The 15 Best Sunglasses on Amazon Under $15

Happy HUMP, friends! Today’s post is a bit more short n’ sweet than usual posts around these rosy parts, namely cos yesterday’s was a DOOZY. A Disney doozy. 😉 (Have ya seen it???). Seeing as I’m a sunglass hoarder, it makes sense that one of the most commonly asked Q’s I get is “Where are your sunglasses from???” And chances are…they’re from Amazon. I actually consider myself a *queen* at finding designer dupes in the sunnies category, since I pride myself on lookin’ the part without payin’ for it. 😉 I just CANNOT justify paying more than, like, $40 on what is essentially a piece of plastic. Ya feel? Since they’re oftentimes just thrown in my bag and might end up tossled around + beat up over time, ain’t no way I’m splurging there. A handbag? Sure thang. A great pair of jeans that makes me feel like a million bucks? Heck yup. But not sunglasses. There might be a RARE exception in there, but by and large, I’m saving moolah there! So Amazon sunglasses for under $15? Sign me up. Note: This isn’t sponsored at all – just wanted to share all of the Amazon sunglasses under $15 that I already have + get asked about on the reg, as well as some others I found that are either a.) already in my cart or b.) too cute to not share. Friends help friends get cute sunnies for cheap, amiright? SO.

The 15 Best Amazon Sunglasses UNDER $15 by popular Philadelphia style blogger Coming Up Roses


one // two // three // four // five // six // seven // eight // nine // ten // eleven // twelve // thirteen // fourteen // fifteen


YUP, there’s no 15 pictured, but that’s just cos an odd number would’ve messed up my lil’ picture. HA. 😉 Fifteen is here – it’s one actually pictured already, just in another color since I have two pairs! Most of these are actually under TEN bucks, but since one pair is $15.99, I figured I’d round up to 15 under $15 and average it all out. 🙂 This pair was the pair I was wearing on my Instastories throughout Disney, and I got quite a few Q’s on ’em – they’re designer dupes. This is a pair I’m wearing alllllll the time on Stories and another FAQ pair – they look just like Karen Walkers! These look juuuuuuust like Celines that are, like, $400 over my budget. Ha!

I’m hoping some chitchat about sunnies keeps this weather going in a warmer direction – I came back from 85 & sunny in Florida to 45 & snowing in Pennsylvania. Aaaaaaaand ain’t nobody got time. This girl’s ready for some SPRING. (Here are 18 transitional spring buys to get AND wear right now, if you’re like me and rearing to go – and many are now on sale! Woo!). 

In other news, we went to see Black Panther last night…have y’all seen it yet??? SO SO SO (so) good. Wow.

Tonight we’ve got Bible Study, tomorrow is my mama’s birthday, + Friday I’m hoping to clean my house after the storm that ensues when I return from a trip and my sh*t is just everywhere for the next week and a half. Sorry, hubs – I’ll put it all away I swear. 😉 THIS IS ADULTING.

Which pairs are the best sunglasses on Amazon, in your opinion?

If you’ve found some that aren’t pictured here but are still oh so affordable, pleasepleaseplease drop a link to ’em below for us all to check out + shop!

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