These last few weeks (+ weekends) before Baby G joins the crew have been a bit bittersweet. Really, I UNrealistically thought they’d be super chill and peaceful in preparation for little man’s arrival. Jokes on me, right? 😉 It’s been a bit chaotic behind-the-scenes lately, but in exciting ways. I also realized that Weekend Reading will have to take a bit of a break in the first few months of adjusting to newborn life, since mama likely won’t be able to scour the web for goodies as much. BUT, if/when that time comes…it too shall pass. 🙂 In the meantime, enjoying this #WeekendReading…

WEEKEND READING, Vol. 198 - on Coming Up Roses

  1. How to vent to your friends in a healthy way (without bringing them down)
  2. Apparently, all you need are wine and lollipops
  3. Tipping culture is getting RIDICULOUS…
  4. Have you tried the 5-4-3-2-1 packing method?
  5. 25 pasta salad recipes for your next summer soiree (YAS)
  6. I want to be a sourdough starter girl!
  7. How to manage a big project, according to an official project manager
  8. A few quick helpful reminders for avoiding razor burn
  9. Alright, now I’m craving a Greek style smash burger
  10. On this week’s lunch-at-home menu: Jess’ Aunt Betsy’s salad!
  11. This Father’s Day Bundle is a *steal* – featuring J’s favorite non-toxic cologne! (+ code THRIVE20 will stack for an extra 20% off!)
  12. Finally snagged this (ON SALE) – lovelovelove.
  13. The cutest raffia platform sandals for a third of the price
  14. Great gifts for all of the dads (+ father figures) in your life…
  15. Just bought for date night!

Happy weekend reading!