Scents & Memories: Here’s How (+ Why) your Brain Connects the Two! – with Beth Geddio (P.S. WE MADE A CANDLE!!!), THRIVE Ep. 179

Ever smell something that instantly brings you back to a specific memory, person, or point in time? Maybe the smell of fresh cut grass, or sugar cookies in the oven, or your mom’s perfume? I know what candle was burning in our little townhouse basement back in 2020, and every time I smell Polo cologne it feels like my dad is here for the holidays. Why? Because your sense of smell is directly linked to your memory – they’re literally next door to one another in your brain! Today on THRIVE we’re welcoming back my friend Beth from State of Being Co. – an affirmation candle company that harnesses this powerful connection to create tools to effect positive change in your life and actually change your…state of being! We’re so stoked to bring you an incredible, intentional collaboration between THRIVE x State of Being: the THRIVING candle. Designed specifically to help you go from a life of surviving…to thriving!

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