COOL SH*T I LOVELOVELOVE – Monthly Favorites, April 2023

While there are so many great favorites rounded up below, the MVP of April is physical therapy. Truly, bless up. I started PT + pelvic floor therapy because of *intense* pain I’ve had in my hip and tailbone thanks to my crooked AND changing anatomy, and I was immediately impressed by the difference it made after even just one session. Very, very thankful to have it to get some relief in third trimester, because mama’s been on the struggle bus. Anyhoo – more Cool Sh*t I Lovelovelove…

1.) Target Stars Above lounge pants

I’ve never met a lounge piece from this Target line that I didn’t lovelovelove – they’re suuuuper squishy soft and a great lighterweight knit, so they’re especially good “sweatpants” for warmer weather seasons when you’re lounging in the AC. 🙂 These have a functional drawstring + pockets and are just SO comf. I sized up one to M while pregnant but would fit/wear them still postpartum no problem.

Stars Above lounge pant - COOL SH*T I LOVELOVELOVE, Monthly Favorites - April 2023 on Coming Up Roses


2.) Kendra Scott reversible initial necklace

My parents gifted me this gorgeous necklace for my birthday – I am obsessed. Maybe the coolest thing is that it’s reversible; one side is irridescent abalone shell while the other is initialed on the gold, and both sides are beautifully versatile. Each piece is one of a kind, too. My mom has her initial, too – another cute idea for a matching mother-daughter gift!

Kendra Scott reversible gold initial necklace - COOL SH*T I LOVELOVELOVE, Monthly Favorites - April 2023 on Coming Up Roses


3.) amazon claw clips

After trying all the claw clips, I can confidently say these are the best I’ve tried – they hold your whole head of hair *securely* and are good for thicker + longer hair, too. My go-to quick hair lately has been just throwing everything up in an easy twist since it looks chic but keeps everything off of my face and out of the way without doing damage. Fabulous price point, too…you can get a 4-pack for not even 9 bucks.

Best Amazon claw clips - COOL SH*T I LOVELOVELOVE, Monthly Favorites - April 2023 on Coming Up Roses


4.) Tovala oven

If you’ve ever wanted your own Spy Kids oven or dreamt of an Easy Bake Oven for grownups…girlfriend, it’s your lucky day. J and I got a Tovala Smart Oven earlier in the month and it quickly became our new favorite appliance. It’s a “smart oven” that connects wirelessly to your smart phone for the EASIEST meal prepping, planning, and making ever. She toasts, bakes, broils, reheats AND air fries all in one. We’ve also been getting some Tovala meals which are the biggest blessing on busy days/nights; just assemble the fresh ingredients and scan the recipe card’s QR code, and the Smart Oven knows exactly what to do + how to cook…it’s like it’s from Star Trek or something. Effortless, delicious…and also highly practical, even if you’re not getting Tovala meals. For other eating, you can search through the Tovala app’s library of recipes; it’s pre-programmed to know how to cook everything from the perfect piece of salmon to anything in Trader Joe’s frozen section, and you can even scan the barcode on some of your groceries and it knows how to cook those, too! (There are 1,000+ scannable groceries in their library!

Also makes a great gift for mom – hint hint! 😉

Tovala Smart Oven - COOL SH*T I LOVELOVELOVE, Monthly Favorites - April 2023 on Coming Up Roses


5.) Amazon wrist towels

The invention you never knew you needed and now won’t be able to live without. You just slip these little wrist towels on before washing your face, and no more water running down to your elbows (or all over your body, or the floor…) when your face-washing is not giving Neutrogena commercial. It’s such a random find, but a totally worthwhile one that WORKS. (Mimi also approves!)

Best Amazon wrist towels - COOL SH*T I LOVELOVELOVE, Monthly Favorites - April 2023 on Coming Up Roses


6.) DIME TBT cream (Dime discount code: THRIVE20)

Since you can’t use retinol while pregnant, I gave DIME’s TBT cream a try – it’s a clean retinol alternative that’s considered pregnancy-safe (although always check with your own doc if you’re unsure about a product for you, of course!), and claims to provide all of the usual anti-aging benefits of retinol, sans irritation. It’s also moisturizing! In general, helps to accelerate skin cell turnover, plump + firm your skin, improve the look of fine lines/wrinkles, and also regulate your sebum production (sebum is your body’s natural oil that’s got a bad rap for clogging pores, so bless up for that!). I’ve been using it just about every other night as my nighttime moisturizer.

Over 1600+ five-star customer reviews, and I’m adding my own stamp of approval to the mix!

DIME TBT cream - COOL SH*T I LOVELOVELOVE, Monthly Favorites - April 2023 on Coming Up Roses


7.) Amazon maternity undies

While I’ve been trying to put off buying maternity clothes as long as humanly possible, undies were something I needed to upgrade. I got two maternity multi-packs – this one and this one – and both are stretchy, comfy, and seamless. They don’t ride up, they don’t show lines, and they’re ultimately just super comf for all-day wear.

Best Amazon maternity underwear - COOL SH*T I LOVELOVELOVE, Monthly Favorites - April 2023 on Coming Up Roses


8.) Gold sunglass chain

I saw my manager wearing this and immediately messaged her for the link to grab one – it’s just such a chic accessory that instantly elevates a look, besides being a practical way to keep daintier sunnies safe. I don’t wear my Ray-Bans or any other sunglasses on my head that have a nosepiece since it just gets stuck in my hair, so I like that this lets me have them loose – but safe – around my neck. And yay for shopping small!


9.) Moroccan mint tea

From my recent Amazon orders! I’ve been all for good caffeine-free tea this pregnancy, and I saw this one recommended on Instagram as a yummy option to drink iced. Sure enough, I’m a fan – I’ve been brewing it warm, then just filling a tumbler with ice and dumping it on the rocks for a refreshing something to sip. Good mint flavor!

Caffeine-Free Moroccan Mint Tea COOL SH*T I LOVELOVELOVE, Monthly Favorites - April 2023 on Coming Up Roses


10.) Pearl sandals + $17 gingham dress 

This is the dress of the week, I swear! I shared it on my last Amazon livestream – and it’s now on LIGHTNING DEAL on sale for not even $17. So good! I bought it last spring for a winery trip with my girlfriends and it was ~the vibe~, but I lovelovelove that it’s bump-friendly now and still just as cute. Great smocked one-shoulder top, and it is lined.

Then these sandals…a statement, but a classic one at that. I’ve always been a big pearl girl, and I was a fan the second I first saw these. I eventually pulled the trigger and am SO pleased – they’re VERY comfortable. Under the pearls is a soft leather-y strap, so there’s no rubbing or pain on your skin. Just a fun way to make a shoe statement that’s still versatile with any outfit!

Steve Madden pearl sandals - COOL SH*T I LOVELOVELOVE, Monthly Favorites - April 2023 on Coming Up Roses



And what have been YOUR Monthly Favorites? Would lovelovelove to know! 

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