COOL SH*T I LOVELOVELOVE – Monthly Favorites, March 2021

March – what a month! Birthday month! Best friends trip! Aquarium adventure! So many good, sweet things happened this month, but MAN am I ready for it to stop snowing for good in good ol’ Pennsylvania. Bring on spring! EASY peasy list of faves this month, friends, because so many favorite things were found.


This jumpsuit 

Anyone who knows me knows I’m a sucker for a good jumpsuit. They’re a staple for me, and something I wear on repeat. I have quite a few jumpsuits and rompers from this boutique at this point, and each season I grab one or two more because they’re some of the squishy-softest jumpsuits in my closet. This is my latest jumpsuit addition, and this is the newest romper – lovelovelove! This jumpsuit especially is great in transitioning seasons since it works just as well with a jean jacket thrown overtop now as it does sleeveless with sandals in summertime. It’s a really breathable, light material that feels like wearing jammies – but works for work with a blazer overtop. It cinches at the waist for your most comfortable fit, and it’s banded at the ankle.

And SO AFFORDABLE – it’s normally $42, but you can get an additional 15% off with my code (ERICA15), and paying around $35 for an outfit is a steal. Comes in other colors, too – I’m wearing size Small and it runs TTS!

PINK LILY BOUTIQUE JUMPSUIT (15% off with code ERICA15) - Cool Sh*t I Lovelovelove, Monthly Favorites on Coming Up Roses


Livestreaming on Amazon

This month was the start of something new (sung to the tune of HSM) – livestreaming on Amazon! And it’s been a blast, truly. ICYMI, I go live on my Amazon storefront a few times every month to share favorites that you can buy right on Amazon, which is a.) hella convenient and b.) hella fun. So far we’ve shared travel essentials, Easter dresses under $40, and more – with lots on the docet for April and beyond.

Make sure you follow me on Amazon if you aren’t already – that way, you can see + shop all of my Amazon picks in one place, as well as get notified when I actually go live in case you want to shop in real time with me on livestream! It’s SO much fun, so I highly recommend joining in when you can. 🙂 If you can’t make a livestream time, NO WORRIES – they’re saved right here, and you can always go back in time to watch and shop what was shared, no problemo. 


$26 Polka dot top

This has been THE TOP of the month – a new favorite in my wardrobe, and a fave of yours, too! For $26, it just cannot be beat – it’s so so SO pretty, flattering, and chic all in one. And the price. THE PRICE. My bargain-hunting heart beat so happy when I found this find, at WALMART of all places. 

Wear it to work! Wear it to date night! Wear it to a funky brunch with the girls! Wear it to the dishes because it’s so damn cute, and Lord knows doing the dishes is the least cute thing on planet Earth – who couldn’t use some upped cuteness there.

Blogged it here.

MY FAVORITE $26 TOP - Polka dot top from Walmart fashion on Coming Up Roses Polka dot top from Walmart fashion - on cominguprosestheblog.com


Barefoot Dreams blanket dupe

This is big – SUPER BIG. Friends. My dear, sweet friends. You KNOW my lovelovelove for Barefoot Dreams runs deeper than the sea, but I would be a horrible friend to not clue you in on this straight up DUPE for not even 20% of the price. I kid you not – this is a steal, and one to act fast on, like, yesterday. I first found this blanket and was hopeful, because the online picture did enough justice for me to discern that it would probably be a pretty darn good comparable option to everyone’s favorite Barefoot Dreams blanket. 

But then. BUT THEN.

The mail came. And I squealed, then called my mom as one does.

Because this blanket is LEGIT. Actually, it might even be BETTER than the original Barefoot Dream. Insert every shocked emoji and mindblown face, but sis, it’s true. It seems to be a BIT heavier in weight, and the feel of the fabric is identical. Grab one for yourself, then grab one for every human being with a place in your heart, because you’ll have Christmas shopping taken care of by May. #YoureWelcome

HOMEMADE STARBUCKS ICED GUAVA TEA DRINK - Cool Sh*t I Lovelovelove, Monthly Favorites on Coming Up Roses


Golden Goose sneakers

I didn’t WANT to love them. I didn’t WANT to have them be a favorite thing – I wanted them to be so stupid I’d send them back and get my $500 back. But here we are. 

And spoiler alert: they’re a favorite. Blogged an honest Golden Goose review if you want the full scoop on these silly, silly shoes, as well as my thoughts on sizing!

GOLDEN GOOSE SNEAKERS - Cool Sh*t I Lovelovelove, Monthly Favorites on Coming Up Roses


Doctor play set 

Olivia is VERY into playing pretend, but I actually think that SHE thinks she’s a doctor in training. And man, does that make my mama heart proud. She puts on those plastic pink granny glasses and in doing so thereby becomes “Doctor Ya-Ya.” TELL ME you wouldn’t want this chick doing your next checkup. I mean, she’s got style! She’s got grace! She’s got the bedside manner of a two-year-old, but what would you expect?? We’re working on giving warnings before coming atcha with a reflux hammer…

Toddler play doctor set - Cool Sh*t I Lovelovelove, Monthly Favorites on Coming Up Roses

Toddler play doctor set - Cool Sh*t I Lovelovelove, Monthly Favorites on Coming Up Roses Toddler play doctor set - Cool Sh*t I Lovelovelove, Monthly Favorites on Coming Up Roses


Declan and Crew 

Calling all MAMAS – this small shop is for you! Declan and Crew has quickly become a new fave – Amber’s shop is full of super cute, super comfy loungewear, much of which is branded with some sorta “mama” logo. It’s a collection of comf in the making and I’m here for it. These “mother” sweatpants have been what I’ve thrown on every single day for a week after work when it’s time to unwind – I’d say they’re a BIT lighter weight than your “traditional” sweatpants, so it’s high time to upgrade those old collegiate ones at the bottom of your drawer. 😉 The See the Good set is an awesome terry material, and the back of this baseball hat is a cool elastic situation that helps it stay on your head better and more comfortable – I’m so into it.

Amber SO KINDLY gave me code ERICA15 for you guys to score a sweet discount – so go shop small and save some bucks while you’re at it!

DECLAN AND CREW mama comfy clothes - Cool Sh*t I Lovelovelove, Monthly Favorites on Coming Up Roses


Parker Clay crossbody bag

OK Y’ALL, this company is INCREDIBLE. If you’re in need of a meaningful gift to buy a loved one or are due for a treat yo’self, let this be it! Parker Clay is an awesome do-good brand – their bags are handcrafted in Ethiopia by women who are being empowered out of prostitution through safe, stable employment. They have everything from crossbodies to totes to wallets to duffels and then some, besides also having a men’s line – GREAT company to support when you’re grabbing gifts for loved ones!

COOL SH*T I LOVELOVELOVE - Monthly Favorites, March 2021 on Coming Up Roses

Parker Clay leather crossbody bag - Cool Sh*t I Lovelovelove, Monthly Favorites on Coming Up Roses


Starbucks guava tea drink (+ DIY coming soon to CUR…!)

It’s been my go-to order for a refreshing pickmeup for MONTHS – and now I mastered making it at home, saving money AND cutting sugar in the process! Woo! That recipe coming to the blog this week, so STAY TUNED and if you give it a go at home, tell me what you think!!!

BUT before then, grab the guava puree linked above, and ask for this next time you’re in line at Starbs:

  • Venti iced guava black tea, light ice, light cream, and 3 pumps Classic

Thank me later. 😉

HOMEMADE STARBUCKS GUAVA TEA DRINK - Cool Sh*t I Lovelovelove, Monthly Favorites on Coming Up Roses


Fierce Free & Full of Fire

My favorite author is Jen Hatmaker. She’s just the coolest. She’s so funny, so fiery, and so freaking witty – the type of author that can have me shedding a tear and busting a gut on the same page. A true literary talent.

I’ve fallen SO SHORT on my reading goals for the year already (womp), but am so glad I picked up FF&FFF and dove in headfirst. It’s real, raw, and inspiring while giving great perspective and laughs alike. Winner winner chicken dinner.

JEN HATMAKER BOOK - Cool Sh*t I Lovelovelove, Monthly Favorites on Coming Up Roses



And what have been YOUR Monthly Favorites? Would lovelovelove to know! Let me know if you try Equilibria CBD (make sure to use my link/code for your discount!!!), if chips n’ guac is on the menu, or if you’ve tried the Wet n’ Wild or ELF launches lately. 🙂

P.S. ICYMI and wanna get caught up on or last month’s favorites, just click here!

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