Snow Day Chic + Storytime (Life Updates!)

Woke up this morning to a winter wonderland in Philadelphia – Mother Nature is a solid month late on that one. 😉

One of my biggest personal pain points in style is the entire season of winter. HA. But really though. Especially in Pennsylvania, it’s freezing AF most of the time – and we’ve got wind, rain, sleet, snow, and everything in between. Literally this weekend, they’re calling for “flash freezing.”

What the heck is “flash freezing,” you ask?

Apparently, it’s when every single thing that is wet just freezes over instantaneously. The earth, the road…you get the idea. No bueno, yo. Ten bucks says the grocery store is already out of bread and milk. 😉

Anyhoo, since I’ve been on the snow style struggle bus (wow, alliteration much?) lately, I was determined to put together something that was a.) warm and b.) cute at the same time. This resulted. (Not bad, eh?) Shoppable outfit details + some life updates below.

Snow Day Chic + some Life Updates

Snow Day Chic + some Life Updates

Snow Day Chic + some Life Updates

Snow Day Chic + some Life Updates

Snow Day Chic + some Life Updates Snow Day Chic + some Life Updates

Snow Day Chic + some Life Updates

Snow Day Chic + some Life Updates

Snow Day Chic + some Life Updates

Snow Day Chic + some Life Updates Snow Day Chic + some Life Updates

Snow Day Chic + some Life Updates

Snow Day Chic + some Life Updates

Snow Day Chic + some Life Updates        Snow Day Chic + some Life Updates

Now at first glance, this might not SEEM like the warmest ensemble. But IT IS. And that’s the beauty right there, folks – it’s cold weather appropriate without looking like the Michelin man, or like the Pillsbury Dough Boy met an Eskimo. Let’s break it down.

First off, these faux leather leggings are worth every penny. I’ve shared ’em before, and I’ve talked about their goodness, but let me stress yet again their fabulousness. They are, hands down, one of the *warmest* leggings in my closet. Granted, something lined with fleece or plush could also do the trick here. But for a more stylish look, the faux leather takes the cake – and they suck ya in in all the right places, too. 😉 I own them in camo print, also, since they’re just too good to only own once.

I also pulled the trigger on Sorel boots this year for winter, since Hunter boots just don’t cut it by themselves in a PA snowstorm. These. Are. FABULOUS. Forrealz. I mean, how cute are they?!?! But beyond that, most importantly, they’re totally warm, + have good tracking on the bottom for trekking through winter weather. #practical. Stay TTS!

Then there’s this sweater – I can’t decide if it’s a sweater, or a poncho, or a jumper, or whatever the heck. But I lovelovelove. It’s only $19 (+ you can get 20% off with code Erica01), and it’s a prime layering piece for winter weather when you want to warm up without bulking up. I wore it over a basic black crewneck sweatshirt that’s more slim-fitting, for extra warmth without extra bulk. Comes in 5 colors!


Now, some storytime. 🙂

1.) On the Olivia front, if you follow me on Instastories this week you might already know…girlfriend pulled out her entire NG tube. Actually, let’s backtrack. To Monday. I have a smart cookie on my hands, because she’s just over a month old via her “corrected” age (from her gestational age versus when she was actually born), and she already knows the definition of the word “Monday.” On Monday, my day started with a blowout. And for any not-yet-mamas in the house, no, it’s not the fabulous Drybar type. A blowout is when they literally blow poop out of their little butts and onto…everything else. So. Got her all cleaned up. New diaper. New outfit. THEN…sistah peed on me. I mean, IDK about you, but what better way to scream MONDAY than cleaning up poop and getting PEED ON?

BUT WAIT, there’s more!

Liv has been wearing mittens everyday while she has her NG tube in, lest she pull it out (she’s a clever one).

I took her mittens off on Monday since I was working right next to her, and I wanted her to have a little break to flex her little fingers and all that jazz. She was doing SO WELL for about 45 minutes. I looked away from her for, I kid you not, approximately one hot sec, and I hear a horrible ripping sound, followed by hysterical screaming.

…She had successfully ripped the tape from her face BandAid-style, was bleeding, and had her NG tube 3 inches out of her nose.

Good Lord Almighty.

Never have I craved Tuesday so bad. Or Bachelor night with wine. HA.


2.) Also on the Olivia front…on Wednesday, she pulled another stunt. She was about 3/4 way into her feeding. Quick backstory/explanation, she currently is allowed to take 10 mL from a bottle, but then has to take the rest of her feed through her NG tube, because of aspiration picked up on her swallow study in the hospital with the speech pathology team. So she was chillin’ in her rock n’ play, eating via tube.

All was well with the world.

Until I start hearing a weird gulping sorta sound.

I go to her side, and I think to myself, Hmm, something looks different…

And that’s when I realized that her NG tube was laying on her stomach.

Totally out of her nose.


You guys, I have absolutely no idea whatsoever how this baby managed to take the tape from BOTH sides of her face off and pull a tube out of her stomach and all the way up + out of her nose…all while she HAD MITTENS ON HER HANDS.

In approximately .2 seconds.

Without making a PEEP. I mean, girlfriend didn’t so much as make a coo, let alone cry. And she looked SO proud of herself, it broke my new mama heart. But I mean, cheers to trying – where there’s a will, there’s a way, and Olivia always finds a way. 😉


3.) I HIRED AN ASSISTANT. You guys. I am past cloud 9 onto cloud 10. I’ve wanted/needed help around these rosy parts for a long friggin’ time now. I’ve had interns in the past, but I was really in search of someone more stable + long term to be my second in command. There are some REALLY FRIGGIN’ COOL things on the 2019 horizon (which I cannot wait to share more details about!), and it became impossible for me to manage #AllTheThings as a team of one. Not to mention…now I have a baby. And Olivia gets all the points in the cute department, but not all the points in the productivity department. Girlfriend is my biggest + best distraction. 😉 So, welcome to Team CUR, Katie! I’m sure y’all will get more acquainted with her in some way at some point down the road. But until then, know that any/every time you’re interacting with me – be that over email, DMs, comments, etc – it always is and will always be ME. Katie will be helping me with more backend, behind-the-scenes stuff, but I’ll still always be the one you’re chatting with – it’s my absolute favorite part of this gig, so I would never in a million years give that up! 🙂


I think that’s all for this Snow Day Chic storytime. Did you enjoy?

Hope your week was stellar, and may you weekend be even MORE stellar. A fresh Weekend Reading is dropping first thing en la mañana, so check back here soon!

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