Happy WEEKEND! ANd happy week-before-Thanksgiving. You ready? We’re hosting, so WE for one, are totally ready…and also not because holy SO MUCH TO DO SO LITTLE TIME. But we’re SO excited, nonetheless. Thanksgiving is J’s favorite holiday and my close second, so it’s the best time in our house! I’m on the hunt for the *best* Thanksgiving signature cocktail recipe – any personal favorites? In the meantime, onto some Weekend Reading…

WEEKEND READING, Vol. 59 - on Coming Up Roses

  1. The daily routines of 12 famous writers – so interesting!
  2. Pumpkin swirl slab pie? YES.
  3. In lovelovelove with this cute personal gift for family (SO good for a new home, new mama, etc!) – just ordered ours!
  4. With Thanksgiving around the corner – how to practice mindful eating and enjoy your meals more
  5. Also need a Thanksgiving side dish?
  6. A big TREAT YO’SELF for any Apple Watch wearer
  7. Why introverts + extroverts recognize faces differently
  8. Here’s how to tackle clothing clutter
  9. What an AWESOME price for a flocked, pre-lit tree…I want!!!
  10. What’s your phone addiction costing you really?
  11. Can’t wait to make this fall fruit ambrosia salad!
  12. These wine glasses are on my wishlist and would make a BEAUTIFUL housewarming gift!
  13. The coolest shadow art in California!
  14. Lovelovelove my friend Kallie’s post on 1-year postpartum body image anxiety
  15. Lowkey obsessed with everything in my Quick Holiday Shop on CUR. Have you seen? Just click to the category you want!

Happy weekend reading!