Best Mother’s Day Gifts for Any Mom

And just like that, Mother’s Day is around the corner. How did this happen? I feel hoodwinked out of half of the year. And just like this lil’ man kicking my rib right now, Mother’s Day is coming whether we’re ready or not. 😉 We’ve got fabulous Mother’s Day gift ideas for ya today – from one mama to another, I stamp them all approved. (And Mimi does, too!) 

**Editor’s note: Happy 2024! We’re revamping our best Mother’s Day gifts guide with the best of the best…although there aren’t *too* many updates to make since our recommendations are truly our tried and true favorites that we continuously recommend year after year – for good reason! Regardless, hope you find that perfect gift for mom here – she deserves it. 🙂

We’re breaking it down by category of mom – because just like no kid is created equal, no two motherhood journeys are the same, either. Instead of copy/pasting gift ideas from one mama to the next, we’ve got a “Top 10” of universally fabulous, mom-friendly options, and then some specific callouts for each “mom stage.” AND, I included deals + discount codes wherever possible, since one of the best things I’ve learned from my own mama is how to shop *smarter* and save those coins. 😉 Let’s treat mom today!

P.S. Before diving right in, I also have a list of the best Mother’s Day gifts on Amazon here on my storefront with additional ideas for mom – hope it helps!


  1. Tovala Smart OvenThis is probably the coolest thing in our kitchen, and a favorite recent find hands DOWN. Think the oven in Spy Kids meets the Easy Bake Oven, but for grown ups. It’s a “smart oven” that connects wirelessly to your smart phone for the EASIEST meal prepping, planning, and making ever. She toasts, bakes, broils, reheats AND air fries all in one. We’ve also been getting some Tovala meals which are the biggest blessing on busy days/nights; just assemble the fresh ingredients and scan the recipe card’s QR code, and the Smart Oven knows exactly what to do + how to cook…it’s like it’s from Star Trek or something. Effortless, delicious…and also highly practical, even if you’re not getting Tovala meals. For other eating, you can search through the Tovala app’s library of recipes; it’s pre-programmed to know how to cook everything from the perfect piece of salmon to anything in Trader Joe’s frozen section, and you can even scan the barcode on some of your groceries and it knows how to cook those, too! (There are 1,000+ scannable groceries in their library!
  2. Soma Cool Nights pajamas – Mine and Mimi’s favorite PJ’s…and now the OG’s, as well. (IYKYK from Instagram Stories…friggin’ CUTE). They’re squishy soft and breathable in the cutest cuts + prints for the comfiest night’s sleep, with NO night sweats. I’m still wearing mine over my bump in my regular size, so I’m especially excited for them postpartum (between changing body temps and nursing, you just need dependable jammies, you know?). **2024 UPDATE: ICYMI, Mimi and I shared some of our updates favorites for this season – shop all of our specific recommendations here!
  3. Clean perfume from DIME Beauty (DIME discount code: THRIVE20– You’ve only seen me share this 1,000 times by now. 😉 If you care about “cleaning up” your beauty routines, your perfume is a great place to start. Whether she’s TTC or a mama who just cares about cleaner products on her vanity, DIME’s fragrances don’t disrupt your hormones like designer perfumes do thanks to so many chemicals + additives. They’re all ranked “low hazard” on the EWG scale, smell fabulous, and are five-star-rated by customers. My personal favorites are 7 Summers + Dans Les Bois, which both smell like the popular Baccarat 540 perfume; Core Memory was formulated cleanly to smell exactly like Dolce & Gabbanna Light Blue (which I can confirm, IT DOES – I went to Ulta specifically to smell Light Blue to check! Ha!) and Felt Cute smells just like YSL Black Opium (which has been my date night scent for years, so I’m personally thrilled to now have a clean alternative to it). There are few other fragrances in their library so far, so if you’re unsure which she would like best, grab her the sampler kit to top off any kit so she can find her own favorite through the travel-friendly vials! (20% off anything + everything with code: THRIVE20)
  4. Colleen Rothschild products (Colleen Rothschild discount code: ERICA20– Literally, anything from Colleen Rothschild would be a warmly welcomed Mother’s Day gift idea! Grab the Quench & Restore hair line, or a treat for the shower. Everything she makes WORKS and feels luxe. You can still get 20% off with code ERICA20, too!
  5. Anne Neilson Angel devotionalSuch a beautiful devotional from such a talented artist. I also personally have, recommend, AND have gifted Anne’s 100 Days of Gratitude cards  (ironically, to my mom, too!). It’s the most BEAUTIFUL sets of angel print cards with original artwork + inspirational quotes, set in a stunning acrylic case.
  6. State of Being candle (discount code: ERICA15)Beth’s positive affirmation candles smell fabulous, burn cleanly, AND help you develop a positive, scientically-proven mindset practice – sign a sistah (and mama 😉 ) up. I’ve seen her build this small business from the ground up, and let me tell you, girlfriend is GOIN’ PLACES. She also so kindly gave *us* her best discount code available, so so shop small this Mother’s Day and use code ERICA15 at checkout to save a few bucks. 🙂
  7. Tula beauty sleep overnight repair treatment (Tula code: COMINGUPROSES) – One of my favorite Tula products of all time, that I’d recommend universally to all ages + skin types. It’s their most potent treatment; it’s got probiotic extracts, AHA’s, fruit extracts + Vitamin C and works to target signs of aging, smooth wrinkles, calm and hydrate, AND improve overall tone + texture…all while you sleep. I mean, bless. It makes a noticeable differene. Code COMINGUPROSES will get you 15% off + free shipping at checkout!
  8. Speaking of skincare…A Face Foundrie facial date! Maybe you’ve caught Mimi’s and my post-facial stories together – ICYMI, we’re obsessed. They’re the most budget-friendly facials we’ve done, but they’re so effective! Most facials will run you anywhere from $150-200…the Face Foundrie’s classic lineup of focused facials are about $75 (but you should be able to get 20% off if it’s your first time booking anything with code 20ERICA). We’ve tried almost everything on the menu at this point! They do take walk-in’s at all locations BUT I’d recommend booking an appointment in advance to obviously ensure they can accommodate. But you can go TOGETHER – and an experience together is oftentimes the very best Mother’s day gift of all. 🙂
  9. Laneige lip sleep mask – The BEST lip mask I’ve ever used, EVER. I’ve intentionally bought others to test and none can compare. For best bang for buck AND best lips, where you actually wake up with smoother, softer, hydrated lips, this is where it’s at.
  10. Spanx AirEssentials line – (Spanx discount code: ELGXSPANX) Honestly, the whole AirEssentials line – because you can’t go wrong with it. I first got this pullover thinking there was no way it’d be as good as some girls swore it was on Instagram…spoiler alert, it is. It’s that good. It’s SUCH a good material makeup that’s ridiculously squishy soft and luxurious while also being stretchy – “airy” is such a good description for it. Upgrading her preschool pickup look or loungewear game is *always* a good idea that will go far.
  11. BEST Barefoot Dreams blanket dupe – Out of alllllll the Barefoot Dreams blanket dupes I’ve tried, this one still reigns supreme. AND IT’S NOT EVEN $20 RIGHT NOW (compared to $150+ for the real deal Barefoot Dreams brand!).
  12. THRIVING Tumbler A personal favorite. 😉 But also a CURowd bestseller, in a limited edition, totally custom design (by yours truly!) to remind her that she’s KILLING IT. It’s double insulated for both hot AND cold beverages (and comes with both lids + two straws!), doesn’t sweat or leak, keeps ice cold for 24+ hours, and is made in the USA with FREE SHIPPING.
  13. A cleaning service – Full disclosure: We pay $150 twice a month to get the house deeeeep cleaned. And it could not be more worthwhile. If anything, it saves at least one full Saturday of toilet-scrubbing to spend quality time with the fam instead. Mom does so much – give her some days off of the dirty work, literally!
  14. Custom jewelry piece –
    1. Tiny Tags – Literally anything will do! 😉 I’ve shared my own Tiny Tags quite a few times on Instagram and it’s a FAQ – they’re such meaningful “forever” pieces that I wear near-daily. All of my own pieces are linked here in case you want to twin! 😉
    2. MAMA 14k solid gold necklace OR get her a custom piece with her kid’s/kids’ name/initials.
    3. Made by Mary necklaces – I have quite a few of Mary’s pieces AND have gifted them; they’re made beautifully, hand stamped by the team, and don’t tarnish.

For the Expecting Mom…

Focus on cute custom/sentimental moments, cleaner/health-conscious options, and little preparational luxuries.

  • Boy mom + girl mom bracelets (Little Words Project discount code: CUR15– This is one of my FAVORITE brands with so many cute word bracelets. You can get “girl mom” or “boy mom” for her, or get her favorite inspirational word or mantra – OR, custom one totally unique to her and/or your relationship! You can also register the bracelets so that if you’re gifting them to multiple people, you can trace where in the world the bracelet goes, which is such a cool, unique thing. 🙂 My favorite new take on them in recent months has been doing my favorite Bible verses! Code CUR15 will give ya a sweet discount. 🙂
  • Clean DIME perfume – As mentioned above. Because she doesn’t have time for hormone disruption any more.
  • Claw clips – These are the BEST I’ve tried so far – they come in a 4-pack for not even 9 bucks, and the claw actually keeps your hair SECURE – even if it’s longer or thicker. 
  • Kindle Paperwhite – My girl Chels gifted me a Kindle for my birthday and I have read SO MUCH MORE since it makes reading on the fly so much easier!
  • Soma Cool Nights pajamas – Also noted above – but worth repeating here. Their sizes are bump-friendly (I was still wearing my regular Smalls at 29 weeks pregnant!), cooling and accommodating for changing body temps, AND have super nursing-friendly button-down tops. Helps her feel a little luxurious when her body might feel anything but.

For the New Mom…

Focus on making her life easier and making her feel seen as HER.

  • A cleaning service – Because all Cinderella wanted was a night off. 😉 Really though, get her a deep cleaning – it saves hours! Such a treat! 
  • Tula Face Filter (Tula discount code: COMINGUPROSES) + DIME Tinted Wonderscreen (DIME discount code: THRIVE20)I shared this combination on Instagram Stories this week – it’s my current go-to for “no makeup” days where I want mostly skincare with a touch of coverage to still feel “put together.” Another Tula fave you’ve seen me share many times before – this one will give her a light tint, blur her pores, AND lightly hydrate for a dewy, all-day glow, no makeup needed. Bless up. (I wear shade Sunrise and recommend doing the Supersize with my code for best value/most dollars off!). Then add this on top for a light tint + clean SPF coverage (AND added skincare). 
  • Dibs sticks – These are super cool multi-purposed sticks, double-ended with both a cream blush and bronzer. I reaaaaally like the formula and think they blend beautifully, so it’s just something to make her mornings a little more efficient.
  • Laneige lip sleep mask – Again, A MUST. Ain’t no mama got time for dry lips!
  • Acrylic family calendar – This has been one of our personal favorite pieces in our home from the start! It looks sleek + chic AND keeps the entire fam on the same page; she’ll lovelovelove (+ use and appreciate) so much more than a messy paper calendar. 
  • AirPods – For her multi-tasking when she’s listening to podcasts while folding laundry or jamming out while on a stroller walk with bebe.
  • Family names bookstack – I *just* got a new one in with our pets + new baby’s name…EEEP.
  • Round key ring – THE HANDIEST. I have one on my key ring and could not lovelovelove more – and could also not imagine running errands with a toddler without it. Ha! Lets mom loop her keys to her wrist so she’s got hands free for the most important things in life (like her kids – ha!).


For the Toddler Mom…

Focus on cute custom things she can enjoy WITH her kiddo and fun functionality

  • Custom heart puzzle – A sweet thing to do WITH your kiddos if they’re younger, and something she can glue together and frame/hang after as art!
  • Framed photo/puzzle – Personalized puzzles are such a special Mother’s Day gift idea! It’s like a a favorite memory brought to life in a puzzle to put together with her favorite people. I bought one of these for my grandparents for Christmas and they LOVED it – it was a collage of a few pictures of them with the OG and the family together, and is such a sweet way to reminisce while you’re apart!
  • Typeleague Press faces MugForever a favorite, and something she’ll cherish with her daily cup! I recommend the 15 oz. mug, and you can get a different face on each side for the mama with 2 kids. 🙂 Also does for doggies/fur babies!
  • Spanx Air Essentials line – OK OK HEAR ME OUT…this line is worth every penny. I started with just this and gasped taking it out of the plastic – it feels absolutely incredible. So squishy soft but a luxurious squishy soft that feels like something somebody like Gwyneth Paltrow would wear running errands, you know? So then I grabbed a few more pieces and I have yet to be disappointed – they feel FABULOUS and would make a PERFECT gift for actually any mama. Or woman. Anyone. Here’s everything I have so far (and sizing is versatile – this all still fit me at my regular size 29 weeks pregnant!)
  • Louis Vuitton lookalike tote Neverfull purse organizer – At first glance this bag looks juuuuust like this $1,000+ Louis Vuitton – but nope! It’s a $40 lookalike from Walmart!!!! Then this purse organizer is great for mom’s Neverfull, or any other tote of similar size. Keeps everything from getting all disorganized and jumbled up in there! Other awesome look-for-less options here!
  • Walmart weekender bag – My go-to weekender bag – it’s SO GOOD. A look-for-less to this $300+ designer bag – but at not even 30 bucks, it’s a STEAL! The pocket situation is fantastic and practical, the nylon wipes clean (bless, especially for toddler moms), and it’s got a multi-strap situation to accommodate whatever your current needs are with the kiddos.
  • My favorite 40 oz. quencher cup – Which was JUST RESTOCKED! Hallelujah, bless up, and add to cart! Better than the Stanley cup – IYKYK 😉


For YOUR Mom…

The meaningful and beautiful gifts she wouldn’t buy herself

  • Spa day together – Mimi and I recently went to the day spa for facials and we soaked up every second. It was a *lovely* day together – not to mention, fabulous for facials.
  • NodPod weighted sleep mask Got Mimi one of these for Christmas since she often has sleeping struggles, and so far so good – she loveloveloves. A cool alternative to a weighted blanket.
  • Reflections of Christ canvas (discount code ERICA15) – The second I saw this piece on someone’s Instagram stories, I gasped and started saving. It’s a STUNNING image of Christ walking on water, and one of my favorite pieces in our home (it’s the one in our entryway!). I gift this to my girlfriends when they get married or buy a new house now, because it’s just so special and a beautiful reminder of the power of our faith!!! I begged the shop for a code for us – they so graciously agreed! Code ERICA15 will take 15% off your purchase!
  • OurPlace pans – These are such great cookware sets that look chic but work practically – and Mimi always compliments mine. They’re very multi-purposed (literally labeled 10-in-1) with over 32,000 4-5 star reviews, AND they’re on spring sale right now. I also lovelovelove this set since it works for both roasting AND baking.
  • Anne Neilson Angel devotionalAnother shoutout for Anne here! Get the devotional + 100 Days of Gratitude cards
  • Fun wine glasses – Always a good idea.
  • Family recipe platter – So sweet for sharing + keepsaking a family recipe, whether it’s her own or one passed down TO her!
  • Hand cream (Colleen Rothschild discount code: ERICA20) – I’ve yet to meet a mom (or woman in general) who doesn’t appreciate a good hand cream. It’s just a little luxury she’ll lovelovelove.
  • Book of the month – Totally cool concept for the avid reader – and a gift that keeps on giving!


For your Mom friends…

To elevate her everyday and make her feel seen and hugged from afar. 🙂

  • Tarte juicy lips (Tarte discount code: ERICA) – A lippy that any lady is going to lovelovelove! One of my FAVORITE formulas – they’re ultra hydrating balms that are glossy without being sticky. Feels SO good on your lips – and they’re packed with 10+ powerful antioxidants! If you use code ERICA at checkout, you’ll get 15% off your entire order! Woo!
  • Jesus Touched My Water wine glass +  Pamela’s Brownies (brownie discount code: ERICA) – The wine glass that makes me LOL every time I use it, and of course, PAMELA’S BROWNIES, aka the best brownies on Planet Earth. Pamela is a CUR reader who started an Etsy shop after word of her award-winning goodness got around, and they are ALWAYS stocked in our freezer now!!! My favorite are the tart dried cherry, and I SWEAR they are yummiest cold right outta the freezer with a glass of milk. OMG. Code ERICA for $2.50 off your order! I recommend pairing with the wine glass + a bottle of her favorite wine blend for a great little “girls night in” package. 
  • Anthropologie mama mug Just a mug that inspires joy. 🙂
  • THRIVING tumbler – YOU know she’s thriving…but does she? Lift her up + remind her of her badassery with THE cup that keeps ice solid and hot drinks hot.
  • State of Being candle (code: ERICA15) – Another shoutout for Beth’s candle company – they smell fabulous, throw well, AND burn cleanly.
  • DIME goodies (DIME discount code: THRIVE20)the glaze, tinted wonderscreen, lip balm, perfume sampler


What are the best Mother’s Day gifts you’ve seen + what are you gifting your mamas this year?

If you already have any of the above and have ~thoughts~ to share, I’d lovelovelove to hear what you think! And of course, let me know what you’re grabbing for your own mom, your mom friends, and/or what’s on your own wishlist, mama. 😉

HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY – cheers to us!

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