What’s in my Hospital Bag…

Can’t believe it’s that time already. I know so many mamas *stress* over their hospital bag situation and scour the web for every hospital bag checklist under the sun – let me be the first to say, you don’t need ’em. Really, there are a few “essentials” or musts, but beyond that, you will make due! I couldn’t even TELL you what is in my hospital bag for Olivia, namely because I didn’t have one – ha! But since I had her at 32 weeks, I had literally nothing ready to go. As I was en route for my emergency C-section, my mom went to my house and threw some essentials into a duffel bag and called it a day. And you know what? IT WAS ALL GOOD. So from that and a *bit* more research + readiness for this baby, I’m pretty confident this hospital bag list was made, checked twice, and is as ready as we are for little man’s debut. 🙂

First off – this weekender bag is so good. I think it’s the most popular bag on the website at this point. It’s designer-inspired and looks like this $300 bag…for not even $30. But it’s especially fabulous because it’s got pockets galore, a solid strap situation, AND wipes down easily. My go-to carry-on for flights since getting it!

Beyond the weekender, I also have this MAMA clear travel case, this BABY clear case, this SNACKS clear pouch, and then these packing cubes.

SO – what’s in my hospital bag. I have it broken down quasi-categorically since that’s how my brain works best. Hopefully my bulleted system makes sense for you, too! To note, I’ll also throw a good ol’ Vera Bradley duffel in the car with my own pillow, blanket and towel since I’ll likely sleep better (what little sleep you get – ha!) on my own pillow. 🙂

What's in my HOSPITAL BAG - second baby! on Coming Up Roses

  • 40 oz tumbler cup You know I wouldn’t be caught dead without my cup. 😉 40 oz, leak free, will keep my water ice cold all day AND night…an obvious essential for staying hydrated beyond styrofoam hospital cups.
  • Kindle paperwhite (+ my pink case) – My girl Chelsie got me a Kindle for my birthday, which comes highly recommended by my mom friends as a bedside bestie for late night feeds, etc. The one-handed reading life will be the life for me, and the screen is great since it doesn’t emit harmful blue light.
  • Snack pack – Loaded with some of my personal favorites + protein-packed things (like my Chomps).
  • Blanket – Good time to whip out a Barefoot Dreams alternative since you probably don’t want the real deal in the hospital – ha! (Here are my favorite Barefoot Dreams blanket dupes to save big bucks!)
  • Fuzzy socks – Preferably with grippies on the bottom!
  • Cool Nights PJs + Nordstrom PJ’s – You only need one pair of PJs, really…I might bring both just because they take up so little space when rolled, and I’m not sure how I’ll feel temperature wise. Both are totally breathable with buttons and prevent night sweats.
  • Shower sandals – Good ol’ flip flops will do the trick.
  • Charging cordsBoth a longer direct lightning cable and a portable charger!
  • Instax camera – Absolutely not an essential – just something fun I figured I’d toss in to capture some cute candids.
  • Phone tripod – Another non-essential, but for funsies to get videos/photos of all of us together candidly in those first few days. We missed out on all of the “cutesy” newborn stuff the first time around, so I’m giving myself full permission to be a little extra now. Ha! 😉
  • Going home outfits for mom + baby

What's in my HOSPITAL BAG - second baby! on Coming Up Roses


  • Travel size skincare set I picked up this travel-size set of my clean skincare favorites – turns out, the travel case they come in is actually an incredibly compact-yet-effective toiletry bag that fits the included products and then some. So I managed to get everything efficiently packed in here with room to spare! Code THRIVE20 will take an extra 20% off on top of the already-discounted price (bless), so it ends up being incredible savings – a great way to stock up on your favorites in TSA-friendly sizing, OR just try The Works line to make sure you lovelovelove before purchasing full-size products!
  • Lip balm My favorite for on the go; it’s a clean formula, feels fabulous, SO hydrating, not greasy, lasts a long time. Over 1,000 five-star reviews. Also 20% off with code THRIVE20.
  • Toothbrush/toothpaste
  • Contacts + glasses
  • Dry shampoo travel size!
  • Claw clip These are the best ever. As seen in action here!
  • Loufa, body wash, shampoo
  • Deodorant
  • Eye drops


  • Nipple butter TBD on how nursing will go this time around, but have just in case – with over 54,000 reviews it speaks for itself!
  • Disposable C-section postpartum underwear  – Was a sworn by recommendation in multiple “mom groups” I’m in, so we shall see!
  • Super soft maternity/postpartum underwear – These are SUPER soft and lovely.
  • Hakaa breast pump – Came highly recommended for “evening out” when nursing or pumping and catching let down
  • Nursing bras 
  • Boppy pillowNot a necessity, but often recommended for easier nursing. Will probably throw mine into my bigger duffel with my own pillow just in case.

What's in my HOSPITAL BAG - second baby! on Coming Up Roses

Matching outfits for optional pictures – We have a little matching gown/hat set + light robe from Caden Lane that I figured I’d bring in case we feel like snapping a few sweet shots in the hospital.

For baby:

  • 2-3 outfits in different sizes
  • Swaddle/light baby blanket
  • Baby shusher – Came highly recommended for keeping near his bassinet to try and regulate days/nights LOL
  • Clip on fan – Be that for mama or baby, it’s compact enough to throw in just in case
  • Birth announcement outfit + name plate
  • Canvas + non-toxic ink pad – I missed out on newborn footprint/handprints with the OG, so I got a little 5×7 canvas and non-toxic ink pad to bring to have the nurses do for little man! Just wanted something cute for his nursery to capture this stage of little. 🙂


I hope my hospital bag checklist helps build yours, too – you’ve got this, mama!