AMAZON FALL HAUL (15 pieces!)

It’s PRIME TIME – so stoked to bring you a huuuuuuge Amazon Fall Haul today! This Walmart fall haul was a smash hit, so I figured ’tis the season to haul all things fall and Prime it all to our doorsteps before our husbands can see. 😉 I feel like I’m constantly hauling things from Amazon anyways, so I’m on a near-first-name basis with the truck drivers and they surely think I’ve got a shopping problem. I mean, they’re not wrong. 😉 But in the name of CUR, I did some intentional adding to cart to have a pretty rounded out

It’s organized try-on style and is lined up to go along with my Instastories try-on session that’s going up today, too, so that you can watch + shop at the same time (I’m @ericaligenza on the ‘gram). #BlessUp.

A few notes before diving right in:

  • I’m not featuring any sweaters in this fall haul, seeing as it’s already 15 pieces long and sweaters could go on approximately forever. 😉 The plan is to do an entirely separate post dedicated to the best affordable sweaters from Amazon for the season – so stay tuned!
  • I didn’t buy them this year, but this pair of jeans from Amazon is a great option from my closet if you’re on the market for denim! (They run TTS) For an even more affordable pair (we’re talkin’ under 20 bucks), I featured these gems from Walmart all throughout this past month and highly recommend – I bought two pairs myself.
  • The cute little caramel-colored booties I’m wearing with quite a few looks below are currently out of stock, sadly – they’re not from Amazon, but I’ll be sure to let you know as soon as they’re back, if they are restocked! They’re FABULOUS so I hope they are – the plan is to feature them in the next edition of Cool Sh*t I Lovelovelove if possible, because I’ve been wearing them nonstop.


Colofulkoala leggings

  • I bought these per everyone on Instagram’s recommendation since they’re rumored Lululemon lookalikes! And sure enough, they fit the bill. Like I’ve said/compared with this brand – it’s all in the fabric makeup. These actually have more spandex than Lululemon Align pants, making them a bit stretchier!
  • They come in 16 colors and are under 30 bucks on Prime, while actual Lululemon Align pants are $98. So I really cannot recommend these enough – they will DEFINITELY be featured again in my next Monthly Favorites post! I already bought two more pairs of the 7/8’s and a pair of full-length (I got a solid black, as well as green camo and navy leopard!)
  • I’m wearing the 7/8 length here – I’m 5′ 7″ for reference with reasonably long legs, so I’d definitely recommend the 7/8 if you’re shorter than me – although TBD on the true difference in length once my full-length pair arrives!

Lululemon dupes on Amazon - Colorfulkoala leggings - AMAZON FALL HAUL try-on on Coming Up Roses


Shirt Dress 

  • I was on the hunt for a good button-up shirt dress, and this one was EXACTLY what I had had in mind! It’s a part of Amazon’s new “The Drop” line – I just adore the fit becaue I think it’s got the perfect sexy-chic-but-casual vibe that really works for so much, dressed up OR down! You can pair with booties or heels for a night out, or throw on a baseball hat and sneakers with it and it still somehow works. Great for that effortless, I-woke-up-like-this feel!
  • My only downside is that it does wrinkly between wears, which is me being picky since your girl hates ironing like the plague. 😉 So excuse the wrinkles here – I threw it on quick to snap a pic, so just use your imagination that it’s wrinkle-free here just like I use my imagination that my house is always clean. Ha!

Button-down Shirt Dress - AMAZON FALL HAUL try-on on Coming Up Roses


Mock-neck swing tunic 

  • From one of my favorite Amazon brands, Daily Ritual. It’s SUPER soft + wrinkle-free! Definitely a great piece for layering this season, especially if you’re not the biggest turtleneck fan like me.
  • Under $22 on Prime

Daily Ritual mock-neck tunic - AMAZON FALL HAUL try-on on Coming Up Roses


Quilted vest 

  • This vest was such a pleasant surprise, and I’m OBSESSED with the color! I bought another for my mama because she almost stole mine – ha!
  • SIZING TIP: Order one size UP with this one! (I’m wearing a Medium)

Fall Quilted Vest - AMAZON FALL HAUL try-on on Coming Up Roses


OrganiWash for menstrual cup

  • OK OK, not exactly a “fall haul” staple. But I picked it up this fall so it counts, right? 😉 If you saw my menstrual cup blog post, then you know. Once you do your business, you’ve gotta clean your cup – and this does the trick. It’s pH-balanced with only organic, natural ingredients, which I definitely wanted for something going *up there*. Also perfume-free, vegan, and allergy-certified!

OrganiWash Menstrual Cup Wash - AMAZON FALL HAUL try-on on Coming Up Roses


Puffer coat for winter

  • In college I had a black puffy Calvin Klein coat that I adored. My mom bought it for me right before I left for college since walking home from class at nighttime in winter in Philly ain’t no joke, and it was just the best. SO warm, and held up all four years flawlessly. Unfortunately I have NO IDEA where the heck it went – it straight up vanished. I got this one this year in the hopes of it being similar! Not exactly the same, but the same vibes – time will tell once temps drop below 40. 😉
  • Perk: You can machine wash it!
  • It’s not even $80, but SO WARM. I’m excited to try it out this winter – I have an incredibly heavy winter parka that was $200+ that I adore, but it’s not always parka-worthy weather in Philadelphia, and sometimes a good puffer coat is really all you need. So this one should do the trick!

Best Winter Coat - AMAZON FALL HAUL try-on on Coming Up Roses


Babydoll tiered dress 

  • As seen in this month’s Cool Sh*t I Lovelovelove – SUCH A GOODY. This is such a versatile piece since you can dress it up OR down (picture with a little jean jacket, baseball hat, and sneakers for running errands!). I just lovelovelove its fun flow!
  • Less than $30 on Prime. Lined. Runs TTS.

Tiered Babydoll Dress - AMAZON FALL HAUL try-on on Coming Up Roses


Ribbed jumpsuit 

  • Totally perfect travel piece! It’s a stretchy fabric but also zips in the back for fit. Comes in pink, black, + red. Don’t miss my Stories review of this one – it works for travel or casual wear with sneakers like shown here, but I swapped out the kicks for strappy heels on Stories to show how effortlessly it works for workwear, too! COMFY workwear at that – bless up.
  • Around $37 on Prime

Ribbed jumpsuit (perfect for work OR traveling!) - AMAZON FALL HAUL try-on on Coming Up Roses


Sweater dress

  • Another Daily Ritual find! This isn’t my FAVORITE piece in the haul; I’m suuuuper picky with sweaters and if it itches at ALL, it’s a no for me. This one isn’t *itchy*, but you do feel it, if that makes sense – ha! I’m hoping that once through the wash will soften it out a bit, but wanted to pass along the heads up in case you’re picky like me! Otherwise, lovelovelove the fit + shape for a sweater dress.
  • Under $50 on Prime, 9 colors

Sweater Dress - AMAZON FALL HAUL try-on on Coming Up Roses


Faux leather moto jacket

  • I had just recently bought this faux leather jacket from Walmart, but I wanted to try this one from Amazon to compare the two! (I’m comparing them live in real time on Stories, too!). The Amazon one is twice the price, but you *can* tell a bit of the difference. This Amazon one looks a bit more like lived in leather, and the hardware isn’t as bold, per say. I’d probably preference the more expensive Amazon version, but if you’re looking to save money and still LIKE the Walmart one, go for that one! (The Walmart one is styled fully here for reference!)

Faux leather jacket - AMAZON FALL HAUL try-on on Coming Up Roses


Buffalo plaid rug for under doormat

  • What every fall stoop needs amiright?? LoveloveLOVING the look of layered doormats. And it transitions seasons, too, which is always fun. I just picked up this set of 2 buffalo plaid pillows (only 10 bucks for the set!) for our outdoor rocking chairs to match.
  • Less than $30 on Prime

WITCH, PLEASE doormat - AMAZON FALL HAUL try-on on Coming Up Roses


Camo joggers

  • Because I lovelovelove my comfy clothes + camo print! These aren’t as squishy soft as, say, Aerie might be, but they’re a dang close second. Personaly, I’m super into the banded bottoms because they stay PUT. Can be styled super casually like I’m wearing them here, but also with sneakers and a jean jacket to head out.
  • Under $45 on Prime

Camo joggers - AMAZON FALL HAUL try-on on Coming Up Roses


Pearl hoops

  • I’m a big pearl girl, and these felt like such a good-yet-subtle statement piece, especially with the holidays coming up!
  • Under 10 bucks on Prime


Mom Mode sweatshirt

  • This was worn/recommended by one of my faves to follow on Instagram, Jen from The Sister Studio. It’s not the squishy soft fabric of a Wildfox or Barefoot Dreams sweatshirt – it’s terry material! Which isn’t bad at ALL – just different, so I like pointing that out for fabric freaks like me. 😉 Also comes in black/white and would be SUCH a cute giftable for any mamas in your life!
  • Under $35 on Prime

Mom Mode Sweatshirt - AMAZON FALL HAUL try-on on Coming Up Roses


Again, affordable Amazon sweaters for the season coming soon – stay tuned!

What piece from my Amazon fall haul is your favorite?

And have you found any good Amazon finds lately???

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