Y’all, I’ve been an UGG slipper diehard for years.

You know this. You’ve seen this.

I’ve sung their praises from the rooftops – heck, I’ve even gifted YOU pairs of your own because I just have to spread the lovelovelove whenever I can.

But…I think they’ve been beat. And I do NOT say that lightly, friends – I’ve found their replica. And it’s a freaking. good. replica.

DUPED: UGG SLIPPERS - The Best UGG Slipper Dupes are $20 on Amazon!

DUPED: UGG SLIPPERS - The Best UGG Slipper Dupes are $20 on Amazon!

The real deal UGG slippers are great – don’t get me wrong. They’re lined with sheepskin/wool, they won’t fall off your foot while walking – they’re great. Clearly they’re loveloveloved around here – they’ve been in Cool Sh*t I Lovelovelove before, I’ve gotten multiple pairs, and they’re always on repeat for wearing around the house.

But…they’re $85. Not cheap – so a lot of pressure to be perfect, amiright?

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A perk of the real deal UGG slippers is the hard sole; while my UGG slipper lookalikes also have a harder sole, the UGGs are essentially like moccasin bottoms where you might accidentally find yourself in the grocery store wearing them having forgotten they’re not “real shoes” đŸ˜‰ . The lookalikes are a BIT softer sole, albeit still rubber.


These UGG slipper lookalikes are even better overall. First off, they’re warmer – which seems hard to believe given how warm UGGs already are (+ are known for being!).

They don’t have real sheepskin or wool – they’re made from synthetic fur. But it’s a more encompassing fur that feels even fluffier + warmer around your foot than the original. They made the cut for Monthly Favorites, as well as my roundup of my best/favorite Amazon purchases of all of last year, if that tells ya anything!

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These UGG slipper lookalikes are not even $25 – so compared to the original $85, they’re already a leg up.

For under $25, they’re…

  • Fluffier – a softer, furrier feel
  • More of a “wrap-around” effect because the fur goes farther back on your foot than with the originals
  • Not a fully closed-off heel, but the wrap-around does make them stay put a bit better on your foot
  • Warmer
  • A bit easier to clean/don’t look as worn as quickly

Between all of the different listings online, including the listing that I actually bought mine from which is currently unavailable (aka sold out), there are hundreds upon hundreds of 5-star reviews of these slippers.

Mine are a medium and I typically wear 7.5 – so just double check the size listings to get whichever will fit your regular shoe size best!

I mentioned the durability of the hard UGG slippers’ sole – these DO have a rubber sole, too. I just think the real UGGs are a BIT harder and outdoor-ready if that makes sense – and if being able to wear your bedroom slippers outside matters to ya. HA.

The inside sole is memory foam, so you get a really soft, moldable wear that’s so comfy all day long. They’re also made with a thick plush fleece + breathable cotton, apparently!

These are also MACHINE WASHABLE according to the listing, which is huge! I haven’t needed to wash mine at all yet, so TBD on the results when that time comes – but I’ve had them for months now and wear them every day without issues or even signs of wear, so I think we’re in good shape. This is a big plus for me compared to the real UGG slippers since mine are prettttty dirty looking now, especially versus when I first got them in the last picture of them above compared to in these side-by-side pics now. I’ve tried suede cleaners on them to not much avail yet, so they’re definitely showing more wear at this point.

To save more than 60 bucks, I’d say go for the lookalikes fosho!

DUPED: UGG SLIPPERS - The Best UGG Slipper Dupes are $20 on Amazon!

Do you have the real UGG slippers or the Amazon lookalikes yet?

Are the under $25 UGG slipper lookalikes in your Amazon cart now??? Let me know if you grab a pair and what you think, of course!

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