The Ultimate Girl’s Guide to Valentine’s Day (What to Wear + What to Gift for Him AND Her!)

Happy Tuesday! How’s your week so far? Personally, I feel like February is turning into one big circus. This week I head up to NYC for Fashion Week – then right after that is a brief stint home for Valentine’s Day with J before jetting off somewhere waaaaaay warmer, thank the heavens. And then BAM, February will be just about donezo, onto March, and then Christmas 2018 planning can commence. Amright??? 😉

In case you missed the explosions of pink + red + giant teddy bears across CVS’s and Targets as soon as the ball dropped on 2018, here’s the hint: Valentine’s Day is coming. Either ya lovelovelovelove it or hate it with a passion – either way, it’ll be here sooner than the Walgreen’s can switch out to shamrocks. 😉 This month is jam-packed with lovelovelove-y things on CUR, for everyone from your S.O. to yourSELF (since that’s hella important, too).

When it comes to V-Day, I think it can be a bit hard nowadays. Which is ironic, since every retailer and their mom is loaded with all the heart things – ha! But I’ve seen more + more girls asking what the heck to wear for a nice date night out that isn’t dripping in red and pink.  SO, I put together a lil’ Valentine’s Day Guide 101 – the  ultimate girl’s guide, if you will. 😉 We’ve got what to wear for a more subtle Valentine’s Day date night, some festive AF options, AND ideas for a cozy night-in with yourself and/or your girlfriends. And then we’ve also got giftables, naturally – gifts for her, gifts for him, and more splurge-worthy gifts to #TreatYoSelf. You deserve it. 🙂





If there’s one thing that every chica can lovelovelove without a doubt, it’s cozy AF socks. You can never – I mean *never* – have too many cozy AF socks. These are from the coziest brand around!

For the beauty lover, this set is the caaaaaaautest – it’s a great little collection of products that won’t break the bank, AND it’s on brand for the holiday.

This heart necklace is dainty + pretty…perfect for your date, dudes, or for your bestie!

Get the point across with a LOVE-ly perfume…I have this stuff myself and it smells *oh so good*. Get her the fragrance AND the fragrance cream for the best duo.

Dudes, if you wanna splurge on your woman this year, this necklace will do. 😉 The prettiest dainty heart that she can wear with everything!



There are two main scents that J wears, and I’m a fan. This one was the one he had been wearing forever when we first met, so anytime he wears it now, it brings back all the memories + #AllTheFeels. And then this cologne was one that I smelled on a random dude and thought smelled so dang good that I had to stop and ask him what scent he was wearing so that I could get it for my husband. HA.

**J, DO NOT LOOK AT THIS ONE** 😉 I already bought J this pullover, and I’m suuuuuper stoked about it – I’ve heard nothing but rave reviews, so it seems like a pretty solid choice for him.

This mug keeps itself warm, which is pretty much the coolest friggin’ thing EVER. Yes, your man will lovelovelove it…but also you will. So. #TreatYoSelf. Which brings us to…



Barefoot Dreams makes the softest stuff on the actual planet. This blanket should be in your space, STAT.

Your credit cards need some TLC – a designer card case is a gorgeous way to protect yo’ plastic.

These wine glasses are too fun to NOT get – and they’re a totally affordable treat yo’self.

You 100% deserve to sleep in luxury. Some sexy satin does the trick!

I have one pair of Hanky Panky underwear so far, and I swear it’s the most life-changing thong in the world. NO JOKE, YO. Your booty deserves this.

A self-heating mug is everything you didn’t even know you needed, and now can’t live without. HA. 😉





You 100% cannot get more festive than with this adorable sweater. I mean…love(lovelove). 😉

This coat is just *gorgeous*. It’s a little pricier given that it’s more of a statement piece, but I think it’s just such a chic + pretty and still classic-looking coat! The entire cut, too, is so flattering.

I have this dress in cobalt, and it’s SUCH a good piece for this time of year – especially with transitioning seasons on the (hopeful) horizon. The red is obviously on brand for V-Day!

This girly top was also in my last Nordstrom haul, and it’s similarly fabulous for Valentine’s Day! It’s *so* pretty (wait ’til you see the back!), and the long sleeves make it a lot more manageable for those of us chicas still getting snow…

“Love Always Wins” – can’t beat a good graphic tee that’s totally Valentine’s Day approved. Super affordable, too!

I wore this skirt on my last trip to NYC, and I was stopped and complimented on it so many times, yo. It’s so unique, so fun, has some classic red in there…and it’s only $17. #win.

Of COURSE I’ve gotta throw in my latest favorite: a pink Gucci. TOTALLY a splurge, I know…but it’s pink, it’s Valentine’s Day, and you totally deserve to #TreatYoSelf. 😉



I bought a dress exactly like this from Nordstrom a few seasons back and it has been one of my go-to’s for date night ever since! It’s soooooo insanely flattering with the fabric + cut, and it’s a little sexier with the neckline. Under $50, too!

These fun polka dot tights are super chic – AND they’ll keep your legs a bit warmer, cos February.

Spanx’ faux leather leggings are the bombdotcom. A.) They’re Spanx. B.) They’ve got this edgier, sexy vibe that’s totally perfect for a date night out! I wear mine approximately too many times per week. Ha!

White booties are IN – mine are currently on clearance for $32.28! Pair with anything from denim to a cute skirt/dress!

Really, not much beats out a classic jumpsuit. It’s one of my go-to options for any more dressed-up occasion, from date night to girls night to a work conference!

This peplum halter tank is soooo cute (+ sexier, too!). It works by itself, but would layer well with your favorite leather moto jacket. And it’s only 35 bucks!


COZY AF (girls’ night in, hollah!):

Sporty Nike, on brand for V-Day!

How stinkin’ cute is this robe?!?! I mean, it’s got hearts all over it. Obvi perfect for a cozy Valentine’s Day/night in!

It doesn’t get much cozier than this teddy coat, folks.

Valentines Schmalentines. 😉

Anything by Barefoot Dreams is pricier, but it’s like God’s gift to cozy girls everywhere. #WorthIt

“L is for Wine. O is for Wine. V is for Wine. E is for Wine.” Obviously.


What’s on your wishlist for Valentine’s Day this year?

Really tho, treat yo’self. It’s not just about romantic love – take it as the perfect opp for lovelovelove in GENERAL. Starting with y-o-u. You deserve it. Really. More on that tomorrow. 😉

Thanks for reading, friends – hope your week is fabulous thus far.

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