Today’s forecast is calling for snow and coffee. 😉 That’s been the norm around these rosy parts lately – the most RANDOM weather patterns (one day is a 30 degree “wintry mix”, the next is 60 + sunshine…) and extra caffeine. Between the babe + so many work projects happening behind-the-scenes, it’s been a MONTH. But no complaining – we’re all moving + grooving and doing A-OK. 🙂 TBH, I got so wrapped up in other things this week that I totally spaced on today’s blog post – and also snow has made shooting a BIT more difficult than usual. Good ol’ Northeast weather. Ha! But y’all seem to like when I share what’s been happening on Instagram lately (like here!), so that’s what we’re doin’ today!

ICYMI, I’m @ericaligenza on the ‘gram – and every single week, I send a goodie box of makeup/skincare/hair products to a follower justbecause! So if you’re hanging out with us there, make sure you’re engaging with content since that’s how a name is drawn weekly.

OK, onto what’s been up on Instagram lately…

INSTAGRAM LATELY on Coming Up Roses - Pink Lily Boutique sweater

Pom pom beanie (under $16 on Amazon – and SO SOFT inside! It’s the best fleecey material that is not at all itchy + comes in all sortsa fun colors. #BlessUp) // (Get 15% off with code ERICA15) // (similar ) // (SO GOOD for the snow – worth the investment! Also available here on Amazon) //


INSTAGRAM LATELY on Coming Up Roses - Hair Food

Hair Food shampoo/conditioner (mine is “Smoothing!)


INSTAGRAM LATELY on Coming Up Roses - Topshop cardigan, spanx leather leggings

 (On clearance for 50% off right now in 4 colors!!!!) // // (100% worth the investment! I wear mine CONSTANTLY this time of year – they’re ultra flattering, but also warm!!!!) // Wedge sneakers (similar !)


INSTAGRAM LATELY on Coming Up Roses - affordable arm candy, bracelet stack

Arm stack from top to bottom – all designer lookalikes!, , , Mixed metal cable,  // // (A favorite buy for spring this year!) // (all denim is BOGO 50% off right now – I lovelovelove these!)


INSTAGRAM LATELY on Coming Up Roses - Tweed dress

(Only $18!)


INSTAGRAM LATELY on Coming Up Roses - J. Crew Mercantile vest, levi's jeans

(Super lightweight knit! On sale for $26.90) // J.Crew vest (also comes in Maroon!) // (These are a great distressed option since if you don’t want CRAZY distressed – plus the holes being over your knees makes walking really easy + uninhibited. Ha!) // (Steve Madden from last season so they’re sold out – so bummed!)

 INSTAGRAM LATELY on Coming Up Roses - Wine sweatshirt

(Get it for $25.50 with code ERICA15!) // Raw-edge jeans // Gold slippers (old, similar !) // Eyeglasses


INSTAGRAM LATELY on Coming Up Roses - leopard print sweater

(only $29!) 


INSTAGRAM LATELY on Coming Up Roses - Colleen Rothschild products

All about some of my fave Colleen Rothschild products here!

 INSTAGRAM LATELY on Coming Up Roses - striped amazon dress

Striped long-sleeve dress (Less than $20 on Amazon!) // Blanket Scarf (sold out) // //  



(THE dress!!!! And it’s 60% off right now!!!! Only $23.60, WILL sell out.) // Blanket scarf //  (40% off right now!!!! Lovelovelove the pointed toe + snug fit) // Tote bag (designer lookalike on Amazon!)


INSTAGRAM LATELY on Coming Up Roses - The Pink Lily Boutique tee

(15% off with code ERICA15 – comes down to $22.10!) // Black cardigan (sold out, similar ) // Black denim (similar ) // Slip-on sneakers // Oversized sunglasses (Under $10 on Amazon) 


INSTAGRAM LATELY on Coming Up Roses - Target coffee sweatshirt, camo Spanx leggings

(on clearance for $ 12.98!!!) // (SO worth every cent!) // //


Have you been hanging out on Instagram lately?

How’s your week so far? ICYMI, we talked about to-do lists and flare jeans this week so far!

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