HAPPY BIRTHDAY Caffeinate Your Soul!

Happy Cinco de Mayo – and HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Caffeinate Your Soul! Today, my book baby turns one year old – which is crazy to believe. This time last year was a blur; from the panic of the pandemic to the exhaustion of a book launch, it’s been a wild ride to get to where we are now. I need to start this off just saying THANKYOU x100000 to anyone + everyone who has picked up a copy since its release.


I appreciate your support, your time, your thoughtfulness in picking up one for you and one for a girlfriend who might need it, too.

I lovelovelove being able to meet you where you are, wherever that is, with a hope of helping you feel encouraged, inspired, motivated, and less alone – whether that’s first thing on a Monday morning, or in the middle of a dreary, rainy hump day.

Also before I forget to mention it, make sure you stay tuned to my Instagram Stories today for some fun giveaways of SIGNED BOOKS – it’s a party, people!!!

For anyone newer to these rosy parts (hi! hello! welcome!), ICYMI, Caffeinate Your Soul is a collection of 52 Monday Mantras – “sip-sized” bits of encouragement to make your Mondays more manageable and meaningful.

We all know Mondays get a bad rap – but maybe underservingly so. I’ve always believed it’s all about perspective – and whether your glass (or coffee mug 😉 ) is half full or half empty, the volume inside is exactly the same.

Same goes for Mondays – if you go into it expecting it to suck, it probably won’t let you down.

But if you approach your Mondays – and your LIFE – with a spirit of joy, hope, intention and positive anticipation – it probably won’t let you down, either.

My continuous hope + prayer with Caffeinate Your Soul is that it hits the right heart at the right time to help you:

  • Step out in courage and carry on after hardship
  • Grow through what you go through
  • Give yourself grace and give up the personal guilt trips
  • Get comfortable being UNcomfortable
  • Act on your dreams and do hard things
  • Clear out the clutter in your life, say no more often, and fail forward

And really, just feel more energized and more uplifted than any good cuppa coffee ever could…no matter how good the cup. 😉

Happy Birthday CAFFEINATE YOUR SOUL! 52 Monday Mantras book on Coming Up Roses

I like to think of CYS as a friendly reminder when you need it most – whether you need a cheerloader, a coach, or a teammate in the game. It’s full of insight and learnings collected and curated over the years, whether through advice from my mom or experience from my life. And it’s all put together in an easy-to-sip kinda way, with colorful hand-drawn illustrations to help you remember what matters most. It’s even got some pages that are journaling-friendly in case you want to jot your thoughts as you move through an entire year’s worth of Mondays.

Caffeinate Your Soul is currently on sale (woo!) on Amazon and price-matched at Walmart.com and Target.com, so I’m thinking all three for you here to shop wherever floats your boat best. 🙂

Again, a big fat THANKS to you for picking up a copy (or two! or three!). It makes a great Mother’s Day gift idea – and gets here in time via Prime! 😉

If you haven’t seen the BRAND SPANKIN’ NEW WEB PAGE for CYS that my friend Lisette brought to life, please check it out – she’s an *incredible* web designer/developer and I couldn’t recommend her enough.

So. I hope you’ll treat yo’self to a venti caffeinated something and cheers with me to a WHOLE YEAR of caffeinating our souls together.

It’s such an honor to have a piece of me in your home or on your desk with you.

CAFFEINATE YOUR SOUL: 52 Monday Mantras - New book release alert! Inspiring, real, and a GREAT gift!

Happy Birthday Caffeinate Your Soul!