My New, Relaxed 3-Step Morning Routine

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What’s your morning routine? Do you have one? We’ve talked quite a bit about mine, especially as it’s changed with the years and with life. My own morning routine has run the gamut, from being virtually non-existent or blatantly unhealthy (ie, just getting up, pouring coffee, and heading straight for my laptop – no bueno), to being intentionally rigorous and routinized (ie, waking up at 5 am every single day to workout, journal, pray, read, AND get in “me time,” all before Olivia wakes up).

With so much having done a 180 in our world around March, my morning routine needed some adjusting.

Namely, it needed grace.

All of LIFE needed grace, so I quickly learned I needed to adjust my own expectations of myself and reassess my goals, really taking things day-by-day while focusing on my family’s health and my own inner peace.

Instead of pushing for 5 am workouts and green juices, I’ve come to really understand the body’s response to stress, and how much we may subconsciously take on and undergo, especially when in particularly stressful situations. Simply pushing through and being in the constant go go go isn’t necessarily helpful – it could end up being HARMFUL, if you’re not giving your body the time and grace it needs to rest to effectively restart each day.

Lately, we’ve been “sleeping in” until Olivia wakes up, letting her be our alarm. Any parenting blog or Joanna Gaines character may swear that’s the antithesis to actually getting things done for YOU as a parent, but sometimes, a good night’s sleep IS for you. ???? Once Liv is awake and we’ve snuggled a bit as a fam, my 3-step relaxing (but productive) morning routine begins.

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starbucks fresh brew coffee cans

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  • Quick workout to increase blood flow

J and I take turns getting a workout in, which works especially well if one of us happens to wake up BEFORE Liv. I’ll blog my full workout routine ASAP, but in short, I lovelovelove focusing on multi-purposed moves that work multiple muscle groups at one time. Beyond that, it has to be fun and get blood pumping! Getting some endorphins flowing is the best way to naturally feel (and be) more awake, and it automatically boosts my mood and leaves me feeling more confident and strong, prepared for the day ahead. And amen to that, amiright? I try to do a combination of trampoline work (called “rebounding” – it’s SO much fun!), which can be as simple as jumping or dancing around on it to your favorite song, weight lifting, and ab work.


  • Brew Starbucks® Fresh Brew in Breakfast Blend

Did you know it’s actually NOT best to wake right up and head right for the coffee machine? Your body naturally wakes itself up as you start to get physically moving with your day, so it’s recommended to have your first cuppa joe around 9:30 am when your natural cortisol levels are lower. This is namely why I’ve been loveloveloving starting my day with a workout first and THEN truly enjoying that first morning brew!

Speaking of morning brews, Starbucks new Fresh Brew cans bring that freshly ground flavor to your home with every single brew. Each air-tight can is pre-ground and perfectly pre-portioned to deliver a half pot of coffee – which is great for J + I to share over good conversation to start our day together. An added bonus: the cans are made using 100% recyclable packaging. ???? Great little way to bring the coffeeshop vibe to your own kitchen!

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 simple morning routine  simple morning routine with coffee


  • Journal for Gratitude + Goals

Some pair coffee with a favorite sweet treat – others like it black with a savory, hearty breakfast. Whichever way you call it, I like mine with a side of gratitude. ???? One of the most sacred pieces of my own morning routine is still taking time to count my blessings! I firmly believe that gratitude is the best attitude, and science has proven time and time again how dang POWERFUL it is in shifting your perspective and bringing about more joy in your everyday life. No matter the circumstances, there is still ALWAYS something to be grateful for, no matter how “small” – and sometimes that thing is a reaaaaaally good cuppa coffee. 🙂 So I like to journal 5 things that happened or that I noticed within the past 24 hours, so that I’m always on my toes to look for the good stuff!

Beyond that, I journal my goals as if they’ve already happened. May sound silly, I know. BUT, that’s been scientifically proven, too, to more quickly align your brain with reality and make things happen! Everything is an “I AM” or present-moment sentence, so that my subconscious can get used to how some big things sound. 😉 That way, nothing stays up in lofty “someday” space – it’s ready to happen whenever God says it’s go time!

What’s been your morning routine lately?

Have you tried Starbucks Fresh Brew cans or the Breakfast Blend yet?


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