How I’m being SMART around the house.

Happy Monday, friends! Things are a wee bit chaotic right about now, between the middle of summer, so much travel upcoming. 😉 The entire month of July is totally go go go for us, up until the last week when we head to the beach for a little family vacation with everyone. CANNOT WAIT. But until then…the circus continues. 😉

A Q I get quite a lot, actually, is how I “do it all.” Granted, that’s a post for another day, and the short answer is…I don’t. There are solutions + strategies + systems galore to simplify as much as possible to get as much done in whatever time frame you’ve got. The key is always being SMART about it. With Prime Day around the corner, I wanted to share a product that’s newer to us that’s definitely helping in both the “smart” and “solution” departments.


Really, a robot vacuum. Hear me out.

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I was someone who never really got the hype in “smart” products. I thought they were gimmicky attempts at profit, and that Siri, Alexa, and the gang were all just listening to our every word to take over the world someday. (HA). 😉

Enter, Olivia.

Girlfriend entered our lives, then she entered our home and WAM BAM ALAKAZAM, we need a fairy godmother cleaning lady STAT, because babies are messy…but they require *not messy* surroundings to be safe at home.

Once Liv started crawling like crazy, we quickly realized that our 1-2x a week vaccuums were not going to cut it. She went from trying to scooch around the living room floor, to FLYING around the carpet, switching rooms, and trying to stand in a matter of a week or two. And any fellow mamas back me up here…babies somehow have this knack for discovering anything + everything that’s NOT Fisher Price, and putting it into their mouths. You’ve got a pile of fun toys? Cool. But that quarter on the floor eight feet away in another room? NEED IT.

J + I already took the leap and got some help to deeeeeep clean the house once a month (which is a godsend, truly), but vacuuming is one thing that needs to happen pretty much every other day at this point, between the baby AND three rescue cats (our house is a circus, albeit a fun one 😉 ).

So, I checked out the whole “robotic vacuum” thing.

Robotic vacuums exist to save you time and keep things clean, automatically circling around your house to suck up dirt + debris. This sounded AWESOME to us, seeing as I’d much rather the robot suck up dirt than my child. 😉

Turns out, they’re ridiculously easy to set up + turn on; they arrive partially charged already too, so you just have to put the vacuum on “home base” and follow the three-step manual to connect it to your WiFi before beginning tracking and cleaning.

Connecting to WiFi is *great* since you can just open the app and hit “CLEAN” and the robotic vacuum departs from home base and begins its clean. Heck, you can even schedule your cleanings for whatever day of the week you wish (even daily), and have it AUTOMATICALLY do its thaaaang, even if you’re not home. I mean, we’re all for planning ahead, but sometimes, last minute things happen and ain’t nobody got time to panic when rushing around to clean up for houseguests. J + I are always great tag-teamers when it comes to cleaning, but eliminating vaccuuming and assigning that to Larry (our robot – ha!) just means more time to focus on other tasks (or Olivia!).

It saves us time, but it also adds peace of mind, not having to constantly worry about what might be on the floor as a choking hazard or other danger.

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We ran it for about 10 minutes on our first floor, between just our living room + foyer, just to see exactly how much stuff it would pick up – especially since we’re big vacuumers anyways. And it was MINDBLOWING how much hair + dirt picked up…disgustingly so. I mean, we have three cats so hair is obviously a thing in our household, but it was like a fourth cat was reborn from the robot. 😉 It counter-rotates to maximize dust and hair pickup and has side brushes to reach near walls + corners for a full clean. And if it detects extra dirt in one particular spot, it will spin and spend more time to fully pick up that area. PRETTY FRIGGIN’ COOL, eh? Bonus: If/when it goes over something it shouldn’t, like the end of a blanket for example (which happened to us), it doesn’t just blaze on over it and cause a stuck mess like what happens in typical vacuums. Instead, the robot stops and says “error,” and pauses so that you can disconnect whatever got caught without hurting it or the machine.

All in all, V GLAD we decided to try one. Especially since it means less time cleaning + more time with the peanut of the house. 🙂

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Are you shopping ? And have you ever tried a robotic vacuum before?

Would lovelovelove to know – especially if you’ve got a Prime Day list and checked it twice. What’s on it???

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