10 Different, Fun Ways to Style your Sweatshirts for Spring

Spring has sprung, yo! It’s such a glorious feeling to have it be sunny again in Philadelphia (as it should be – ha!). Recently I added SO many cute crewnecks + sweatshirts to my closet…both intentionally and accidentally. I ended up sorting through + styling some looks and stumbling upon ALL THE SWEATSHIRTS. Especially up north, spring can be…finicky. Winter has its harsh times, and it’s not like Mother Nature snaps her fingers and it’s suddenly 72 + sunny. I figured if I could work on styling sweatshirts for spring in a fun way, it would make for much easier transitioning to *hopefully* warmer weather while everything is still figuring its ish out. ๐Ÿ˜‰

There’s a lotta talk this time of year about “transitional” style while switching seasons, especially if you live above, say, the Carolinas. I used to think that sweats were just for lounging around on the couch on rainy Saturdays – what a lie. Not sure if it’s #MomLife, #WorkFromHomeLife, #ComfyAFLife or a combo of all three, but sweatshirts have been my jam as of late, and styling sweatshirts for spring has become a warmly welcomed challenge. Besides the fact that mornings can still be in the 40’s in Philly, some places are air conditioned while others aren’t, and everything is basically a hot mess express. I thought it would be fun to style 10 different sweatshirts for spring 10 different ways, for some easy closet inspo while layers are still of the essence.

1.) With distressed boyfriend denim

Tips on Styling Sweatshirts for Spring on Coming Up Roses

Mama Needs Some Wine crewneck paired with these distressed boyfriend jeans (currently BOGO 50% off!) and Tory Burch Miller sandals. Recently chatted briefly about the Miller sandals on Stories together; the conclusion was that they’re 100% worth the splurge if you can treat yo’self, since they’re made so well, look so classy + chic, and will last for years to come! Shopbop is actually having another huge sale this week (20% off any order under $500, 25% off $500+ with discount code EVENT19); it’s not even promoted on the site (yet), but I got the inside scoop and could let y’all in on the secret. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I got my Miller Sandals at Shopbop a few seasons ago, so I recommend getting them there! Here they are, and you’ll then get 20% off on, so if you’ve been on the fence…get over it now.

P.S. Drop code ERICA15 at checkout to get this cute crewneck for $27.20!


2.) With leopard print shorts

Tips on Styling Sweatshirts for Spring on Coming Up Roses

Wines Well With Others crewneck paired with these fun One Teaspoon leopard print shorts (also included in the Shopbop sale here to get 20-25% off!).ย This sweatshirt is by my friend Taylor, who donates a portion of some of her proceeds to animal shelters, so that’s cool.

Also, these round sunnies are total favorites of mine; they’re near-perfect dupes for $300 Karen Walker sunglasses, but they’re under 10 bucks on Amazon Prime here!


3.) With raw hem jean shorts

Tips on Styling Sweatshirts for Spring on Coming Up Roses

Tips on Styling Sweatshirts for Spring on Coming Up Roses Tips on Styling Sweatshirts for Spring on Coming Up Roses

Lavender raw hem monogrammed hoodie paired with jean cutoffs + leopard sneakers! This hoodie is SO soft while still being slimmer-fitting + lightweight (so, perfect for spring); snag a discount on actually anything at United Monograms with code ERICA10 at checkout! Lovelovelove the raw hem + the super soft fleecey fabric inside this one, plus the pretty pastels are all very spring chic.

Aaaaaaaand HI OLIVIA GRACE! Making her OOTD debut for some matching with mommy. ๐Ÿ˜‰


4.) With pink yoga pants

Tips on Styling Sweatshirts for Spring on Coming Up Roses

Monogrammed Monday crewneck (ERICA10 for a discount, but it’s already so affordable at just over 20 bucks – more days of the week here!) paired with pink yoga pants + Nikes. For a sporty chic ensemble. ๐Ÿ™‚ These yoga pants slash this brand will likely be getting a blog post dedicated to them exclusively, because I kid you not, they are near-perfect dupes for Lululemon. SERIOUSLY. I am blown away. And they’re under 30 bucks on Prime. I mean…whaaaaaat?!? Also got ’em in black and I’m obsessed.


5.) With red distressed denim

Tips on Styling Sweatshirts for Spring on Coming Up Roses

Monogrammed Lipstick crewneck (again, code ERICA10 gets you a discount here!) paired with high-waisted, distressed red denim shorts (LOVELOVELOVE) + the prettiest pearl sandals! This is one of my fave looks right about now; it feels so fun + chic while still being comfy + casual. Big fan of the subtle monogram detail inside the lipstick – perfect if you want a monogram without it being too bold!

Also highly recommend these shorts for the season – between the high waist and not-too-short length, plus the pop of color, they’re such a fun addition to mix + match with anything from neutral solids to different prints!


6.) With cropped lightwash jeans

Tips on Styling Sweatshirts for Spring on Coming Up Roses

Cropped Chase Grace sweatshirt paired with cropped lightwash denim and pearls. I bought this sweatshirt from sweet Jessi’s shop; lovelovelove the heart behind it, where they’re employing survivors of trafficking, violence, and addiction in Austin through the Sanctuary Project to empower these women to better tomorrows. I couldn’t not support!

It hits at the perfect spot to pair with high-waisted bottoms – would also look so cute with the high-waisted red shorts above! Paired again with my pearl sandals that I’m loveloveloving, plus this fun camo baseball hat from Prime (it’s $6.99!).


7.) With pink overalls

Tips on Styling Sweatshirts for Spring on Coming Up Roses

Be Kind crewneck paired with pink overalls! This sweatshirt is the SOFTEST thing, and 10% of profits go to MS research. Re: these overalls that so many of you freaked the freak out over on Instagram (I don’t blame ya – they’re perf and only $28!), make sure you size up – I’m sized up to a Medium!

Fun find: My sunnies are 53% off right now! And my sandals are $18 here.


8.) With polka dot capris

Tips on Styling Sweatshirts for Spring on Coming Up Roses

Homebody crewneck paired with polka dots pants and Olivia Grace. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Bethany, the sweet shop owner of this Etsy store, kindly offered code ERICA15 for a discount on anything for CUR girls specifically, so TREAT YO’SELF. Her shop is also home to this fabulous clear mug that I had in March’s Cool Sh*t I Lovelovelove, as well as our Homemade Starbucks Medicine Ball post!

These fun polka dot leggings are sadly no longer in stock, but I had actually snagged ’em from Walmart’s Time and Tru line – a total winner winner chicken dinner.


9.) With white jeans

Tips on Styling Sweatshirts for Spring on Coming Up Roses

Wrangler cactus crewneck paired with white jeans + my fave Dr. Scholl’s sneakers! This sweatshirt is such a unique material inside; it’s not fleecey like many other sweats. Instead, it’s got a lighter terrycloth fabric inside, which is more breathable and perfect for spring. Plus the cactus print is fun for summer even; it would work perfectly paired with the red high-waisted shorts above again, with one side tucked in a bit. SUper cute!


10.) With raw hem cropped jeans

Tips on Styling Sweatshirts for Spring on Coming Up Roses

As seen on the ‘gram last night. ๐Ÿ˜‰ This Choose to Shine sequin sweatshirt is just fun, and it’s under 20 bucks on Prime. Also has, like, 20 (literally) other options of prints/sayinsg/etc, so pick your poison! Then these jeans are total faves and currently $39.95 and then BOGO 50% off! Lovelovelove how a good raw hem looks with sandals or dainty mules for spring, so I highly recommend picking up a pair.

Which way to style sweatshirts for spring is your personal favorite?

I’d lovelovelove to know! Is it already warm for spring where you live, or do you still battle some chill??

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