Everything I Bought on Amazon in July

It’s Prime Time, people! I don’t know about you, but I lovelovelove peeping inside Amazon carts. It’s like this weird nosy compulsion where I just HAVE TO KNOW what you last bought on Amazon and what you’d rate it. 5 stars? 3 stars? 1.5? WHY. The people must know! So here we are, with everything I bought on Amazon in July. Just in case you, like me, must know. 😉 Let’s do it.


  1. Cut-out sleeveless dress – Wore this gem on our last date night and it was a hit – besides being so delightfully comfortable. 95% polyester + 5% spandex, so it’s really the perfect fit. All of the ruching and twists are in all the right places to be super figure flattering with a *touch* of skin showing, so it’s a fabulous option for a casual night out. Comes in literally 30 different colorways, and I’ve already got grey in my cart! Only $23 – I wear a Small.
  2. Rock the Locks curl bundle – These are the products I currently use on Liv’s curly hair! I first received them via PR but we ended up loveloveloving them, so I just repuchased on Amazon since we were running low. They’re great clean conditioning detanglers, and the curl boost seems to really work in enhancing her natural curl!
  3. Clear toiletry bags  – I got these after being inspired to DIY the Stoney Clover look for less. Getting 3 for around $10 sure as heck beats spending $80+ on one little toiletry bag, and I’m figuring I’ll attempt to patch some monograms on and make a decent dupe. Stay tuned. 😉
  4. Liv’s backpack – It was on my list to get Liv a backpack for school, and everything at Target was way too big – so I just about melted when I found this little toddler-size option on Amazon. She picked out the owl and it coordinates with her little lunchbox and my mama heart can’t handle the cute!
  5. Leopard midi dress – Actually saw this styled with sneakers, which sold me on it! It’s surprisingly versatile to dress down like that or wear to work for a business casual setting – or pair with pumps for a dressier event. Lots of option for a $40 dress!
  6. Nerds gummy clusters – IYKYK. Fair warning, don’t buy these. You will become addicted, and never stop ordering them. (Proof). Don’t say I didn’t tell ya… 😉
  7. 3-pack of ruffled scooter skirts for Liv – HOW FREAKING CUTE THOUGH?!? The outer space one kills me. Under $30 for the pack!
  8. 3-pack of scooter skirts for Liv – Aaaaaand again – great for my active girl! Under $25 for the set.
  9. Comfy romper – Under $30, The romper so nice I bought it thrice! Wearing it in mint as we speak, wore it in the coral stripe last week, and just bought it in dark teal for Mimi since she loveloveloved mine so much! I wear small and Mimi wear medium in them. They’re SO comfortable – a great casual piece and works for transitioning to fall with your favorite denim jacket.
  10. Pink workout leggings – Under $20 – reminded me of this bestselling scalloped pair from the NSALE, but for a fraction of the price!
  11. Diamond cleaning pen – For not even 7 bucks, I had to try this stuff out – Lord knows my ring gets GUNKY from lotions and potions, so I’m excited to give it a go this weekend and compare to my electric cleaner! With over 30,000 5-star reviews, I have high hopes.
  12. Bloomers for Liv – Girlfriend had a growth spurt recently (that, or the dryer shrunk all of her clothes…), and now her cute little dresess are a *bit* too short. So these little bloomers are great underneath!
  13. Snack spinner reusable container – This thing is GREAT for travel especially! It lets you pack a few favorite snacks and your kiddo can pop the spinner to enjoy them all minus any mess. It’s also dishwasher safe, leak-free, BPA free etc!
  14. Crib sheet – Confused because it says microfiber but…it’s not microfiber…so I wouldn’t recommend for that reason alone. I had hoped it was similar to these which we have and loveloveLOVE for our insanely stretchy soft they are, but alas, it’s not. So I’m still on the hunt!
  15. Leopard contrast denim jacket – Not sure if this is a jacket, shirt, or a shacket as the kids say…but I like it. I’m here for it. Can’t wait for it to come in (I bought last week) to style for fall!
  16. Long-sleeve jammies for Liv – SOLID 5-star reviews. Out of thousands, to be SOLID FIVE STAR says something big. Lots of color choices for all kiddos! They feel suuuuuper soft + breathable so I’m a big fan so far.
  17. Pink bookshelf – This should be arriving any day now since the order was running late; the plan is to add a pop of color to Liv’s room to hold some random sentimental knick knacks or frames, a few special books, etc. I was SHOOK at the great price so I’m hoping it’s still great quality!
  18. Bodycon knotted midi dress – This feels like it will be the perfect transitional piece for fall – wear now with sandals or sneakers, layer up with a suede jacket + booties in a few months!
  19. Disney Maps: A Magical Atlas of the Movies we Love – This was news to me and I MEAN WHAT?!? This sounds so freaking cool. I can’t wait to check it out – I’m honestly not even sure what all it includes because I hit “add to cart” faster than I could read the full product description. HA.
  20. Toddler pillow for Liv – It’s the #1 bestseller for nursery pillows with over 17,000 5-star reviews! Woo!
  21. Toddler pillow cases – Figured a few spares wouldn’t hurt.
  22. The Dot – I picked up a few new books for Liv to expand her collection, especially since she’s big on books…
  23. The World Needs Who You Were Made to Be – This is Joanna Gaines’ kids’ book!
  24. Today – A *solid* 5-star reviewed book for toddlers on all of the choices and opportunities today.
  25. You Are Special by Max Lucado – Over 4,000 SOLID 5-star reviews!!!!! Can’t lie, I absolutely teared up reading the description alone. J read it to her last night and came downstairs to tell me it made him cry, too!
  26. The Potty Train – Liv loveloveloves trains right now so…here’s hoping this does the trick. 😉
  27. The Better Mom Devotional – Over 1,000 SOLID 5-star reviews again! Not for Liv, obviously – ha! But hopefully a good read for me. Will report back.
  28. Wicking men’s pants – Grabbed these on a whim for J with some Amazon credit I had in my cart, just because they seemed different and maybe good for workouts in our garage gym as the temperature starts to change – TBD!

What was the last thing you bought on Amazon?