The February CURoundup: Podcast, Top 10 Bestsellers, + Sales!

As if time wasn’t already a-flyin’, the shortest month of the year ain’t no help! I’m someone who celebrates Christmas, the new year for January, and then BOOM SPRING. February is a bit lost in the shuffle, and March may still be freezing in Pennsylvania, but I don’t care – spring or bust. Freshen up the florals! Pass the pastels! The groundhog could say it’ll blizzard in April and I’d still be here in a dress summoning sunshine. Are you, too, ready for spring? I’m guessing yes. 😉 Dropping in with the usual to end the month (but stay tuned for February’s COOL SH*T hitting CUR first thing en la manaña!) – we’ve got some shoppable snapshots, some BOMB podcast episodes, the month’s Top Ten bestsellers, a few sales happening now and then some.


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1.) 4 Power Practices to Purposefully Develop for a More Productive Life – with Lauren & Candice Henry I’m joined by my new friends, sisters Lauren and Candice Henry – the co-founders of Aretios and top-rated university professors of leadership. This dynamic duo jointly brings over a decade of study in leadership and personal growth and 13 years of experience as leadership trainers, and they work as success and influence strategists to help aspiring leaders and young professionals lead AND live more confidently than ever before. We dig deep today and drop ALL the hot tips, from clarifying your purpose so that you wake up more motivated, to creating healthy habits and sustainable routines around it. They break down their 4 Power Practices that most successful people utilize in everyday life, as well as specific strategies and practices for increased focus and better time management. AND, we talk about what a day in the life of two young boss company co-founders looks like, and how they set themselves up for success with a daily schedule that is both productive and prioritizing rest.

2.) Thriving as a Mama After Loss – with Chloe Ciferri – with Chloe Ciferri – Chloe and her husband Adam have experienced what no parent ever wants to or should have to experience. After unexpectedly contracting a mysterious illness around 20 weeks into pregnancy, Chloe ended up being hospitalized, and they tragically lost their firstborn daughter Adalyn. In healing, they created a nonprofit, the Adalyn Rose Foundation, to support families following loss and provide a space for them to honor and celebrate their babies for years to come. Beyond sharing her own story, Chloe gives specific tips on finding support and community, coping skills to cultivate, as well as tips for helping others like friends or family members who may be experiencing loss of their own. While today’s episode is more sensitive, we encourage you to listen if you’re feeling up for it, as Chloe and her work strive to help you heal – and yes, even thrive – after the most impossible pain, to find hope and happiness once again.

3.) 5 Ways to Stress Less Right Now – with Dr. Lulu Shimek – If the new year has you wired, tired, and just plain stressed out – this episode is what the doctor ordered. Dr. Lulu Shimek reveals universally tried and true ways to de-stress (beyond just taking a bubble bath or going on a walk). You’ll learn about the two different TYPES of stress and what they mean for your body, as well as what the heck adrenal burnout means, how it impacts your body and how to FIX it if you’ve found yourself in a cycle of chronic stress. Dr. Lulu also drops some invaluable insight on triggers and how to medically AND mentally change your trigger response if or when you’re in what might be a stressful situation. Be sure to grab your FREEBIE from Dr. Lulu with 10 Ways to Get More ENERGY here in the show notes, too!

4.) What to do When What’s Expected No Longer Feels Right – with Lara Dalch – As a leadership coach and podcaster, Lara Dalch’s work revolves around helping women navigate change and create sustainable success when you’re faced with figuring out what to do when what’s EXPECTED no longer feels right. In today’s episode, we talk about what that actually looks and feels like when you find yourself out of alignment, how to trust yourself more as you lean into figuring out what’s next on a new path, AND how to healthily discern and navigate the opinions and expectations of OTHERS along the way. You’ll learn the life-changing difference between knowing what to DO with your life versus who to BE, how to set conversational boundaries around change, why taking a career break can be a great thing, how to create a frame of experimentation for the “what’s next,” and more.


Top sellers are pulled from my analytics data, where I can see what YOU guys shopped + clicked the most all month long! No worries – it doesn’t tell me what all was in someone’s cart, or who bought what? But it’s helpful for me to see what’s most popular with the CURowd, and hopefully helpful/fun for YOU to see what fellow readers are shopping, too!

1.) Amazon slippersAlways a bestseller around these rosy parts. I can confirm that these are great even in comparision to the $80+ UGG slippers. These stay on my feet (even when going up the stairs, HA!), provide better support than my UGG slippers, and all around more comfortable. 10/10 recommend.

2.) Maybelline lippyWhenever I’m looking to throw some color on my lips, these are my go-to. I never really wore lipstick or anything of the sort because I can never get it to stay. Food, drink, conversations, what have you…these STAY. 

3.) Encanto dress – Ask me how many times Olivia has worn her Mirabel dress since receiving it on Valentine’s Day. Ask. …Approximately 72. Found it cheaper here than from the Disney store!!!

4.) Yogalicious leggings – Not my FAVORITE Lulu Align legging dupe (these are my faves!), but a great option to get the look/feel for less.

5.) Tula Rose eye balm – My #1 Tula eye balm. Brightening, hydrating, cooling, anti-aging. 15% off with code COMINGUPROSES.

6.) Red polka dot jumpsuit – For under $20, this fun jumpsuit is a swingy, lightweight winner, especially if you’ve got a Disney trip upcoming on the calendar! (If you do, take me with you???)

7.) Laneige lip mask – This is the BEST overnight lip treatment I’ve ever tried, ever. And this is the BEST price I’ve ever seen on it…ever!!!

8.) Tropic glow body butter – The dupe we’ve been raving about this month – a drugstore body butter dupe to the cult-classic $45 Brazilian Bum Bum cream 

9.) Amazon O-ring belt – Get the Gucci belt look for less with this classic option for under $15!

10.) Colorfulkoala leggings A great legging option if you’re looking for a similar product to the Lululemon Align leggings! Under $30.


H&M – 15% off $50 or 20% off $60 + FREE shipping [code: 4811].

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Nordstrom – Up to 60% off winter sale!


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