BossPitch is Back! What you Need to Know:

BOSSPITCH’S BACK, ALRIGHT! *sung like the Backstreet Boys*


Yannnno why I’m stoked????

Cos I’ve been waiting SIX MONTHS to relaunch this project o’ mine that is changing. people’s. lives. I’m all jazzed up even typing that, cos I’m cheesy like that. 😉 But really tho, after a super jam-packed free webinar Wednesday night, BossPitch opened back up for enrollment. I’ve been so happily overwhelmed by the number of peeps who have reached out to me saying that the webinar was one of the most valuable, genuinely useful masterclasses they’ve seen – that’s the goal, cos ain’t nobody got time to waste. Ya feel? 😉

SO, I wanted to lay it all out on the line. Errrrrr’thaaaaang. All the details, big and small, that you need to know about the course, the launch, the students who have taken it before, and the possibilities that lie within it for Y-O-U. Cool? Cool.

First thing’s first:

BossPitch: Pitching & (Politely) Persisting the Ultimate Brand Partnerships, is my signature course for bloggers and entrepreneurs wanting to collaborate with brands. It’s the most comprehensive teaching online today to walk bloggers through brand collaborations from start to finish. BossPitch will optimize your content for sponsored partnerships, teach you exactly how to pitch your favorite brand(s), and – most importantly – help you master the art of following up, so that your income + relationships are in YOUR hands.

Before I tell ya what’s inside the course, let some BossPitch students tell ya what it’s done for them:



“I’ve been blogging for less than a year and charge 4 times the rate of friends with double the readership who have been blogging for 5 years! A lot of that has to do with the confidence gained from Bosspitch and the community around the course. The course really did pay for itself after two sponsored posts and now I continue to see the returns of the investment as limitless. Plus anytime I started to doubt myself or my pricing, it’s awesome to be able to hop back in the course, revisit a module, and get a confidence kick in the behind from Erica!”

Rachel, The Confused Millennial




I secured 2 outstanding brand collaborations within 1 month finishing the course and felt empowered to DOUBLE the asking rate on two other collaborations.”

Kallie, But First Coffee






1. My rates doubled, almost tripled overnight.

2. Companies ACTUALLY started to pay me, HAPPILY.

3. I had made more money in THREE MONTHS than I had made the ENTIRE YEAR of 2016. Let that sink in.
Now, 5 months into 2017, I have TRIPLED my income from last year alone. Tripled. My. Income.
Now, some of that can be attributed to my following/readership/stats in general continually raising, but more than that, I know how to talk to companies and pitch my heart out.
I’m traveling to the Dominican Republic on a press trip in June (thanks to my new-found pitching skills), working with big brand companies, and I quit my 9-5 job. Blogging is my career, and BossPitch was a HUGE part of making that happen.
Taylor, Blonde and Ambitious Blog


AREN’T THEY AWESOME?!?! I’m all teary-eyed and mushy cos my students are the actual bombdotcom. 

Let’s back it up for a hot sec.

In May 2016, I took the leap with CUR and started blogging full time. And since then, I’ve had the chance to live what I lovelovelove every single day, working with the coolest brands and hanging out with the coolest peeps (you guys!). But it hasn’t always been coming up roses (pun intended…;) ).

Around the time I wanted to take my blog to the next level, I was working so dang hard and so dang long to try to make it happen.

I was working largely through various blog networks (great option if you’re getting yo’ feet wet with sponsored content!), but I felt like I had reached a sort of plateau – I was making money, but nowhere near enough money to make ends actually meet, and I wasn’t really making what I thought I might be “worth.” TBH, I had no clue what I was really “worth.” But when I found myself totally burnt out, basically working 24/7, I figured something had gotta give. 

So I re-evaluated my life, basically.

If you’ve been around these rosy parts a bit, you might’ve seen content on why bloggers deserve to get paid, or things that bloggers get tired of hearing. Namely, I was really peeved upon realizing that I had actually been severely undervaluing myself in partnerships. And ain’t nobody got time for that.

Influencer marketing is HUGE. ICYMI…it’s the name of the game in marketing right about now. 

Now more than ever, creatives are being compensated to do what they lovelovelove every single day.

Or, at least, that’s the ideal.

Unfortunately, so many awesome, kickass creatives aren’t getting paid their worth as a blogger. Because they don’t even KNOW their real worth, for starters. Beyond that, it can be hella hard to get others – *cough* brands *cough* – to truly understand their real worth, too, if they haven’t been fully educated on influencer marketing as an industry. The result? Lackluster partnerships. Potentially all the way around. Because if you also don’t know how to really present a partnership to a brand in the best way possible, you’re probably not booking repeat contracts or ongoing work. 

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Once I figured out how to really create mutually beneficial relationships with brands, I’ve been able to cultivate some truly amazing relationships with even more amazing brands, whom I feel so lucky to get to work with repeatedly.

And I created BossPitch to help you do the same.

BossPitch: Pitching & (Politely) Persisting the Ultimate Brand Partnerships (COURSE for Bloggers!) 


Bloggers who lovelovelove working with brands and want to take their brand partnerships another step deeper, getting paid more for better collaborations.

Bloggers who know a bit about how to work with brands already, but aren’t as confident taking reins and initiating partnerships themselves.

Bloggers who are serious about taking their blogs to the next level, getting paid to do what they lovelovelove, working with brands on a more intimate level. 

Bloggers are are ready to #werk. Being a full time blogger ain’t easy, yo! Bloggers are NEVER given enough credit, in my humble opinion. 😉 We’re CEO’s doing a LOT behind the scenes to make sure our ships sail smoothly on the surface, even when waters get a bit rocky. 



An 8-module, self-guided course (with added bonuses, printables, checklists, and downloadables, too) walking bloggers through optimizing brand partnerships from start to finish, sans blog networks. BossPitch will teach you your own worth, show you how to effectively communicate that, and walk you through negotiating + relationship-building with brands who see + respect that. It’s the quintessential next step for bloggers wanting to really kick it up a notch with their bloggers, making more money and cultivating more fruitful, mutually beneficial partnerships.

There are SO FEW actually GOOD resources from “successful” bloggers sharing how they ACTUALLY do it. Sure, you might find a generic template or a list of basic tips here or there, but the really groundbreaking stuff isn’t given away online. BossPitch fills in the blanks, serving as a usable guide to navigating the biggest Q’s you have about how to work with brands as a blogger.

(You can see allllll details, thoughts from past BossPitch students, FAQ’s, + MORE right here!)



Enrollment is open now through end of May (that’s May 31).

Here’s the lowdown:

Anyone who joins BossPitch from now through tomorrow night (Saturday, May 20th) will get all of the fast-action bonuses. AND, the first 25 BossPitches also get a 1:1 video consultation call with me.

From now through next Wednesday (May 24th), BossPitch is at it’s “earlybird” price. It will never be this low of a price again, ever. Point blank period. Some students from the first go-around told me they think the course is worth a thousand bucks. So…get it now. 😉

From May 24 through May 31st, BossPitch is up to regular price.

(For ALL price points, payment plans are available! So if that’s your jam, no problemo. Just choose that option at checkout. 🙂 )



You’re sick of feeling overworked and undervalued.

You know how to work with brands once everything is set in stone, but you’d really like to feel more in control – of your content, opportunities, and income.

You’re tired of not really knowing how to navigate relationships with brands.

You really really really really wanna make your blog something that can bring in a lil’ extra moolah (or a lotta extra moolah) for yo’self and/or yo’ family. 


I believe in you, and I believe in blogging. Blogging is such a powerful tool when used for good. Your favorite blog can do everything from give you the inspiration to try something new to teach you a new skill, to literally change your life. I really believe that we’re onto something, yo. And I know that BossPitch has that next-level factor that you’ve been missing all this time.

There are a whole BUNCHA testimonials + thoughts right here from bloggers who have already been through BossPitch, so don’t take my word for it – take theirs.

If you have ANY Q’s at all about the course, if it might be right for you, etc., pleasepleaseplease don’t hesitate to shoot me an email:

And the important dates: TOMORROW (fast action bonuses expire), next WEDNESDAY (price jumps up), May 31 (course doors CLOSE!).

I really really really hope that BossPitch can be a resource to change yo’ life when it comes to blogging. If you watch the videos of past students, I think you’ll see how it’s changed theirs – so I KNOW it can change yours, too. We’re in this together. 

Are you ready to join BossPitch?

I sure as heck hope so.

Cheers to your success.

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