What I Registered for for Baby #2 (Age gap + different gender!)

One of the most popular Q’s in DMs and Question Boxes on Instagram Stories lately has been for insight on baby registry must haves – and specifically, ideas to put on a baby registry for second baby.

Initially I didn’t think twice about a registry and just assumed we’d be set – then, I found it we’re having a boy and realized how much has changed in 4.5 years. HA.

We’ve already started pulling quite a few of our biggies out of the attic, and in doing so started checklisting what would work for Baby #2 and what would need to be re-purchased or what we wanted to upgrade this time around. We’ve also been pulling other smaller must have baby things out of storage to take general inventory and start loosely organizing. So between a.) an age gap and b.) a gender difference, it was high time for a refresh on quite a few essentials big AND small, and it made sense to throw together a baby registry for our second baby to help fill in the gaps.

We’re getting all new nursery furniture but didn’t put any of that on a registry. So stay tuned for our full nursery reveal in a few weeks to see + shop that room! 😉

BABY REGISTRY FOR SECOND BABY - Second Baby Registry List of Essentials to Consider, for age gap and gender difference! - on Coming Up Roses

  • Sit and Stand strollerThis came from Mimi’s recommendation specifically for a second baby registry list since they used one all the time once my brother came into the picture. While Liv is definitely old enough to not need a stroller herself, she does still get tired on walks or just want to chill out for a bit if we’re out and about (don’t we all?!), so I think she’ll really like the idea of standing to ride alongside her baby brother and watch him in the process. We already got it in and put it together, and it’s IMPRESSIVELY easy to maneuver AND open/close. 
  • Evenflo Shyft DualRide stroller/carseat – Probably my biggest internal back-and-forth with this baby has been re: a carseat/stroller situation. I’ve seen everyone and their mother talk about the Doona on Instagram, but of course, there’s so much more that goes into a good carseat – on the surface it seems like a really convenient option, but I wasn’t 100% sold on safety. I read an article comparing it to this EvenFlo option, which is supposedly the same thing but a bit safer with more “upleveled” features since it was basically created to be a direct competitor in the market. The biggest thing seems to be not getting too comfy using either as a stroller – although they have that functionality – since babies shouldn’t be in car seats for long periods of time anyway. But for quick in-and-outs running errands etc, I’m excited to try it for us. Our first/main car seat and stroller system for Olivia was also by EvenFlo and we had no complaints, so it’s a brand we’ve trusted for years at this point!
  • New crib sheets, burp cloths, etc
    • Kyte baby’s are buttery soft and hypoallergenic, and I lovelovelove their stuff. Grabbing one of these crib sheets.
    • We registered for these from Amazon BUT I must say, I’m super disappointed. They’re listed as being 100% microfiber, but…they’re absolutely not. As soon as I felt them I said they feel like polyester, and sure enough, the tag says there’s polyester – and to me, they feel MUCH more like a basic polyster sheet than a buttery soft microfiber. SO, I’m bummed on those, but going to order alternatives to test out for buttery softness. This bamboo sheet is in my cart!
  • Infant Optics monitor upgrade with second camera, crib attachment – Our baby monitor was one thing we SWORE by with Liv and still use in her room to this day 4.5 years later. I really like having one with its own portal; while connecting to a smartphone sounds cool in theory, I’ve had girlfriends complain about it since it often means you have to be ON the app to view the camera and essentially can’t multi-task with it (can’t be on your phone doing anything else while watching the baby, etc). So with this, it’s nice being able to just have the screen with us while we’re hanging out just us at the end of the night, and after Googling lots, I feel good about their latest model which lets you connect both babies’ rooms/cameras to the same monitor and switch views between rooms to see everything happening. So stay tuned for how the hookup works – I’ll give updates as we set up the nursery. 🙂 
  • A second Hatch – Liv’s Hatch is another thing that we SWEAR by and have used for 4.5 years and counting. It’s a great white noise machine and night light in one, and now the latest model has a time-to-rise feature, is portable with a backup battery, and more. 
  • Changing table with wheelsA few things on our baby registry for a second baby are specifically there given our new house layout. My goal is to have full functionality and set up on each level so that we have anything-and-everything we could possibly need for quick changes, naps, etc without needing to hike all over the house. Really, the biggies here are this changing table, then the bassinet and utility carts on wheels below. I got these Target baskets to organize in the changing table!
  • Bassinet with wheels – My vision here is to have the bassinet on the first floor/wherever I’m working, so that it’s an option for naptime (especially as a newborn) depending on how little man does in the crib. I feel like so much around naps is TBD until they’re born and you can see how they sleep and all that jazz, but in theory, it seems like it has a lot of potential. TBD. 🙂
  • Rolling utility cart – This cart has so much versatility; initially, it’ll probably be more of a postpartum cart for me with my own care essentials, but can also just have a ton of quick baby things at the ready. So again, TBD, but lots of potential!
  • Travel changing table – I saw this little table recommended as a portable option, especially if thinking about actual travel since it’s got the storage basket underneath, clothes hanging options, etc.
  • Pop n’ sit portable booster chair – Over 20,000+ 5-star reviews on this adorable little thing, which will be so good when he’s sitting!
  • Tummy time water mat – Just a fun lil’ tummy time mat with over 18,000+ 5-star reviews! It’s BPA-free, non-toxic, non-leaking etc.
  • Binxy Baby grocery cart hammock – Cutest little hammock to hold bubs while teaching him the ropes of a Target run done right. 😉 
  • Nursery details: handprint/footprint frame, affirmation art (our exact ones say things like “be brave,” “be unique” etc on each matching animal – styles go in and out of stock!), and some Etsy pieces for more personal, scriptural elements!
  • Clothes: Dreamland Baby Co. pajamas (get 30% off + free shipping sitewide with promo code: THRIVE) + Kyte Baby pajamas – Both pricier, but personal favorites for the bamboo fabric. I think it’s smart to put some of your favorite brands on your second baby registry list if you already know what brands, styles or fabrics you preference! I could literally walk through aisles in-store with my eyes closed and judge SOLELY based on fabric feel, so that’s the #1 thing for me. I want baby clothes that feel buttery soft, smooth, and comfy for them with easy on-off and good washability, so I’m willing to invest a few more bucks in brands like that instead of cheaper quality that might be itchier, less stain resistant, etc. (My hottest tip is stocking up at Dreamland Baby Co. with my 30% off code (THRIVE), especially since it works on the sale section…the best way to save the most money on the highest quality stuff!!!)
  • Diapers, wipes, all that jazz. Just add a few boxes of diapers + wipes and thank me later.


Now for our baby boy sprinkle + big sis shower, it was SUPER important to me to make it a big deal for Liv. She’s most definitely old enough to understand the situation, and I wanted it to be as much of a special day for her as it was for me – and for celeberating her baby brother to be. 🙂

So one of my TOP recommendations for a second baby registry list is including your firstborn if they’re old enough to “get it.” Since Olivia is 4.5, she’s ~very aware~ of what’s happening and is the MOST big-sister-to-be. We included a few goodies for her on our baby registry for the second baby so that she could be “showered” as a sibling, too, which was one of the sweetest parts of our sprinkle/shower a few weekends ago.

What would you add to a baby registry for second baby?

Anything I missed that I should add to cart ASAP?