An Honest Review of Tula’s New 24/7 Hydrating Eye Balm

My affinity for Tula skincare is no secret. I’ve been using + sharing the brand since shortly after its launch back in 2014, when their entire repertoire was maybe five products and their headquarters were an open office space in NYC shared with some tech startup guys. Their probiotic purifying cleanser was an instant favorite, as was the hydrating day & night cream – both of which are still bestsellers for the brand and go-to’s in my skincare stash. Since then, they’ve launched somewhere near 70+ new products from toner to sunscreen, and their brand name has skyrocketed to social media skincare stardom. Today, I need to talk to you about their new hydrating treatment eye balm: the 24/7 power swipe.

In my 6+ years loveloveloving the brand, I haven’t often dedicated an entire blog post to one product. I’ve shared favorites in monthly editions of Cool Sh*t I Lovelovelove, I’ve rounded up my top Tula products overall overall and highlighted bestselling gems (like the Tula eye balms trio!). But today I’m trying something different in the name of skincare: a full product review.

Namely because I freaked the freak out when I first tried this stuff – which just launched and is already at the top of my lovelovelove list.

Side note: You know I always clearly disclose when any content is in partnership with a brand AND that that never changes or impacts what I’m saying or sharing about them – but this post is NOT sponsored in any way/shape/form by Tula. You can still use my discount code to save some $$$, I still receive commissions on purchases made through my affiliate links on any platform, but I’m not being compensated by Tula to share this product launch – I just am THAT OBSESSED WITH IT that I couldn’t NOT share with you!

I had it on my content calendar to share with you in depth, AND THEN I got an email from the team that for a few days, my usual discount code (COMINGUPROSES) would be upgraded from 15% off to 20% off for you AND you’ll get a free full size mystery gift with purchase (yay!) – so it felt like the skincare gods saying HALLELUJAH, EYE BALM FOR ALL! Or, really, anything you want/need, because now’s the time to re-stock favorites or treat yo’self to new releases with this limited discount bonus, bless up.

For a limited time, use Tula discount code code COMINGUPROSES to get 20% off your whole order AND a free full-size mystery gift with any purchase!

An Honest Review of the new Tula Hydrating Treatment Eye Balm - the 24/7 power Swipe!

The new Tula hydrating treatment eye balm as seen in July’s Cool Sh*t I Lovelovelove!

Tula Hydrating Treatment Eye Balm - the 24/7 power Swipe!

A backstory about me (or rather, my skin): my undereyes apparently hate product. More often than not, any sortof nighttime “treatment” eye cream or repairing eye balm causes actual burning and stinging around my undereye – no bueno. It has been a struggle and a half over the years to find a few favorite treatment eye creams that not only do what they claim to do, but don’t irritate my eyes in the process. 

Tula’s rose glow & get it eye balm has never irritated me, though, so I had high hopes when this treatment balm first debuted. My hope was that it would be something I could use nightly for hydration AND anti-aging treatment without having some sortof adverse reaction. Is that too much for a girl to ask?!

Well. Let me tell you.

This stuff obviously goes on easily and quickly, being that it’s a quick swipe of a balm stick.

It feels conditioning and hydrating, and it didn’t hurt, sting, or burn at ALL on my face – BLESSED BE. I started using it every single night since it was clearly at least one step ahead of any other nighttime eye balms in my drawer, and so far SO GREAT.

Now, the 24/7 power swipe is actually part of the 24/7 family, which includes the Day & Night Cream that I lovelovelove so much for the rest of my face. So it makes sense that this stuff is similarly fabulous! I just apply directly to my entire undereye area in my nighttime skincare routine and VOILA.

Since I’m an ingredient junkie, let’s quickly run down the list of what’s in this stuff:

  • Hyaluronic Acid and Squalane: for deep hydration + nourishment
  • Caffeine, apple, and watermelon: for firming + improving the look of puffiness
  • Eye peptides and Collagen: for reducing the look of fine lines + wrinkles
  • Cocoa seed extract: for protecting against blue light damage
  • S6Pro Complex™: for improving your skin’s smoothness + protecting against moisture loss via a proprietary super six blend of prebiotics and probiotic extracts
An Honest Review of the new Tula Hydrating Treatment Eye Balm - the 24/7 power Swipe!

After only ONE WEEK of testing, 100% of people said their eye area felt hydrated + nourished; 96% said skin felt more supple, and 90% said skin felt firmer AND with less visible fine lines.

After four weeks of clinical testing, 100% of participants agreed their skin texture was improved and their eye area looked and smoother. 93% said that both their wrinkles AND their dark circles were less visible, and that eye bags were minimized. I’ve been using it for a few weeks already myself and can add myself to those percentages – I actually did a double take in the mirror the other night because my undereye skin feels smoother, tighter, and noticeably more nourished.

This hydrating treatment eye balm can be used under makeup, or alone as part of your nighttime skincare routine (which is what I do most often!).

Basically, if you lovelovelove the 24/7 Day & Night Cream already, you’ll be just as in love with this stuff.

If you, like me, have struggled to find treatment eye products for sensitive undereye skin – you’ll love this stuff.

If you like mess-free, powerful products that are easily packable and multi-purposed – you’ll love this stuff.

And if you like discounts on top of discounts – time to treat yo’self. 😉 The 24/7 power swipe hydrating treatment eye balm is normally $38 – while code COMINGUPROSES is for 20% off, it comes down to $30.40.

Another worthwhile deal to mention is this one. Tula packaged the two gems in the 24/7 hydration family (the eye balm + the day & night cream) in a little kit at a value price, which is ALSO on sale even further with the 20% off code. The kit’s value – or the two products purchased individually at full price – is $90. It’s priced at $68, obviously already a savings – and then with the 20% off on top of that, it comes down to only $54.40. Since the full-size Day & Night Cream usually costs $52, you can see why this duo kit is such an incredible deal right now – a steal, really!

The Day & Night Cream has over 3,000+ solid 5-star reviews – it’s ultra-hydrating without being greasy, and it’s formulated to help “balance” out your skin, which it definitely does for me. It’s been a re-purchased regular in my routine for YEARS!

SO. That’s all I’ve got – I’m a big big fan of this new treatment eye balm from Tula, and I 10/10 recommend.

If you’re thinking of grabbing one, do it while you’ve got the bigger discount AND free gift at play – I already made my own order so I’m pumped!

Have you tried the new Tula treatment eye balm yet?