The Search for the BEST White T-Shirt (Hint: I FOUND IT)

Happy HUMP!!! You guys. I am so stinkin’ stoked for today’s post. It was inspired by one of YOU guys (actually, quite a few of you guys) reaching out on Instagram with one of the best, most legit Q’s ever: Where the heck can I get a good white tee? What’s the best white t-shirt? Why do all white tees end up being see-through and falling apart after three washes?

Apparently we’ve all been on the hunt for a good, non-sheer, well-fitting, basic white tee for basically ever.

I had maybe 8 different plain white tees (Hey there Delilah, what’s it like in New York City…) in my closet, but wasn’t really attached to nor impressed with *any* of ’em. (Except one, which I included as a bonus below!). Even with a closet full o’ clothes, somehow I still find myself grabbing a white tee, like, 3x a week – with everything from yoga pants to distressed denim to a flowy skirt. So I was doggone sick n’ tired of losing shirts after 3 wears to yellowing armpits (ew) or a too-stretched neckline.

So, I hit the shops.

On the hunt to fine the ~ultimate~ white tee, I picked up 10 different seemingly good options to rate ’em on a scale of 1 to 10, with various oh so important criteria being taken into account. In judging, I was predominantly noting:

  • See through-ability. Is that a bra or are you just happy to see me?
  • Fit. Relaxed? More fitted? Figure flattering?
  • Fabric. Soft? Suuuuuper soft? Scratchy?
  • Length. Obnoxiously long unless you’re 5’10”? Or juuuuust right?
  • Neckline. Gimme a V! Or a crew? How low is too low?
  • Overall Quality. Because that’s important.

The biggies for me personally are see through-ability, fit, and overall quality (altho really, they’re all important criteria). I hate feeling like everyone can see the goods. I also hate having to adjust clothing 52 times throughout the day – I’d rather just not wear clothes at that point. And I hate wearing a favorite piece a few times and then needing to re-buy it because it’s worn out from the wash, or stretched out, or just didn’t keep up.

SO. The best white t-shirt. You guys…I’ve found it. So I’m sharing it + some close runners up, as well as others that were decent options (and a few duds, too). It’s definitely the best white t-shirt competition to ever grace the internet. 😉

These are not listed in order of best to worst, but each has a corresponding rating. Each also has a quick bullet list of the important facts/notes that I was taking while wearing each, anything totally noteworthy, etc.

Sidenote: I learned the hard way in this shoot that every girl needs a good nude bra, too. Granted, I’ve got a nude strapless bra, but I only had a regular ol’ white bra here, which is NOT recommended with white t-shirts (weird, I know). But white bras are actually more likely to be seen through a white tee over a nude bra. So if something is rated good on see throughability and ya can’t see the girls…that’s even BETTER, since the bra wasn’t workin’ with me. 😉

Sidenote Part 2: I listed what size I’m wearing in each tee among the bullet points, so that you can compare to other sizing notes slash figure out what size you think would best work for you. I typically wear a Small in tops or a 2 + am a 34B bra size on a good day. So anything I’m wearing in XS I sized down in because it either a.) recommended I do so, b.) it seemed bigger, and/or c.) I was previously familiar with the brand and typically wear XS in their tops instead of S.

Sidenote Part 3: The jeans I’m wearing are these – they’re actually from Amazon, they’re under $70, and they’re FANTASTIC. Another post coming soon per your request (I just loveloveLOVE when you guys request specific things!!!) on the best affordable jean options – and these most definitely make the cut. They fit TTS and are flattering in all the right places, plus super comfortable. I just can’t believe I lucked out on a jeans purchase from friggin’ Amazon. I swear they do it all!


Let the best white t-shirt competition commence. 😉


1.) GAP

  • $15 (on sale! And get extra 20% off with code PARTY)
  • Regular, Tall, Petite sizing
  • Wearing size S (regular)
  • Not see through
  • Crew neck
  • Relaxed fit
  • 11 other colors
  • RATING: 8.5/10

A pretty solid white t-shirt. I have no complaints, really. This would’ve ranked higher had there not been a few that jumped out at me more, but this is a great option. It’s not see through, it’s your classic white tee fit…and it comes in so many other colors, if ya like the fit on yourself, you can just get #AllTheTees in #AllTheColors. 😉


The Cotton Crew

The Search for the Best White T-shirt : 10 to the Test (HINT: I FOUND IT!)

  • $16
  • Wearing size S
  • Not see through
  • Crew neck
  • Nice thickness
  • RATING: 9/10

This Everlane tee is SO GOOD! Everlane actually has a BUNCH of great-looking tee options, so I think I’ll be buying a few more in V-necklines and such to compare + contrast. This is def tied for a close second behind the winner. You can’t beat the price, and the quality is A+ given the price point. The material is a really nice thickness that just feels high quality; if I was blindly choosing which one I thought was most expensive given the feel, I’d probably choose this one – even tho the actual most expensive of the bunch is more than twice its cost!

3.) BP (Nordstrom)

Raw-edge V-neck Tee

The Search for the Best White T-shirt : 10 to the Test (HINT: I FOUND IT!)

  • $17
  • Wearing size XS
  • Sorta see through
  • Clings to every line (jeans, bra, etc.)
  • Cool bell-shaped hemline
  • Raw hem
  • 3 other colors
  • RATING: 4/10

My least favorite of the bunch. Even tho it’s not AWFUL by any means, it’s one of the more see through options, and it definitely clings to things. I’m not a fan of shirts just clinging to every line underneath.

4.) LOFT

Vintage Soft Pocket Tee

The Search for the Best White T-shirt : 10 to the Test (HINT: I FOUND IT!)

  • $24.50 (But get for 50% off right now!)
  • Wearing size XS
  • Not see through
  • Dressier, with a pocket
  • Heathered fabric (that’s what gives it that line-y sorta look)
  • LOVELOVELOVE the fit!!!!
  • RATING: 10/10

The only thing in my head right now is The Greatest Showman soundtrack going THIS IS THE GREATEST SHOWWWWW, but to the tune of THIS IS THE GREATEST TEEEEEEE. Seriously tho, this is it. This is number one. The big kahuna. Numero uno. The best of the best. The winner winner chicken dinner. If I have to play favorites, I’m playing this one.

Everything about it is just right. The fit, the feel, the fabric – not see through – the whole nine yards. Absolutely #AddToCart.

5.) HALOGEN (Nordstrom)

Short Sleeve Crewneck Tee

The Search for the Best White T-shirt : 10 to the Test (HINT: I FOUND IT!)

  • $29
  • Wearing size XS
  • Not really see through
  • Pretty, feminine fit
  • Suuuuuuper soft
  • Extra length
  • 6 other colors
  • RATING: 7.5/10

I’m a little torn on this one, TBH, because it’s just so dang long. And I’m not a short girl – I’m 5′ 7″, so if it’s this long on me, I’m just thinking how long it would be on someone around 5’3″…it’d be a full on t-shirt dress! It IS super soft + fits nicely up top, which are definite pluses – I just cannot get over the extra length on the bottom. At least yannno if you wanna tuck a tee in, this is it!

6.) TREASURE & BOND (Nordstrom)

Burnout Boyfriend Tee

The Search for the Best White T-shirt : 10 to the Test (HINT: I FOUND IT!)

  • $25
  • Wearing size XS
  • SUPER oversized + long (would even work for maternity)
  • Heathered fabric
  • Soft, thin, PJ vibe
  • RATING: 7.5/10

This Treasure & Bond tee is definitely oversized – at first I was thinking it was too big (especially since I’m in an XS), but I’m thinking it would be pretty darn good if you don’t want something clinging everywhere, and/or for any preggers chicas in the house! It is reaaaaaaally thin-feeling, where it kinda feels like your favorite pajama top. If you prefer tees feel like shirts you can wear comfortably outside, this might not be for you – but if you really crave shirts you can wear from work to bed, it’s a gem.


Mod-o-doc Supreme Jersey Fitted Crew

The Search for the Best White T-shirt : 10 to the Test (HINT: I FOUND IT!)

  • $34 (the most expensive option)
  • Wearing size S
  • Good material
  • More fitted – “less like a tee”
  • RATING: 8.5/10

No complaints here! This is the priciest option here at $34, which is still not bad, in my opinion. It’s a good, thick material. And when shooting it, my mom said “this looks the least like a basic tee” – which makes sense, since it’s called specifically a “supreme jersey fitted crew,” whatever the heck that means.


AE Soft & Sexy V-Neck T-shirt

The Search for the Best White T-shirt : 10 to the Test (HINT: I FOUND IT!)

  • $19.95
  • Wearing size XS
  • Super squishy soft
  • Not white white
  • RATING: 5/10

This one is more poorly rated simply because…it’s not really a white tee! It’s def off-white, which is reaaaaaally obvious when it’s held up to actual white tees. Which can be a total bummer if/when ya buy something thinking it’ll match your something or other with white in it and then…it doesn’t. So you’re warned! I also felt like this one is quick to show any sorta stain – like when you accidentally get foundation on your shirt, or touch your hemline after eating a cheese curl. Yannno – real problems. The good news, tho, is that it might be the squishiest option of the bunch.


Whisper Cotton V-Neck Pocket Tee

The Search for the Best White T-shirt : 10 to the Test (HINT: I FOUND IT!)

  • $19.50
  • Wearing size S
  • Pocket, V-neck
  • Not see through
  • Has a side slit
  • Good fit
  • Heathered fabric, soft
  • RATING: 10/10

A *very close second* to LOFT’s tee. This one is AWESOME, and I’ll definitely be buying it in the grey + black options, too! I lovelovelove the V, the pocket, the overall fit + quality…also it has a cute lil’ side slit, which none of the others do. #unique


Ultra-Light V-Neck Performance Tee for Women

The Search for the Best White T-shirt : 10 to the Test (HINT: I FOUND IT!)

  • $12
  • Regular, Tall, Petite sizing
  • Wearing size XS (regular)
  • Great fit, V-neck
  • Super stretchy soft
  • Not see through
  • 5 other colors
  • RATING: 9.5/10

It ain’t see through, it comes in every size under the sun, also comes in 5 other colors, is soft enough to sleep in, AND is only 12 bucks. You can see the sliiiiiiiiight tinge of my blue jeans at the waistline, which is the *sole* reason it got knocked down to 9.5 instead of a solid 10/10.


Time and Tru Short Sleeve Scoopneck T-Shirt

  • $5.88, free shipping online
  • Wear size S
  • Not see through
  • GREAT fabric – but it’s not really traditional jersey tee material!
  • RATING: 9/10

For this being a Walmart tee, you absolutely cannot beat it. I’m impressed. I picked this up from Walmart’s new Time and Tru line, and I’m going to get another. It’s only $5.88, which is unreal. ONLY downside (if ya can even call it that) is that the fabric isn’t your traditional/typical jersey t-shirt material – it’s a bit thicker. So if you’re down with that and just raelly don’t want something see-through, this is an absolute must-buy option. Def impressed!

SO. To recap:

LOFT’s tee (#4) + Madewell’s tee (#9) should already be on their way to your house. Everlane’s tee (#2) + Old Navy’s tee (#10) should also absolutely get in your closet ASAP. They’re all WINNERS. True gems. Near-perfect options. The best white t-shirt to a T.

Other options are totally up to you, depending on what matters most to ya from the pros/cons – whether you want longer versus shorter, V-neck versue crew, more sheer/light versus a bit thicker and more coverage.

What’s the best white t-shirt you’ve found so far? Will any of these be making it to your closet soon?

Is this sort of compare/contrast post helpful to y’all? What other comparison sorta roundups would you most wanna see? I WANNA KNOW.

P.S. ICYMI, a huuuuuuge Memorial Day Weekend shopping guide went live last week – it’s jam PACKED with red/white/blue options for all wekend + summer long, from tops to dresses to swimwear to shoes. Let me know options are your fave + what you’ll be rockin’ for the upcoming patriotic holiday! #Murica

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