15 Fall Amazon Fashion Finds UNDER $40

HEYYYYYOOOO and Happy Friday, friends! WOW…what a week.

ICYMI…something prettttty friggin’ big arrived last week. I’ve been an emotional hot mess express since, and reading all of your sweet comments + kind messages has had me going from crying-crying to laughing-crying to just wanting to give y’all the biggest bear hug and have ya over for wine + cheese (cos mama can have her Cabernet again, bless up).

BUT. I promised myself I’d post something normal-ish to end the week on a fun note. 🙂 And what’s more fun than some fall shopping?!? (Answer: Fall shopping from your couch, wrapped up in Barefoot Dreams, glass o’ Cab Sav in hand…prepare accordingly). ALSO fun is getting really cute things without feeling really broke after, amiright???

In my usual tailspin of finding all sortsa random ish on Amazon, I rounded up 15 hella cute fall fashion finds – that are all UNDER $40. I have quite a few of these pieces myself already, and another quite a few in my cart after doing this digging. Whoops. 😉 But since EVERYTHING is under $40, it’s a fun way to update your fall closet without breaking the bank.

Praise the sweet Lord baby Jesus. Let’s begin.

15 Fall Amazon Fashion Finds UNDER $40 - From the coziest pullovers to the cutest booties, here are 15 of the best Amazon Fashion Finds that are all UNDER $40!


  1. Distressed black Levi’s OK OK…these are the ONE thing over $40, so we’ll knock ’em outta the way first. But they’re under $50. They come via prime with free returns and come in 4 different washes!
  2. Cutout booties – They’re around $36, Prime-able, AND have free returns…and this khaki color is perfection.
  3. Red candy cane blanket scarf Because CHRISTMAS IS COMING. I have this myself and am *obsessed*. It’s so soft, you might not actually take it off until December 26th.
  4. Herringbone vest I have this same vest that I had just bought from a different boutique a few seasons ago, and it’s still on trend + in season…so I’d say it’s a classic! Layer over your fave long-sleeve tees, flannels, dolman tunics, sweaters – many options, much fall.
  5. Chunky heel booties – With 19 different colors/prints/style variations to choose from, I’d say you could treat yo’self to one OR two (or three? Who’s counting?) pairs if you need your booty game kicked into high gear still!
  6. Camo pullover – Because camo is having a major moment this season, too. BUT, if camo still ain’t yo’ thaaang, there are 9 other combos to fall in lovelovelove with – like this pretty pink floral option.
  7. Leopard print Kate Spade phone case – KS for under $40?? Yaaaaas. In case you still haven’t hopped on the leopard bandwagon yet this season…#GetOnIt. Easy way to incorporate this trendy classic (or classic trend? Or both?) in a small, fun way!
  8. 3/4-length sleeve Blouse – SUCH a pretty blouse for the season, and something that’s not cozy layers or striped tees or flannel plaid. Ha! Lovelovelove the slight V-neck, and the mesh in the sleeve. I think the Olive color is the one coming home to mama!
  9. Gucci lookalike belt – Look the part without paying the part. Hollah! I have a few of these Gucci-esque belts in different buckle sizes, and they’re a smash hit.
  10. Black lace bralette – OK, I cannot recommend this bralette enough. I have it myself in black, and it’s such a good alternative for this popular Free People bralette (which I also have, so I can compare!). It has some padding in it, too, for support. Comes in a bunch colors. SUPER comfy to wear. And just great overall for layering!
  11. Plaid blanket scarf – I cannot justify paying big bucks for scarves when Amazon’s selection is so en pointe. These are around $11 – and this one looks JUUUUUST like one from Nordstrom.
  12. Fall graphic tee – Pumpkins. Hayrides. Apple cider. Falling leaves. Less than $20. Amazon Prime. Yes. Please.
  13. Sherpa pullover – I bought this bad boy last year when the sherpa pullover trend first became a thing, and it’s still going strong! It looks *exactly* like this one from Nordstrom that keeps selling out…but for around $30 instead of $78. And it feels EXACTLY THE SAME.
  14. J. Crew Mercantile chambray shirt – I got this in the mail maybe two weeks ago, and I’m SO impressed – it’s quickly become my new go-to denim top! It’s a lighter fabric feel, like your favorite lived-in jeans, so it makes for a hella comfortable wear. For under $40, I’d say it’s 100% worth it.
  15. Teddy bear pullover – Not sure how quality will be here, but it’s in my cart so I’m putting it to the test! For less than $30, it sure LOOKS comfy AF. And since I’ll undoubtedly be dressing our daughter in ALL the furry teddy bear clothes this winter to keep warm, mama’s gotta match. 😉
  16. Honey Dew Intimates Jogger Sweatpants – I’ve heard *such* great things about these, they couldn’t NOT be in my cart. Lovelovelove a good cozy sweatpant for running errands, but especially lovelovelove when they’re joggers that are a bit more slim-fitting so ya don’t feel like a bum when you’re bummin’ it!


Yes, there are 16 above. Not 15. I lied. Because always need one for good luck. 😉

What are your favorite fall Amazon Fashion finds? Have you shopped for clothes on Amazon before?

I wanna know! I’ve always heard mixed reviews, especially since some stuff is DEFINITELY hit or miss, but it can be oh so worth it when you find the steals + deals! Would y’all wanna learn/see more of this sorta stuff to help weed through the depths of the Amazon? It’s like an actual jungle out there…

Let me know in the comments below!

AND AND AND, make sure to pop back en la mañana – Weekend Reading will be BACK with some *hella* good coffeetime reads to start your weekend right. 🙂

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