So your kids “just won’t listen”… – WITH JOY MARILIE – THRIVE EP. 160

“It’s always a battle in our house.” “It’s all fun and games until I have to yell.” “No matter what I say or do, my kids just won’t listen!!!” Sound familiar? Conscious parenting coach and conscious discipline expert Joy Marilie Jackson is an absolute BANK of knowledge on THRIVE today, for any fellow moms (or dads!) in the house who want a better, healthier way. As an educator with decades of disciplinary experience under her belt, becoming a parent was a whole new ballgame – and Joy stepped up to the plate to learn all about child psychology and development to better support her own daughter before teaching thousands of other parents about better disciplining their kids. Today on THRIVE, we get real and raw with our own personal mom fails (and wins!). We talk about teaching when they don’t feel like being taught, creating routines and basic time management when you have actual timelines to follow (because hello, real life). We also talk about boundary-pushing and safely handling total meltdowns and escalated behavior when everyone in the room is stressed.




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