Cool Sh*t I Lovelovelove – Monthly Favorites, October 2019

You guys…get through today and there’s only 8 more Monday’s until Christmas. 😉 Can you believe it? October is one of if not my favorite month of the year; there’s just something in the air (and I’m not talkin’ Halloween – ha!), and I am here for the fall vibes + changing leaves. Fall is like that gentle reminder that change is good and natural and expected and normal and beautiful all in one. And I like that. So as we continue torpedo-ing our way through the end of 2019 straight into 2020 (!!!), I’m going to just KEEP reminding myself (+ you) that change is good. Change is natural. Change is beautiful. We just have to let it happen as it does. 🙂

Without further adieu, there is SO MUCH GOODNESS jam-packed into this edition of Cool Sh*t I Lovelovelove, from a meal delivery service that’s changed our life (hi, Home Chef) to $18 denim and fabulous foundation, so I don’t wanna waste a single second – let’s hop right into these ten monthly favorites!

1.) Walmart jeans

If you handed me these jeans and asked me to guess their price, I’d probably say something close to $50 – definitely not $18, or that they’re made from recycled bottles. YUP. YOU READ THAT RIGHT. They’ve also got spandex in them so there’s some stretch/give, which I think is safe to say that that’s all of our #1 things with comfy jeans.

I’ve been a fan of Walmart’s Time and Tru line since it launched back in March 2018. Since then, they’ve just been getting better and better, to the point where I’ve been comparing $12 sweaters to cashmere. I mean, it’s truly somethin’ else. If you want to see them styled for a night out on the town, I shared a head-to-toe Walmart look here that’s SO GOOD! But definitely recommend these jeans – they run TTS + are high-waisted and marked as “scultped jeggings” which definitely sounds like a fun, flattering time if you ask me!

$18 Walmart Jeans - -Cool Sh*t I Lovelovelove, Monthly Favorites on Coming Up Roses $18 Walmart Jeans - -Cool Sh*t I Lovelovelove, Monthly Favorites on Coming Up Roses


2.) Bambas peanut butter puffs

Hi my name is Erica and I’m addicted to peanut butter puffs. Between Liv and myself, I think we go through four bags of Bamba a week, no joke. If they would be down to send us a lifetime supply, my family would be a bunch of happy campers.

They make bigger share bags, as well as individually-packaged servings. We like to share one of the small packs as our joint afternoon snack, and with them Liv is kinda sorta starting to learn sharing. In that she can hold her hand out to my mouth with a puff, but then make me bite off half of one – there’s no way girlfriend is giving away a whole Bamba. 😉

We’ve tried other types of peanut butter puffs, too, but Bamba is our collective familial favorite. They’re the *perfect* degree of soft, especially for Liv to gum since she’s only got two teeth so far, so it’s literally like a cheese puff but with PB.

Bamba Peanut Butter Puffs - Cool Sh*t I Lovelovelove, Monthly Favorites on Coming Up Roses

Bamba Peanut Butter Puffs - Cool Sh*t I Lovelovelove, Monthly Favorites on Coming Up Roses


3.) “Born to Shine” 

As soon as Ashley announced her book, I just knew it would be a slam dunk. I had been following Ashley’s life + story via social media for years beforehand, and her family went through undoubtedly one of the hardest conceivable things to go through before “Born to Shine” was born – their children were taken from them.

Ashley and her husband, Mike, had been the legal guardians of two children for years and were about to go through finalizing the adoption process, when biological family stepped in, made up lies about them, and demanded the children back (and it was a not-good biological family situation and a whole lot of mess there, and the kids called Ashley and Mike “Mom and Dad” on their own accord). “Born to Shine” is Ashley’s journey through healing after what happened. It’s not just all about her/them, though – she teaches tactical tips to find your own light and shine, during and after periods of darkness in your own life. She’s got a truly beautiful, creative writing style and writes in an easy yet compelling way – add to your Amazon cart!

"Born to Shine" book - Cool Sh*t I Lovelovelove, Monthly Favorites on Coming Up Roses


4.) Tiered dresses (specifically, this one + this one!)

I’ve been SO INTO tiered dresses this season, which is good since they’re SO on trend! When the season started I had approximately zero in my closet, and now I’m on my third one – just such a pretty, flowy option that works by itself, layered, dressed up or down – the quintessential staple in any girl’s fall closet.

This black one is everything I hoped it would be and then some. It’s flowy, it’s flirty, it’s full of personality. 😉 Comes in SO MANY COLORS + is lined, so I’ve had it on repeat! It’s different in that the tiers are tighter together and don’t start until under your chest, and there’s obviously a bit of sleeve ruffle goin’ on.

This sage one is unlike anything else I had seen before, given the color and that it’s got long sleeves. Lovelovelove how it looks with boots! (You can get an additional 15% off the sage one + anything else at Shein with my discount code for y’all: ERICA15)

Tiered black dress on Coming Up Roses Tiered dress from Shein on Coming Up Roses

5.) Keeks (+ the Louis Vuitton Neverful Azul MM)

Keeks will always hold a special place in my heart. My first ever designer bag was from Keeks – it was a monogram Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM, and to this day it’s one of if not my #1 favorite designer bag. It’s what I recommend every girl get as her first – it’s just so good in so many ways.

I’m SO STOKED, because I’ve added another Neverfull to my collection – this time, in the classic LV Azul pattern. So while it’s the same shape/size bag as before, it’s a whole new color scheme that works for different styles/seasons than the first. This is the ultimate catch-all bag that works for anytime, anywhere – it’s the style of bag that I reach back to without fail constantly. It’s just classic.

Keeks is an authentic resaler that buys ONLY verified authentic designer pieces and sells them again at a fraction of the original price. I’m friends with the owner now and I can say firsthand that there is truly no sweeter, kinder person who has such a heart for her business (and she’s a fellow mama boss babe!). When you’re shopping Keeks online (you can also shop them in-person if you’re in the DFW area down south!), they give a super detailed inside-look at every piece, so you know *exactly* what to expect from your purchase – which is important all the time, but ESPECIALLY important if/when you’re in the market for a pre-loved designer bag. With each piece, Keeks notes its current condition: Fair, Good, Very Good, Excellent, or Like New. They also note when it was made with a Date Code, along with Interior, Exterior, + Hardware details and dimensions.

I’ve heard horror stories about folks buying “designer” pieces online that ended up being inauthentic and basically a scam, so it can definitely be scary to know who to trust or not – because ain’t nobody got time (or dollars) to have that go to heck. But I TRUST Keeks and would probably only get designer resale pieces from them because of their process and pride in what they do!

So if you’re on the hunt for a big #TreatYoSelf, Keeks has my vote. 🙂

Keeks Louis Vuitton Neverfull Azul MM - - Cool Sh*t I Lovelovelove, Monthly Favorites on Coming Up Roses


6.) Sam Edelman over-the-knee boots

The fact that I found these at Walmart absolutely blows my mind. They’re listed at $110…I bought ’em for $77. And they’re on sale now for $65.50!!!!!

They’re a classic, iconic boot staple that you’ll wear season after season. Works over denim, works with dresses. Totally flattering style with the slight pointed toe (makes your legs look longer!) and heel. Also come in taupe now, too!

Sam Edelman boots at WALMART - -Cool Sh*t I Lovelovelove, Monthly Favorites on Coming Up Roses


7.) Home Chef

Really, Home Chef should be favorite numero uno since both J AND I have been re-obsessed this month. I say “re-obsessed” since we had first tried Home Chef in maybe early 2018? They had given us a few free meals to try out the service and share thoughts with y’all then, and we really truly loveloveloved. Lately, we’ve been on the dinnertime struggle bus express.

Our schedule is nuts, and by the time J gets home from work and gets to hang out with Liv and do her nighttime routine together, we’d both be exhausted with no plan and nothing good in the fridge. Neither one of us would be gung ho to cook from scratch, so we’d be rummaging through cabinets for ramen. I remembered what a fabulous experience we had had with Home Chef previously so we thought, WHAT THE HECK and signed ourselves up for weekly meals.


We get three Home Chef meals (two servings each) shipped to our doorstep every week.

  • You choose which day of the week your Home Chef meals arrive, how many servings you’re getting, how many meals, AND whether or not you want/need to skip a week.
  • You choose the actual meals. They’ll pre-pick meals in case you totally forget to choose, but you do have the option to swap in or out whatever you personally prefer (and they mark customer favorites, chef’s favorites, etc!).
  • Everything is healthy and/or designed around your personal dietary preferences. You can choose to be heavier on fish meals or be dairy-free, etc.

Your Home Chef delivery is one singular box. Inside is each meal, with ingredients in a singular bag for that corresponding meal. Everything is fresh. Meat comes separately inside that same big box. And on top are 3-hole-punched pages for each meal (they even ship you a binder to keep all of your Home Chef meal recipes to make at home later if you want!) with the details, including a step-by-step photo-guided recipe, how long each meal will take to prepare, spice level, difficulty level, etc. Truly UNREAL – I’m no Martha Stewart and I can make a meal perfectly with it.

For us, each serving comes down to about $9.95/serving and tastes restaurant-worthy. So for under 20 bucks we’re getting a full meal – entree, sides, etc – and sometimes even have leftovers for next day.

We also save money then because we’re both SO GUILTY of impulse buys at the grocery store, so we knock that temptation out with this, too. I know this is a NOVEL, but y’all I just can’t recommend it enough – and especially since “simple meals” or “quick meals” were two of the most highly-requested things from you via Stories last week, I can’t NOT share Home Chef!!!

(Home Chef also shared code ERICAL80 for you guys after I begged for a dicsount to share – $80 off your first 4 boxes. This is AWESOME – you’re paying $40 a box with this, and each box is 3 2-person meals for two people, which comes down to just over $6.50 a person for dinner. LITERALLY UNREAL).

HOME CHEF - code ERICAL80 for $80 your first 4 boxes!


8.) Reusable Starbucks cups

How freaking cute are these cups?!? Little decaled reusable Starbucks cups are all over your Instagram feed, and for good reason – they’re good for the environment AND good for your wallet (I think you get 10 cents off every drink at Starbs if you’re using a reusable cup!).

These make a fabulous giftable, too, whether you’re getting it personalized for your best friend, for a bridal party – there are so many options and all are totally cute. (Mine say “Olivia’s Mama” and “Mommy Fuel”)

Reusable Personalized Starbucks Cups -Cool Sh*t I Lovelovelove, Monthly Favorites on Coming Up Roses

Reusable Personalized Starbucks Cups -Cool Sh*t I Lovelovelove, Monthly Favorites on Coming Up Roses Reusable Personalized Starbucks Cups -Cool Sh*t I Lovelovelove, Monthly Favorites on Coming Up Roses


9.) Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless foundation

It’s a bold statement to put “airbrush” AND “flawless” both in the title of a foundation. I mean, that’s like saying “This foundation will give you perfect skin.” But I’d say Charlotte Tilbury got that just about right in this cult-classic foundation. I had been hearing girls rave about this one for a few months for a truly beautiful, full-coverage finish, so I got shade-tested at a Charlotte Tilbury counter at the mall (remember J being the MOST EXTRA on our outing???) and bit the bullet after falling in lovelovelove with my sample. (I wear shade 4 neutral!).

It’s full coverage like I said, and it lasts literally all day long with perfect wear. One pump only covers my entire face, so it’s worth the money, too, because you get your bang for the buck!

Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Foundation - - Cool Sh*t I Lovelovelove, Monthly Favorites on Coming Up Roses


10.) Serenity Kids pouches 

Olivia is just about outgrown baby food entirely, so I HAD to share these pouches before they’re done for in our house – ha! When it comes to baby food, and baby food pouches specifically, there are mixed feels. Some folks swear they’re the worst thing for your kid. I’m no expert, but I DO know that Serenity Kids pouches are probably the best kind of pouch if you like the convenience factor but don’t want added sugars or fruits in your baby’s pouch.

Serenity Kids pouches have no fruit OR added sugar and just use vegetables + healthy fats inside.

Liv CHOWS down on these – I think her record is literally 12 seconds for a 4 ounce pouch. The second she slurped down a salmon one (yup, salmon) after I HATE salmon I knew I had to share with you! They’re made with healthy fats to mimic the nutrients inside breast milk, which was always cool for me since I ran out of milk myself around the 3-4 months mark.

Serenity Kids Baby Food Pouches - -Cool Sh*t I Lovelovelove, Monthly Favorites on Coming Up Roses

Serenity Kids Baby Food Pouches - -Cool Sh*t I Lovelovelove, Monthly Favorites on Coming Up Roses Serenity Kids Baby Food Pouches - -Cool Sh*t I Lovelovelove, Monthly Favorites on Coming Up Roses


And what have been YOUR Monthly Favorites? Would lovelovelove to know!

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