SPLURGE vs. SAVE- Looks for Less of the Most Popular, Sold Out NSALE Pieces!

The two worst words to say to any woman: SOLD OUT. 😉 One of the biggest bummers of this year’s NSALE (and honestly, a bit bummer of EVERY NSALE when it inevitably happens year to year) is how quickly bestsellers sell out completely. While Nordstrom often restocks certain top picks + pieces, this year was obviously impacted by what’s going on in the world, and I don’t think I saw a SINGLE full restock of favorites – the only “restock” has been when returns are processed and put back up for sale, which doesn’t count as a “restock” in my opinion. The good news: I’ve got your back, girlfriend. 😉 I found quite a few look-for-less options that are just as good if not better than their NSALE counterparts, so I’m STOKED to be sharing the look for less with you today!

SPLURGE vs. SAVE - NSALE edition! Featuring better, cheaper versions of the most popular sold-out pieces from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale - on Coming Up Roses


Steve Madden Loafers Look for Less

SPLURGE: Probably THE most popular shoe of this year’s NSALE were these (only 2 colors still available!). They’re $49 in the sale and will be jumping up to $89 on August 30th.

SAVE: This might be the closest look-for-less of all time…these  look IDENTICAL, don’t they?!?! I mean, color me shocked it’s not literally the same shoe. Save $10 here AND they’re fully stocked.

Adidas Sneakers Look for Less

SPLURGE: The other most-popular shoe of the sale: These sold out . They were a hit last year, too, and the spotted pair in this year’s sale sold like hot cakes. (I’m a BIT salty about it, since they were top of my own wishlist and I didn’t get to grab a pair – shucks!). They were on sale for just under $50.

SAVE: WHAT A WIN. Get the look-for-less for only $17!!!!! Found these online and JUMPED at them while they’re fully stocked; they’ve got memory foam soles and are SO comfortable for walking AND working out. I’m so glad I snagged ’em and 100% recommend if you, too, had your heart set on the Adidas and couldn’t grab a pair!

Madewell Mules Splurge vs Save

SPLURGE: These have been really popular, too (shoes in general have been a HIT in this year’s NSALE – can ya tell? 😉 ). On sale for $49 and back up to $88 in a few days.

SAVE: SPOTTED: The , for $24 LESS. #winning.

Leopard Flats Look for Less

SPLURGE: The sold-out is $39 in the NSALE and $81 after.

SAVE: SAVE YO’ MONEY, friends – these two suuuuuper similar optionsand respectively. Definitely a classic transitional shoe style right now, and so very versatile!

Black Steve Madden Loafers Look for Less

SPLURGE: Again with the – so perfect, and so very sold out. HA.

SAVE: These aren’t EXACT in that the toe is more rounded and the metal detail is a silver strip instead of gold chain, but they’re comparable in HOW you’d wear them so I wanted to include regardless. Plus, the price point is spot on and less than half the price – only $22 instead of $49!!!!

SPLURGE: The classic Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk shade is loveloveloved by so many, and for good reason. It is in a great deal in this NSALE , so if the shade and/or brand is on your wishlist, it’s a good time to treat yo’self.

SAVE: If you just want the shade and longwear and aren’t brand loyal to CT, my is where it’s at. I’ve blogged this formula SO MANY TIMES before and have sang its praises since I first tried it a few years ago, and it’s just that good. It’s not drying, so easy to apply, longlasting color, and comes in the best shades. I own, like, 7.

Sam Edelman Coat Look for Less

SPLURGE: ‘Tis the season for teddy coats, and this in the NSALE is just under $100.

SAVE: , on Amazon for just under $60 instead.

Leopard Cardigan Splurge vs Save

SPLURGE: This sold out INSTANTLY, and for good reason. I got lucky and snagged the last one in my store (bless up).

SAVE: While there is NOTHING quite like the classic Barefoot Dreams material and I 100% swear by them (they’re truly worth it), this on Amazon can get you the look for less if you weren’t able to grab a BD on sale!

SPLURGE: PAIGE denim is always reaaaaally raved about, and it only typically goes on super sale during the NSALE (which is still STEEP for denim, in my opinion, since I have so many favorites from American Eagle and Abercrombie that I got for not even $50!).

SAVE: This is pretty cool – it’s (just a different wash) for $67 at a different retailer, instead!!!

Steve Madden Feather Loafer Look for Less

SPLURGE: Back at it again with the sold out – classic, and on sale for $39 before jumping up to $71 on 8/30.

SAVE:  This is SUCH , on sale for only – wait for it – $12!!!! Twelve freaking dollars. Dude. Duh.

SPLURGE: The ever-popular, also sold out , which is typically $49 in the NSALE and then $98 after that.

SAVE: A near EXACT at the Rack – I bought it and it’s PERFECT. Stay true to size and snag one before they sell out – cheaper AND stocked!!!

SPLURGE: These cult-classic are already sold out…

SAVE: …So save a few bucks and !

SPLURGE: This $39 is super fuzzy + cozy for the season…

SAVE: …but I think I like this $29 more!

SPLURGE: A hidden gem of the NSALE: this now sold-out from Leith that’s normally $59, on sale for $38.

SAVE: A for $16 instead!!!

SPLURGE: While it’s not necessarily a “splurge,” will sure feel like it when it jumps up to nearly $50 for a tank top in a few days.

SAVE: Save a few bucks on instead – only $19!


SPLURGE: One of the most popular booties of the NSALE: , on sale for $99 and going up to $189 soon!

SAVE: WHAT A STEAL: another pair of on super sale for only $34!!!!!!! Will sell out fast, so grab ’em!

Joggers for less

SPLURGE: The sold-out that I raved about (+ that the CURowd loveloved, too – they were a bestseller from the sale!) were $38 in the sale.

SAVE: Zella’s sister brand has on sale here!

Which SAVE vs. SPLURGE from the NSALE is your favorite?

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