My Favorite “Healthy” Junk Food

TGIF, friends! How was your week??? I feel like this week flew by a little bit – and I’m sure next week will be a blur for me because we’re traveling for it all, so stay tuned on the Instastories for more there! 😉 Because we’ll be traveling – specifically, taking a lil’ road trip this weekend – I’ve got snacks on my brain. But what else is new? 😉 Snacks on the brain means that before I’ve even begun prepping outfits or getting my suitcase packed, I’ve got bags of snacks ready to go. This is priorities, people. Snacks are a quintessential piece of life. Snacks ARE life.

So today, we’re mixin’ it up with something I lovelovelove very, very deeply: food.

But y’all know I’m NO food blogger (LOL), so we’re stickin’ to things that come in a pack today. 😉 Namely, junk food. Specifically, my favorite healthy junk food. Because who the heck doesn’t want junk food, and who the heck wouldn’t want a healthy junk food if it meant being able to enjoy more than you otherwise would, with less guilt + less bad things overall?

I’ll tell ya who: crazy people.

And we ain’t crazy people. We know what’s up. 😉 And these healthy junk food picks are what’s up.

My Favorite "Healthy" Junk Food - Healthy snacks & healthy junk food on Coming Up Roses

My Favorite "Healthy" Junk Food - Healthy snacks & healthy junk food on Coming Up Roses

My Favorite "Healthy" Junk Food - Healthy snacks & healthy junk food on Coming Up Roses

My Favorite "Healthy" Junk Food - Healthy snacks & healthy junk food on Coming Up Roses

Good Health jalapeno veggie straws – 40% less fat than potato chips, but be warned: they’re addicting. Especially if you’re a fan of spicier anything, you’ll blaze on through this bag. These say on the bag how much vitamin equivalent to actual vegetable servings are inside, and it’s supposedly the same as 2.5 cups of broccoli, 3.5 red beets, 5 tomatoes, 7 cups of spinach, + 2 carrots. I’LL TAKE IT.

Trader Joe’s sweet potato tortilla chips – I can’t *always* find these on my TJ’s runs (speaking of which, here are my favorite things to buy at Trader Joe’s!), but when I do, I grab ’em! They’re SO yummy and a great, less fatty alternative to regular ol’ tortilla chips.

Boom Chicka Pop – The king of healthy junk food in our household. Favorite flavor: Kettle Corn. Also the Christmas flavor with dark chocolate drizzle – sweet Lord baby Jesus, what a winner. BCP has been an OG favorite of mine. The salt isn’t too salty, the butter isn’t too buttery, the kettle isn’t too kettle-y – you get the picture. I could easily eat an entire bag in one sitting. #BeenThereDoneThat.

Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate pretzel thins – These are a perfect salty-and-sweet combo! The pretzels are the super thing crisp kind, and they’re just lightly coated in dark chocolate (which is good for your heart health, so there). TIP: Store them in a cool cabinet, so that your chocolate doesn’t get all melty!

Vita Pop – When I first saw the bag of these bad boys, I literally gasped. Vita Pop is called Vita Pop because of the *insane* amount of nutritional value that is, I guess, coating the popcorn. To give ya a glimpse inside one bag…1 serving is equivalent to taking 2 multivitamins. There are 2.5 servings per 2.25 ounce bag. It’s infused with 15+ vitamins, including Vitamins A, C, D, E, K, B6, Biotin, Folic Acid, Iron, Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc, B1, B12, and Potassium. AND, there are 15 grams of protein in every serving…and only 100 calories. I’m sorry, what? How is this possible?!?! Oh, and it’s also gluten free + vegan with no artificial ingredients. Casual.

Trader Joe’s veggie/root chips – TBH I picked these up on the way home from a yoga class and thought I was being all healthy and cool and sh*t. 😉 Really, I just reaaaaaaally wanted some chips. These are 100% vegetable, but they’re actually almost addicting. Legit delish.

Outshine fruit bars – I’ve always been a big popsicle gal, so I lovelovelooooooove these. They’re made with real fruit with no high fructose corn syrup, artificial colors/flavors, or GMO ingredients. They’re also gluten and fat free, with 20% of your daily Vitamin C in each bar (and only 60 calories, if you’re counting 😉 ). They’re just SO DANG REFRESHING – one of my favorite treats in the spring/summer, fosho. Also, good dipped in a glass of rose or other boozy beverage justbecause. #YoureWelcome

Go Organically Fruit Snacks – MAN OH MAN. I have always loveloveloved me some Welch’s fruit snacks, but these might actually beat ’em! They taste a bit more dense that Welch’s, which just feels more real for some reason in my brain – does that make sense? Ha! They’re made with real fruit, have 100% Vitamin C in every serving (as well as 25% Vitamin A + 25% Vitamin E, too!), and are as natural as gummies can be – natural flavoring, natural coloring, no preservatives, etc. Most importantly, there are 12 fruit snacks in every pouch, which – as any serious fruit snacker could speak to – is a big friggin’ deal. There is no worse feeling than opening fruit snacks to find a measly 6 snacks, and then needing to eat 4 packs to make up for it. 😉 These are justenough that you feel good and satisfied with one pouch!

Popcorners – J and I were FIRST to lovelovelove Popcorners, I swear. Right when they came out a few years ago, we picked up the cheesy jalapeno flavor and quickly became their biggest fans. They’re never fried, made with non-GMO corn, and some flavors only have 3-4 ingredients total. Like a bunch else on this list, tho, they’re addicting. You’ve been warned. 😉

Popcorners overhead brand also makes Protein Crisps, which I tried at my parent’s house and MAN, they’re delish. They’re crisp-like chips that have 10 grams of protein PER SERVING. IDK about you, but chips with protein as a post-gym snack…sign a sistah up.

Munk Pack Oatmeal Fruit Squeeze – Whole grain, vegan, gluten free, and DELISH. I feel fully like a five-year-old eating these, and I don’t care one bit. They taste like grown-up smoothies that we’re supposed to suck down, but better.

Munk Pack Protein Cookies – Specifically, coconut white chip macademia with 18 grams of protein. 18!!!! Also vegan + gluten free. Tastes like an actual cookie!!!

Trader Joe’s Reduced Fat Cheese Curls – 45% less fat than regular ol’ cheese curls, but tastes exactly the same. I just about flipped out and ate the whole bag. Whoops. 😉 But really, these are SO good, especially when you’re just craving a dang cheese curl (you know those days). There are only 130 calories per serving, too, so basically the queen of healthy junk food right here.

OREO Thins – OK, OK…not healthy in the slightest. But they’re thin, so they count. 😉

What’s your favorite healthy junk food?

Your girl is ALWAYS on the hunt for snacks that I can get away with guilt-free, so lay ’em on me! Hope this list comes in handy next time you’re wandering the aisles of the grocery store on a romantic stroll of one, looking for your next lovelovelove. 😉 These. are. it.

Happy WEEKENDING, friends!

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