“I own today.”

I own today

So you wake up on a Monday morning, groggy and maybe still hungover from Saturday night with the girls (although let’s hope not…). The last thing you’re feeling is on top of the world. If you’re like me, you’re waking up to grey skies and rain (Welcome to Philadelphia, where it is not always sunny), an alarm that’s way too early and coffee that’s way not strong enough. Sometimes you need more than a few tips that claim to help make Monday a fun day.

I just got back to my college campus, and I’m already feeling a bit overwhelmed (read: more than a bit) by the onslaught of immediate responsibilities. The classes I’m taking. The conference I’m planning. The residents I’m entertaining/teaching/helping. The unpacking that still needs doing. The YouTube videos I’m filming. The eBook I’m writing. Oh yeah, and the blog I’m blogging.

I know I’m not alone in sometimes feeling like Monday can just go hit the road. Hard.

So what do I – and you, you people who just get me – need?

A power saying. You know, a power saying! Your own personal mantra and boost of encouragement to get you up and moving and excited about the fact that the weekend is another five days away. I wrote this post back in October sharing one of my new favorite sayings and how it’s really helped rock my world thus far. Now, here’s another.

“I own today.”

It’s a saying worth all caps, especially when text-screaming it to your gal pals who also half fell out of bed this morning: I OWN TODAY! Try saying it out loud and you’re bound to wake the neighbors. The boyfriend instilled this piece of wisdom upon me too, like he did the first, and now I’m considering writing a book of all the apparently really good and smart things he says.

So. Whether it’s Monday morning or Tuesday morning, since they both have a tendency to sometimes feel decently suckish, start off with a little mirror pep talk to yourself.

I own today.

This day is mine for the making.

It can be happy and cheerful and bright if I choose to make it so.

It can be god-awful and curl-under-a-rock worthy if I choose to make it so.

I’m going to make it mine and make it rock.

I am here – alive, awake, alert, and here – for a reason.

I am in control of my reactions and responses to whatever happens today, and I will own it all with grace and class.

I own today.

And so do you.

What’s your power saying when the going gets tough (or when it’s Monday, cos that constitutes “tough”)? Should I make this whole inspirational quotes thing a semi-regular series on Coming Up Roses? Have you subscribed to my YouTube channel yet? (I promise the weirdness and realness will just keep getting better, with real beauty tutorials and tips and tricks in between!)


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