First Trimester Must Haves

Still can’t believe I’m pregnant. REALLY can’t believe I’m already in my second trimester! First trimesters are so…weird. There is so much unknown, so much excitement, so much secrecy, when it can also be a scary and uncomfortable time. Really, it’s a time that could really truly benefit from having the most external support as possible instead of feeling so hush-hush until a certain point. Plus, there’s nothing hush-hush about falling asleep at the dinner table or suddenly leaving a room to toss your cookies. 😉 It’s hilariously true how they say every pregnancy is different, and my first trimester this time around was already pretty different than my pregnancy with Olivia (in which I had NOT A MOMENT of morning sickness – bless). Popping in to share my first trimester must haves, categorized. 🙂




While I was #blessed with not a single day of nausea while pregnant with Olivia, that was definitely different this time around! I only tossed my cookies once (bless), but I had morning (and afternoon, and night) sickness pretty much all throughout my first trimester, especially weeks 8-12, I’d say.

  • Almond flour sea salt crackers – Having a light cracker to always snack on in these moments helped immensely. These are the best; they’re gluten-free, vegan, and have NO artificial anything. They taste so good and also taste great dipped!
  • Ginger mango immunity+ tea – I especially lovelovelove this tea because it’s a caffeine-free option that helps reduce nausea (thanks to the ginger) while simultaneously boosting your immune system. Tastes great, too!
  • Morning expert wake up drops – These have been a staple at my desk for…years at this point? I don’t even diffuse them, I just sniff the bottle whenever I need a pickmeup. But the scent helped reduce nausea in the moment!
  • All natural Tums – Man oh man, the pregnancy nausea, the pregnancy poops…there’s just ALL THE THINGS happening down there. 😉 
  • Pregnancy tea – This is a newer find, but it’s a caffeine-free, organic herbal tea that came highly recommended to me. Easy Amazon grab!


Obviously staying hydrated is a major key throughout ALL of pregnancy; I constantly have my favorite cups filled, and I found myself adding Liquid IV often for an electrolyte boost on days when I was a bit more nauseous or blah.

  • Quencher cup – Better than a Stanley cup, I REPEAT, BETTER THAN THE STANLEY. It’s my favorite Amazon cup that’s more affordable AND more effective than the cult-popular Stanley, namely because it does the exact same dang thing but without leaking from the top. Keeps me hydrated all day long!!!!
  • Liquid IV (20% off code: ERICALIGENZA) – I add one packet into my quencher for extra electrolytes! Favorite flavor so far is this one. Code ERICALIGENZA for 20% off!


My biggest focus was just eating whatever I could and listening to cravings (LOL), but anything protein-packed was a first trimester must haves to keep me full longer and ward off nausea (since nausea typically hits harder on an empty stomach). 

  • Chomps sticks – My absolute FAVORITE!!! They don’t last at all in our house. Chomps are such a healthy, protein-packed snack; they’ve got 9 grams of protein per stick (only 90 calories), are gluten-free, Whole-30 approved, paleo, no added sugars or artificial crap – and they taste BOMB. My go-to is the original beef, but the jalapeno cranberry is a close second!
  • Arbonne protein – This has been my protein powder for years; I put two scoops in my post-workout shake for 20 grams. I also just do two scoops with coconut milk in a jar and shake it up to drink throughout the day for another 20 grams! They’re made with vegan pea protein, have a lower glycemic index and 24 vitamins and minerals with NO artificial colors/flavors/sweeteners, no high fructose corn syrup, dairy, soy or gluten.


It’s hilarious how everyone says you start showing sooner with you’re second and we all roll our eyes at the crowd…but naturally, everyone is right. My jeans stopped fitting at maybe 10 weeks?? While in a weird in-between period of not wanting to invest in a ton of maternity clothes and it not being warm enough for dresses just yet, I’ve been banking on some comfies to get me through and grow with the bump. 

  • Leggings:
    • Favorite Lululemon alternative on Amazon – Mix these up with my Lululemons all the time. I’ve compared their labels – they’re about identical – and have compared them here countless times! Under $30 instead of nearly $100.
    • Lululemon Align – Tried and true, a favorite throughout pregnancy for SO MANY WOMEN. But most definitely on the list of first trimester must haves. Really, anything from their “Align” line will do!
    • Athleta Elation tight – I might like these MORE than Lululemon, namely because they’re just as comfy and stretchy (with that necessary light compression for workouts) but they don’t pill!!! Bless up and add to cart.
  • Vanishing edge undies – My FAVORITE no-show underwear.
  • Enbliss bra – Has been a favorite wireless bra for years, but it’s been my go-to for pregnancy so far. I had always heard from girls of ALL chest sizes that it’s supportive (I always recommended as a B-cup but my D+ size bestie also swears by it!). But, being an OG in the itty bitty titty committee, I couldn’t really speak to bigger cup sizes firsthand. BUT, the pregnancy gods have #blessed my bosom, and your girl is now locked and loaded with two more cups. 😉 SOOO, I can truly say from personal experience now that the Enbliss is, in fact, supportive and comfortable for bigger girls, too! And I haven’t even needed to CHANGE bra sizes yet,


I’ve talked about my cleaner beauty journey and some specific swaps already in trying to GET pregnant, so I’m just keeping it all going now that I AM pregnant. I’m using as many ~clean~ products as possible and have obviously stopped using retinol and any other product that would be deemed “unsafe” for bebe. 

  • DIME – While it was already a go-to before, I’m really relying on my DIME products right about now since they’re all clean and rated so highly on the EWG scale. ICYMI, I published a full DIME beauty reviews post here with all of my hits (AND misses) from the brand so far – feel free to check that out fully + use DIME discount code THRIVE20 at checkout to get 20% off your whole order. 🙂
  • Favorite body butters blog post – I’ve been increasingly intentional about keeping ERRR’THAAANG totally hydrated, including skin all over. So my go-to body butters and moisturizers are all on call!

For the fellow mamas in the house…

What were YOUR first trimester must haves ?

If you’ve got any first trimester questions (or really, anything from pregnancy so far), drop ’em in a comment below. 🙂