5 Amazon Sweaters Under $40 (Try-on haul!)

Taking a hot sec hiatus from Gift Guides to share some affordable Amazon sweaters, because sweater weather is here to stay! One of the most loveloveloved roundups on CUR is anything + everything from Amazon, and y’all, I get it. Amazon reigns. Prime is supreme. Paying for shipping and/or waiting more than 48 hours for a package are ways of the past. I’m always (always) ordering new Amazon goodies to test what’s best (and also because I have a problem? HA), so I figured it high time to share affordable Amazon sweaters – specifically, ones you could snag for under $40 that had multiple color options to choose from. Hope you find a new fave that you lovelovelove!


5 AMAZON SWEATERS under $40! - on Coming Up Roses 5 AMAZON SWEATERS under $40! - on Coming Up Roses

This sweater reminds me of one I had years ago that I truly loveloveloved so much I wore it constantly in college. It’s squishy soft and lighter than a chunky cable knit, which can be nice when you don’t want to feel weighed down or overheated (especially when you’re already full on Friendsgiving dinners – ha!). The neckline is wide enough that it can be easily stretched literally over your shoulders if you want a flatter cowl look instead of wearing it more bunched up around the neck. This one is also on the stretchier side, so I’d say sizing is pretty flexible where if you wanted to gift a lucky gal this sweater, there’s not as much risk of something not fitting!

Under $30 on Prime



5 AMAZON SWEATERS under $40! - on Coming Up Roses 5 AMAZON SWEATERS under $40! - on Coming Up Roses

If you’ve been on the hunt for a really slouchy – I mean REALLY slouchy – cardigan that doesn’t break the bank, voila! This one is pretty darn cool if you’re like me and don’t want sleeves in the way of life, but like feeling like you’re wrapped up in a blanket hug. The “wings” of this cardo do exactly that, folding slightly over the snugger sleeve part around your forearm for a visual effect without feeling like just too much fabric. If you like feeling like you’re wearing a blanket, this affordable Amazon sweater is fo’ you!

Around $39, 7 color options!



5 AMAZON SWEATERS under $40! - on Coming Up Roses Faux leather jacket - AMAZON FALL HAUL try-on on Coming Up Roses

You might’ve caught me mention this dress on Instastories before, so apologies if this next sentence is redundant! 😉 I bought this thinking it would be a true sweater dress, since someone on Instagram told me so. Turns out, the someone on Instagram who told me so is probably a good 5 inches shorter than me. 😉 SO, I put it on and was like WHOA NELLY, there’s a breeze. HA. If you’re my height or taller (5′ 7″ and up), this really is better over something like Spanx leather leggings (as seen styled here). But for my shorty girls, would make a great dress! It’s soft, not itchy, and neat how the neckline is more of a boat neckline.

Also shown here from my Amazon Fall Haul styled with a leather jacket overtop for an edgier twist!

Under $35, 5 color options!



5 AMAZON SWEATERS under $40! - on Coming Up Roses 5 AMAZON SWEATERS under $40! - on Coming Up Roses

Wearing this one now as I type this! 😉 This fun striped number has taken over my Instagram feed, it seems. And for good reason! It’s a hit. It’s actually a lot lighter weight than it looks, I think – definitely a thinner sweater than your typical chunky cable knit. I’d say beware only if you’re buying this one with the hopes of it being super warm, because it’s not – it’s definitely layerable since it’s on the thinner side!

Around $30 on Prime, 5 stripe options!



5 AMAZON SWEATERS under $40! - on Coming Up Roses 5 AMAZON SWEATERS under $40! - on Coming Up Roses

This chunky knit is a true chunky knit! The warmest of the bunch, by far. Lovelovelove this one since it looks like some other popular styles that cost $60+ at other retailers. Also lovelovelove the longer sleeves on this one!

Around $35 on Prime, 16 color options

Which of these affordable Amazon sweaters is your favorite?

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