’all! I always wanted to share my honest opinions + recommendations, cos I just genuinely lovelovelove helping people live their best lives. It’s like this wicked little passion o’ mine. So the first time a brand ever wanted to PAY me for doing what I was already doing?!? JACKPOT! I thought I hit it bigtime.

From that very first “sponsored” post ever, I’ve more than 30x’d my rate for collaborations.

YUP, 30.


I get it.

It might feel impossible right now. Between constantly changing algorithms and everyone and their mom starting a blog – you might feel invisible sometimes. Which stinks. Especially when you have so much good stuff to offer! So I want to help ya get noticed + stand out and have the chance to do what I did and do what YOU lovelovelove every single day, too.

I stand by everything I said in this post on the new Instagram Algorithmyou cannot + should not be relying on one social media platform to be yo’ bread n’ butter as a blogger.

ESPECIALLY a platform that you don’t own. Your blog is IT. Whether you’re looking to start making money as a blogger or you’re looking to just take everything to the next level and make MORE – heck, especially if ya wanna go full time with it someday! – you absolutely positively 100% need to stand out as a BLOGGER – not just as an Instagrammer. Your blog needs to be lit. Like, red-hot-fire lit. If Instagram shuts its doors tomorrow, guess what? You just lost a platform, an audience, and any chance to work with brands through it.


One of the biggest Q’s I get asked repeatedly is:

How do I work with brands and get them to notice me? I feel like there are just so many bloggers out there anymore – how do I actually stand out??

Great Q.

So great of a Q, that I’m taking an entire night to answer it fully, LIVE, just fo’ you.

It’s a FREE (yup, free) webinar, and it’s happening LIVE Wednesday night, May 17th, at 8 pm EST. (Mark yo’ calendar!)

#BrandOut - a FREE Webinar teaching the 7 Keys to Stand Out to Brands as a Blogger


In this *FREE* + LIVE class, you’ll learn:

  1. 7 keys to standing out to brands as a blogger
  2. How to generate creative, compelling content ideas that attract new readers AND brand partners
  3. What brands want MOST from bloggers
  4. 4 easy ways to uplevel your content NOW
  5. What constitutes “good” engagement (per platform!)
  6. The 4 non-negotiable, no-brainers that your blog might be missing right now
  7. What should *actually* be in your press kit
  8. How to make YOUR blog stand out from others and #BrandOut!
  9. + MORE, cos there’s a *live* Q&A at the end! 😉

Standing out in today’s internet isn’t always easy. But it could definitely be easier – and I’m making it easier for ya. I don’t have the biggest “following” by any means – but I know how to work with what I’ve got! (Cos I also think you guys are the bee’s knees, and brands care about how awesome you are). I work with mo’ brands + make mo’ money than people I know with hundreds of thousands of Instagram followers. Forrealz. And that’s cos following means little to nothing in this day and age where folks can buy followers (the sad truth) + manipulate numbers all day long. It’s important to know what brands really look at + care about when they’re deciding who they want to PAY to do work for them. It’s important to stand out (and #BrandOut – see what I did there??? 😉 )


When: Wednesday, May 17th, 8 pm EST

Where: Online! Sign up right here.

How: Once you’re registered, you’ll be getting an email from me with alllllll the details.

Cost: $FREE.99. In other words, $0.00.

P.S. If ya can’t make the live class, no worries! I’ll be sending out a replay – but ONLY to those who sign up for the class. So even if you’re on the fence – just sign up! Even if you’re on the live class, if ya miss some notes, there’s a replay for that. 😉

I’m SO STINKIN’ STOKED for #BrandOut. This is such a value-packed webinar, guys. AND AND AND there will be also be a Q&A at the end of the presentation, so we can chat live about any/all questions you might have about the webinar itself or anything else that might come up! 😉 See you online on the 17th!

Will you be tuning into #BrandOut?

The 7 keys to work with brands as a blogger await you.

I can’t wait to see you there.

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