March’s Instagrams, Podcasts, Bestsellers, + Stuff on Sale

Happy last day of MARCH – the first quarter of the year is donezo, and that’s just crazy sauce to think about, isn’t it? I mean, Easter is this weekend. EASTER! Not to mention…Liv starts pre-school tomorrow. Excuse me while I cry ugly tears and hold my baby. Like, excuse me? Time is a thief. Whether we’re ready or not, her comes life! Per usual, we’ve already chatted this month’s favorite things – now let’s round up what happened on Instagram, what released on THRIVE, the top ten bestselling items, and some stuff on sale to not miss if you’re in the shopping spirit. 😉


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1.) Moving your Body (The Right Way) as a Pregnant or Postpartum Mama – with Keisha Tower – Becoming a mom turned Keisha Tower’s life upside down – and not just in a good way. While social media makes it look like mom life is newborn bliss and endless snuggles, it’s also hard – really freaking hard. After being diagnosed with Postpartum Depression & Anxiety, Keisha found strength (literally) in Crossfit exercise, therapy, and writing – and now she’s helping fellow pregnant and/or postpartum mamas find the support she always wished she had. In this raw episode of THRIVE, Keisha tells it like it is with the realities of body and brain changes in motherhood, as well as a vulnerable look at what happens when you totally “flop” in entrepreneurship – but have to pick yourself up and keep striving to thrive.

2.) How to be Happier Than You’ve Ever Been Before (according to science!) – with Dr. Wendy O’Connor – Dr. Wendy O’Connor is BACK on THRIVE, which is a true treat – her last episode (Episode 15) is still the MOST listened to THRIVE episode to date, so it’s safe to say that we ALL want more happiness in our lives! Dr. Wendy’s advice is the farthest thing from fluff – she’s a Stanford-trained Positive Psychologist, Life Strategist & Coach, and she’s helping all of us be happier than ever before – even after 2020. Come away from today’s talk with actual tools to look at your own life more clearly, and retrain your brain to free your mind – and your life.

3.) From Limited to Liberated: Finding your Life’s “Sugar Linings” – with Christina Lenkowski – Christina Lenkowski is a hilarious, real breath of fresh air – besides being an absolutely badass publicity pro, business owner, Hamilton super-fan, and work-at-home mom of a special needs kiddo. She also has Type 1 Diabetes, so much of her everyday life involves intentionally finding (and creating) “sugar linings.” While some may feel limited by a chronic illness, Christina is liberated – and she’s here to help you feel the same, no matter the hand you’ve been dealt.

4.) My Mom is on the Podcast Today! Happy Birthday to Me! – It’s my birthday! Hooray! Per popular request, today’s episode of THRIVE features a very special guest – MY MOM. She’s giving you the scoop on what I was *really* like as a kid, what was hardest about raising me and why, and thoughts on our mother/daughter relationship. We dive deep into some of the good AND the bad that I’ve had to talk to my therapist about years later, and also get her take on what to do to make your relationship with your own mom the best it can be today. DROP HER FIVE STARS to show her some lovelovelove!



Top sellers are pulled from my analytics data, where I can see what YOU guys shopped + clicked the most all month long! No worries – it doesn’t tell me what all was in someone’s cart, or who bought what? But it’s helpful for me to see what’s most popular with the CURowd, and hopefully helpful/fun for YOU to see what fellow readers are shopping, too!

1.) Amazon slippersA great comfy option that stays on your feet so you don’t trip down the stairs or anything. 😉 Feels like a hug on your feetsies, and a great $25 alternative to the $85 UGG slippers!

2.) Wireless bra – A huge for your boobs! A GREAT affordable option from Amazon.

3.) Maybelline Super Stay Matte Ink CrayonOne of my favorite lip formulas of all time. Applies like your favorite lip balm but wears like your favorite liquid lipstick – a true gem. I own maybe 5 or 6 by now?!

4.) Pamela’s brownies – A small shop launched by a CUR reader that truly makes the BEST BROWNIES ON PLANET EARTH. Pro tip: Pop them in the freezer, and enjoy cold. Holy moly.

5.) No-show socks – The best no-show socks on Planet Earth. I’m just glad all of the bests on Planet Earth are bestsellers with you, too, so I’m not the only one favoriting all of this goodness. 😉

6.) Polka dot top – SO PRETTY – the prettiest top I’ve worn in awhile. Chic for the office, a date night, etc – and only $26!!!

7.) Raise Them Kind sweatshirt – Size up one for a more oversized fit (I do Medium!) – great gift idea for mamas!

8.) Yogalicious leggingsA great option if you want the Lululemon Align look/fit for less. Blogged here!

9.) Minnie Mouse Disney jean jacketI snagged us these for our last Disney trip and we loveloveLOVED the result – and still wear them! A cute customizable option from a small shop. 🙂

10.) Daisy Rose checkered backpack – SUCH a good Louis Vuitton dupe – only $43 instead of $2,500!!! . Here’s my full blog highlighting options if you want the Louis Vuitton Damier bag look for less!



Lululemon – Align leggings on sale!

Old Navy – Up to 60% off storewide plus an additional 20% off your purchase.

American Eagle – 25% off jeans, shorts, + skirts!



Colleen Rothschild – ERICA20 (20% off)

Daily Harvest – ERICAL (3 free cups!)

Equilibria CBD – ERICALIGENZA (15% off)

FabFitFun – ERICAL10

Home Chef – ERICAL80 ($80 off your first 4 orders!)

Liquid I.V.  ERICALIGENZA (25% off!)

Loopycases – eligenza10 (10% off)

Olay – ERICALIGENZA ($5 off $50)

Pink Lily Boutique – ERICA15 (15% off)

Sweetmint Handmade Mugs – INSTA15

TAO Clean – ERICAL62 (62% off your order!!! Get a $149 UV-sanitized facial cleansing brush system for only $56.62!)

The Sis Kiss – ERICA15 (15% off)

Tula – COMINGUPROSES (15% off + free shipping!)

Verb Energy Bars – Use the link to get a full sized Starter Kit PLUS 4 FREE bars for over half off – only $8.95 right now!!!

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