August’s Top 10 (According to YOU)

I’m not even gonna say it – cos I KNOW we’re all in collective disbelief that August 2018 is almost donezo. Bring on the PSL’s + chunky sweaters! #huzzah. Today, we’re hoppin’ right in with a little roundup of the month, sharing August’s Top 10 purchases – according to YOU, the ever fabulous, ever badass CURowd. (Still not over the nickname). For anyone + everyone thinking Aaaaaaand what the heck does that mean, E?, here’s the lowdown on how I get this data:

As a blogger, I use a platform called RewardStyle, which is an affiliate program that allows me to essentially create trackable links to the same products I’d be linking to anyways. Because the links are trackable, they’re also commissionable – so that if I’m recommending one of my favorites and it turns into a CUR favorite, the brand can see that, and I might receive a small commission. Not all affiliate programs are created equal – some pay per click, whereas some pay per purchase made. RewardStyle only pays for purchases actually made, so if you clink on one of my links AND then end up making the purchase, then and only then will I receive a small commission (which usually runs between 7-15% of the sale).

With RS comes access to some data analytics on my end, so that I can track what items are the most popular – both what’s being clicked on the most, and what’s being actually shopped the most. That’s the full extent of data I can see – so I can NOT see who clicks on what, what else might have been bought in the order, any identifying info whatsoever. It’s just a piece of information that says on X day, Y product led to a $___ commission. So if you click on this BOGO 50% off cami from Express, but then also add to your cart a pair of $39.90 jeans from their sale right now, all that would show up on my end is the cami, and whatever commission I ended up making – not what else was in the cart, how much the total order was for, or anything else.

It’s not PERFECT data analytics, but it’s at least something to help us as bloggers know what our readers (you guys, the CURowd, the real MVPs) are most interested in seeing, so that we’re always working to help you as much as possible in your everyday shopping + styling. 🙂

ALSO IMPORTANT to note: Using an affiliate program in NO way/shape/form impacts your experience as a shopper, nor does it impact what I’m recommending to you! As a shopper, it doesn’t cost anything extra – any cost comes out of the retailer’s pocket directly to the affiliate program platform. And I’m always always always only recommending products to you that I truly lovelovelove myself and think you would lovelovelove, too, regardless of whether or not they’re “linkable” on some affiliate platform! If it’s something worth recommending + sharing with y’all, then goshdangit I will share my lovelovelove for it until the cows come home, regardless of whether or not it’s an affiliate link – so even if every single one of you makes the purchase, I might get diddly squat for that. And that’s A-OK – the priority here was, is, + always will be just serving you best.

SO. August’s Top 10. According to YOU. Let’s do it.


Coming in at #10 is a #1 from another post – our white t-shirt contest! LOFT’s soft vintage pocket tee was the winner winner chicken dinner of that showdown, and for good reason – it’s the best white t-shirt I’ve found so far.



9 is a more recent buy, but you guys were loveloveloving ’em the second I shared ’em! And I’d say for good reason. I mean…how cute?!?! They’re extra AF, so clearly a staple. 😉 I also have in the denim color, which works more for everyday wear I think; I pair the pink with an otherwise totally neutral outfit to keep it poppy + punchy!



Another white tee comin’ in hot! This one’s from Everlane, and it was the runner up in our hunt for the best of the best. If you’re more of a crewneck fan versus v-neck, grab this one instead of the LOFT one!



Justbecause you deserve it. 😉 We have this cute mat by the bathroom sink, so everyone is greeted with a high dose of sunshine when they step into the Gwynn house.



#6 was this $49 tie-front t-shirt dress fore everyday wear. It was on sale for $35, tho, as part of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale that kicked off August, so it’s no surprise y’all ate it up – I have it in grey AND black! A good tie-front knot detailing is such a simple way to jazz up an otherwise ordinary t-shirt dress – and yannno how I feel about t-shirt dresses. 😉



Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Picks - Last-Minute Buys on Coming Up Roses

I had heard it said that this sweatshirt felt like Wildfox – AKA, a suuuuuuuper squishy soft (and also super expensive) brand of comfy clothes that might actually be worth the big bucks, justbecause you won’t change for a week. Sure enough – it does feel like Wildfox. And for about a hundred bucks less, there’s no beating it. Only $39 – just size UP for a more oversized fit! (Mine is a Medium and works great over my baby bump still!) 



Numero cuatro in August were these Make + Model fleece joggers, which makes total sense since y’all share my affinity for COMFY CLOTHES 4EVA. The sizing recommendation on the website is to size up, and I def agree with that – they run snug, so especially if you prefer comfy clothes to be a bit looser for all the activities, go up a size!



These bad boys were winners from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. Every year come sale time, I’m usually on the hunt for at least one good pair of booties that’ll work for end-of-summer into fall – and these were it this year! I bought in black and styled ’em here + here.



SO STOKED that Barefoot Dreams is this month’s runner up for y’all, justbecause it means that you’ve fallen in lovelovelove like me and have #blessed yo’self and/or every woman in your life. This was my first year making the splurge, and wow – thank the Lawd. Might sound dramatic, but touch one and you’ll realize it’s actually not enough. Never enough. Cue The Greatest Showman soundtrack and a Barefoot Dreams shopping spree…



DING DING DING – we have August’s winner! Your top pick/most purchased item was this plaid shirt. No surprise, since it’s simply bombdotcom. 😉 We styled it 3 ways while the NSale was still happening, and it’s so stinkin’ soft + versatile for transitioning to fall, so I say it’s a pretty no brainer buy for the season ahead.


Have you added any of August’s Top 10 to your closet as of yet? If so (since obvi some of you did or we wouldn’t be here right now – ha!), what did you get? How have you been styling it so far?

Do you like seeing this sorta Top 10 post at the end of the month?

If this is interesting/helpful to ya to see what everyone else in the CURowd is up to + loveloveloving too (and not just my own personal picks), let a sistah know! And if it’s not, feel free to (kindly) let me know, too. 😉

Cheers to a kickass week ahead.

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