“I Will Politely Persist.”

Another Monday, another day of feeling dread that the weekend is over, overwhelm at the fullness of your plate (already), and general worry about the week ahead, where anything besides being persistent at refilling yo’ coffee mug feels like the biggest chore amiright??

I think we’ve *all* taken a ride on the Monday morning struggle bus before, and we can say that it’s definitely not the ride o’ choice (can there be a Monday Porsche? Asking for a friend).

But whether it’s Monday morning, Hump Day night in the middle of a looooong week, or Saturday afternoon post-brunch, there’s one thing we all could *really* use a bit more of when the going gets tough: persistence.

Sometimes, we feel the pressures of society + the world all around us, telling us that we’re not good enough, not strong enough, not smart enough to actually achieve what we really wanna achieve. We’re told that unless we’re hustling 24/7, we’ll be out-hustled and inevitably fall short. We know how badly we want out own dreams, but we’re told others want it more. And we feel like unless we in turn rise to the occasion and match everyone else and their mom’s level of hustle, we won’t be able to get where we wanna go in work, life – even in lovelovelove.

So, we’re hit with a big fat “Is it worth it tho???

Is the sacrifice worth it? IS there sacrifice involved? How do I handle the uncertainties and fears? And what happens when I feel like I’ve reached the end of my rope?

Enter, today’s Monday Mantra:

"I Will Politely Persist." -Being Persistent

“I will politely persist.”

Internalize this like it’s yo’ JOB this week, wouldja???

I will keep going, and when I feel like stopping, I’ll just go even farther.

I will persist, even when I feel like pressing pause. When my dreams feel too high in the sky, I’ll be persistent knowing that if I shoot for the moon and miss, I’ll still be in the sky among the stars. 

And I say “politely,” cos there’s a right and a wrong way to persist. Persisting like a bulldog won’t necessarily get you very far in the long run. Sure, it might push a few roadblocks outta the way now, but it might plow over the wrong peeps and strike the match to bridges that shouldn’t be burned. 

Being an asshat won’t get you very far. When in doubt, always be polite.

Dedicate yo’self to politely persisting towards every goal, dream, intention and desire that you’ve outlined for yo’self. Because you are capable, you are worthy, and you should be done playing small (like, right this very second). Instant success isn’t the only kinda success.

Yannnno the stories, I’m sure…

  • If Henry Ford hadn’t persisted, there would be no Ford Motor Company.
  • If Oprah hadn’t persisted after being fired from her first TV anchor job, there would be no Oprah. Literally.
  • If J.K. Rowling hadn’t persisted after countless editor rejections, there would be no Harry Potter.
  • If Thomas Edison hadn’t persisted after God only knows how many actual attempts at the lightbulb, there would be no ELECTRICITY.
  • If Walt Disney hadn’t persisted after being told he lacked imagination, there would be no Mickey Mouse.

Stories of seemingly abysmal failure turned into the greatest success stories we know today.





All taken and transformed into a lesson to be learned and some of the most epic stories of all time. All because someone decided to politely persist at their passion until something happened.

That’s the key: You have to want it so badly that being persistent doesn’t phase you.

You have to want it so badly that being persistent isn’t intimidating or annoying – it’s necessary, and warmly welcomed as a necessary stepping stone on the way to making it happen. Want it badly enough that you’re dying to take another step – the next step – to follow up, make some tweaks, talk to more people about the dream and why it’s worthwhile. 

Your dream isn’t any less valuable, meaningful, or worthwhile than Henry Ford’s dream, Oprah’s dream, or Walt Disney’s dream. 

If they had quit, we wouldn’t have even KNOWN their dreams, because the billion dollar+ empires that resulted might not have come to fruition. We wouldn’t be sitting here chatting about their successes, because they would’ve stopped at one or two failures. If you want to be talked about later, you’ve gotta be willing to fail + persist now.

The people who win aren’t the people who’ve never lost. They’re just the people who have lost and persisted anyway.

Remind yo’self that you + your dreams are as much worth it as J.K. Rowling’s dream for the world to know the boy who lived. They’re as worthy as a talking mouse with big ears, too. They’re worth your time, effort, intention, and hard work.

They’re worth politely persisting.

So keep on going, and keep persisting until you make. it. happen.

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How will you politely persist this week?

Drop a note in a comment below and lemme know, wouldja? And and aaaaand, if you have ANY Q’s at all about BossPitch and/or are considering politely persisting with your blog, pleasepleaseplease feel free to shoot me an email (erica@cominguprosestheblog.com) with any/all Q’s so I can give ya an A before the price jumps up this week. Like I said…it’ll never be this low again, ever. So if you’re on the fence, I’d rather ya get off the fence before there’s a higher pricetag attached!

Now go politely persist on something important.

You’re worth it.

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