The September CURoundup: Podcasts, Top 10 Bestsellers, + Sales!

Do you remember the 21st night of September? Or any of September? Because here we are with OCTOBER ending this week. We’ve got super fun anniversary plans to end this month/kickoff the next, but until then, it’ll be loads of content creation in preparation for a few days off. 🙂 ICYMI, our CUR newsletter just re-launched and it’s better than ever! It’s a bi-weekly email with two editions: the CURation + CURrently. The CURation will have an encouraging note with motivating, joy-fueling good stuff to start each month off strong; the CURrently will have more personal updates of what’s up with me CURrently. See what we did there? 😉 We promise to make all emails worth your while, sure to make you smile and fill your cup – literally, with coffee on us. (We’ll be sending out surprise Starbucks gift cards in our newsletters to say THANKYOU to subscribers + make your day!) Join the party here!

Now onto this month’s CURoundup…


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Boutique Rugs - COOL SH*T I LOVELOVELOVE - Monthly Favorites, August 2022 on Coming Up Roses

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Affordable FALL WEDDING GUEST DRESSES on Amazon (under $50!) - on Coming Up Roses

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FALL TRENDS TO TRY - pink shacket and punky prep combat boots!

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1.) How to Finally Manage your Energy Levels & Feel BETTER – with Dr. Arin Reeves – If you’ve been finding yourself in a cycle of BLAH, feeling stretched too thin or just stressed out and totally drained – you’re in the right place. Bestselling author, researcher, and leading executive advisor Dr. Arin Reeves has figured out REAL reasons behind it all and how to fix it – and spoiler alert, it doesn’t involve more bubble baths or meditation. She’s getting to the BOTTOM of burn out so that you can do more of what makes you happy and less of what pisses you off – literally. In this episode, Dr. Arin busts myths on women saying “no,” provides real tips for MORE energy in your everyday life, and introduces your own “power-saving mode.” She also breaks down self-concordant versus self-DIScordant goals to help give you back 90% of your time (seriously). You just might be mindblown – and you’ll feel a LOT better, too.

2.) Partnering with God to Heal from Trauma & Re-build a Thriving Life – with Taylor Squeglia If you’ve experienced trauma, it can feel all-consuming and overwhelming – like you’re barely surviving, let alone thriving. Taylor Squeglia has a powerful message of hope after her own lifelong experience with abuse, and she is vulnerably sharing her story for the first time ever on THRIVE today. In this episode, she openly talks about her ongoing healing journey and the power of partnering with God to continuously heal, find peace, and re-build a thriving life that you can truly love again. Since overcoming her trauma, Taylor has gone on to create her own thriving business helping other women turn their passion into profit, so she also shares some practical next steps to take today if you, too, are looking for more fulfillment and deeper meaning in what you do. Today’s episode does come with a trigger warning, as we do talk about things like sexual assault and abuse. If you’re feeling a bit sensitive to those topics today, please feel free to listen to a different episode of THRIVE instead and come back if or when it feels right.


Top sellers are pulled from my analytics data, where I can see what YOU guys shopped + clicked the most all month long! No worries – it doesn’t tell me what all was in someone’s cart, or who bought what? But it’s helpful for me to see what’s most popular with the CURowd, and hopefully helpful/fun for YOU to see what fellow readers are shopping, too!

1.) Amazon athletic dress – The star of the month for us all! After buying + returning 6 others, this was the clear winner winner chicken dinner that I liked enough to re-purchase…5 times, at that. #CantStopWontStop. But will probably stop now because who the heck needs 5 athletic dresses?! Apparently me. Whoops.

2.) Louis Vuitton look-for-less checkered tote – If you lovelovelove the LV look but want a more affordable version, this tote is great – and under $50!

3.) Amazon denim dress – The perfect transitional piece between seasons – lovelovelove wearing with booties and adding a cardigan as it cools down!

4.) Lemedy workout top – My FAVORITE Lululemon look-for-less top – near IDENTICAL to my Lulu Align top, but under $30 (instead of nearly $70!)

5.) Louis Vuitton crossbody look-for-less – Another fabulous affordable option for under $50 – I just got it in brown and it’s fabulous!

6.) Spanx look-for-less faux leather leggings – The *closest* match to Spanx leather leggings I’ve found – for about $30 less!

7.) Yogalicious leggings – A great black legging for working out and/or everyday wear. Similar to Lulu Align feel!

8.) Felt bag organizer insert – This organizer is great for keeping your bag from becoming a big dump-all – it fits most standard bag/tote sizes!

9.) Amazon slippers – The UGG slipper look-for-less that we ALL have at this point. Right? Right. (And not even $20!)

10.) Maybelline lippy – My FAVORITE drugstore lippy formula for longwear that doesn’t dry you out. Applies like a lip balm, stays like a liquid lipstick. “Trust your Gut” is the closest match to Charlotte Tilbury’s cult-classic Pillow Talk lipstick!


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